10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches And Consultants
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10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches And Consultants

10 Super Cool Lead Magnet Ideas Specifically Brainstormed For Coaches And Consultants So You Can Generate Leads!
3.6 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,013 students enrolled
Created by Mike DeVincent
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build an email list of prospective clients for your coaching or consulting business
  • Brainstorm 10 super cool lead magnet ideas specifically designed for coaches and consultants
  • Deploy 10 lead magnet ideas so you can build an email list allowing you to finally build massive rapport and prestige with prospective coaching clients
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  • You should be a coach or consultant, with a desire to brainstorm cool lead magnet ideas
  • You should know the basics of building a lead capture page, a thank you page, et. cetera

Start Building Your Email List With Coaching And Consulting Clients! But First, Ask Yourself This Simple Question…

Have You Ever Felt Frustrated Because You’re A Coach And Consultant, But You Have No Idea How To Build An Email List?

Face it. You can be the best coach or consultant on the planet. And you can have only the best of intentions, with the best strategy to deliver breakthrough results to your clients.

But if you don’t have an email list, you’ll never be able to fully control your ability to generate clients.

That’s the main problem you’re probably facing. You realize that you need to have an email list stuffed with clients, but you have no idea what kind of lead magnet you could use to get them to subscribe to your email list.

So Ask Yourself How This Would Feel...

How would it feel if instead of struggling for your next coaching or consulting client, you had a big fat email list stuffed to the brim with prospects that you could constantly tap into?

So you could crack a big fat smile the next time you wanted to brainstorm a client-outreach-campaign, and you could actually help people because you’re super cool and care about your email list.

Would that feel good? So you could finally help people, while building your email list of coaching clients at the same time?

If That's The Case, You're Going To Love This Course!

You can brainstorm these 10 awesome lead magnet ideas that are designed specifically for coaches and consultants.

Not only that, but you'll also be helping your prospective clients every step of the way. Would it feel good to finally help people, while at the same time, securing your business by building an email list of consulting and coaching prospects?

What’s The Real World Value Of This Course?

Well, if you paid a professional email lead generation specialist to help you brainstorm these 10 lead magnet ideas, then it would easily cost you at least a few hundred bucks. Probably a few thousand bucks.

What if you attended a workshop that taught you how to build your email list as a coach or a consultant? That could probably cost you a few hundred dollars, maybe even a few thousand dollars, or more!

That's why you're getting a great deal on this course, and you also get lifetime access and updates!

If any of this sounds good, then I'll see you on the inside!

Enroll Now And Allow Yourself To Finally Build Your Email List As A Coach Or A Consultant! And These Lead Magnet Ideas Are Evergreen For Nearly All Coach And Consultancy Niches So They’ll Work For You Now And 10 Years From Now In Practically All Coaching And Consultancy Niches.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you're a coach or a consultant and you want to brainstorm 10 awesome lead magnet ideas, you'll love this course
  • If you're a coach or a consultant and you're not sure what lead magnets you could use, then you'll love this course
  • If you're NOT a coach or a consultant, DO NOT take this course
  • If you're already an expert level lead generation specialist and can name 10 lead magnet ideas in your sleep, DO NOT take this course
  • If you have no idea what a lead capture page is, or how to set one up, DO NOT take this course
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction To 10 Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches And Consultants
2 Lectures 05:17

Have you ever been frustrated because you're trying your best to generate leads and clients for your coaching or consultancy, but you're having a hard time? If that's the case, you're going to love to start your journey here. So you can finally start implementing these super cool lead magnet ideas specifically designed for coaches and consultants

Preview 02:45

Face it. You can be the best coach, or the best consultant on the planet. But what if you don't have your own email marketing list? Then you're going to have a difficult time consistently and reliably generating leads. That's why it's so vital to build your email list as a coach or consultant, because otherwise you'll constantly struggle to close clients, generate leads, and grow your business.

Preview 02:32
10 Perfect Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches And Consultants
10 Lectures 31:42

This sneaky lead magnet is easily one of the fastest to setup, and the best part, is that it's nearly 100% autopilot. So not only can you start to generate leads fast, but you'll also have a chance to generate massive rapport, goodwill, authority, and prestige, all the while trying your best to close the sale and turn prospects into paying clients.

The Email Marketing Method

What is it that your prospects really want? It's never a measly ebook or an irrelevant video course. That's why this one particular lead magnet idea can be the breakthrough of your life; so you can finally tap into the deep core desires of what your audience actually wants, and so you'll know exactly how to give it them them. (Without putting forth nearly as much work as you probably think)...

The Promising Future Method

If you have something to sell to your prospects and are confident in your ability to close, then this simple lead magnet idea might be the no brainer method that you use from this point forward. The best part, is that even if your lead isn't interested, you can still generate an email subscriber that thanks you, and lasts an entire lifetime.

Preview 03:02

If you're frustrated from tire kickers, then this might be the best lead magnet you use all year. So you can instantly and effortlessly skip over those not interested in actually paying for your coaching services, while at the same time rewarding those who are interested tremendously.

The Discount Method

If you're interested in a traditional lead magnet that coaches and consultants can use, while at the same time you want to tip the odds in your favor by enhancing your worth and suggesting to your prospects that you can help them (without you bending over backwards or begging), then this simple lead magnet idea might be ideal.

The Follow Along Method

If you want to tap into a lead generation idea specifically for coaches and clients, while at the same time stacking the deck in your favor by implementing a side portion of affiliate marketing, then you're going to absolutely love this crafty little lead magnet idea. Please note that you don't have to act as an affiliate for this lead magnet if you don't want to, however it's certainly possible to try, if you want. :)

The Affiliate Method

Generating leads isn't rocket science. The truth is that you need to give your audience exactly what they want, and then you can give it to them while they smile, thank you, and if all goes according to plan, they'll ask you for additional services shortly thereafter.

The Librarian Method

This is arguably the most powerful lead generation tactic that the majority of heavy hitting consultants and coaches on the planet use. Sure, it takes a little effort on your behalf to setup. But, often times, it's the little things that can separate you from the pack.

The Perfect Pitch Method

If you're desperate for leads and prospects fast, and you're willing to work and prove to your leads that you're the perfect person for the job, then this lead magnet is tough to beat. Because you'll be offering something that's quite frankly too good to pass up, and if your lead and prospect likes your style, they'll practically be eating out of your hands. (Just a warning though, this lead magnet requires work! But it's almost too easy to give away to the right client)...

Preview 03:28

If you want to generate massive prestige and authority while at the same time being super cool to your coaching and consulting prospects, then you literally can't go wrong with this lead magnet idea. It's relatively easy to setup, can actually help your audience, and you'll feel good spreading your virtuous work efforts using this lead magnet idea that can also help you close coaching and consulting clients without too much extra work.

The Content Hook Method
The Concluding Thesis
3 Lectures 07:39

By now you probably realize that you can have the best lead magnet on the planet... But what if you don't have any traffic; well, without traffic, your lead acquisition is deader than a fried chicken. That's why you'll love this lecture. You'll discover the best "paid" method to drive traffic to your lead capture pages, and what to do if your budget is near bottom barrel.

How To Get Readers To Visit Your Lead Capture Page? My Quick Two Cents...

By this point, you'll be stacking up a massive list of lead magnet ideas, and you can safely store them in your inventory for safe keeping or immediate deployment. Because the lead magnet ideas are 100% evergreen, can work in virtually any coaching or consulting niche, and will enable you to proceed with the utmost confidence and freedom.

How To Go Forward Into Email List Building Perpetuity!

Use this lecture to download the course slides. :)

Slides Download
Bonus Lecture - Grab A Bunch Of Cool Bonuses
1 Lecture 04:16

In this juicy bonus lecture I'm going to share a huge boatload of bonus gifts, cheat sheets, checklists, reports, and ebooks. Topics include: email list building, email copywriting, social media automation, course creation, my personal Solo Ad Rolodex, and a ton of other awesome goodies.

Bonus Lecture - A Ton Of Awesome Bonus Reports, Cheat Sheets, E-books, And More!
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