10 Hidden Time Wasters

that you may be unknowingly doing
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Course Description

Many of us have complained about the lack of time at one time or another. If you are consistently running out of time, there may be a few things that you are unknowing doing. Some of the top hidden time wasters are below. We often fall into their trap because we don't readily recognize them.

What are the requirements?

  • No formal course requirement required

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 19 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • Recognize the 10 Hidden Time Wasters
  • How to use the 10 tools to eliminate the time wasters
  • How to use your calendar to eliminate time wasters
  • Where to get more information and tools

What is the target audience?

  • Individuals interested in excelling in the IT and Software Professional arena.


Section 1: 10 Hidden Time Wasters


  • To help professional recognize some of the hidden time wasters
  • To help them identify which hidden time waster they unknowingly but frequently trip over
  • To help them identify their next course of action, after they have done their self-assessment

The purpose of this introductory course isn't to provide you with detail training on all 10 Hidden Time Wasters. Instead, it tries to help you recognize and acknowledge some things you are unknowingly doing. The first step in correcting those traits is to recognize them.


Practice business networking by using this program and contacting your online classmates. These professionals have the same goals and career development plans as you do. Take advantage of those shared aspects to build a strong collaborative working relationship.


Before we get started, please take a moment to outline what you are willing to do to achieve your time management and productivity goals. Use this 1-page worksheet to help clarify your intentions.

Download the form from the supplementary materials section.


Many of us have complained about the lack of time at one time or another. If you are consistently running out of time, there may be a few things that you are unknowing doing. Some of the top hidden time wasters are below. We often fall into their trap because we don't readily recognize them.

10 Hidden Time Wasters

1. Allowing things to repeat without investigation and/or fixing

2. Not recognizing opportunities that could propel us forward

3. Not reusing our own accomplishments to our advantage

4. Spending time on unimportant items

5. Spending our entire time making and putting out fires (creating critical/stop production situations for ourselves).

6. Using imagined dependencies to stall us

7. Working hard to stay in the same place; using energy to keep the status quo

8. Not asking for exactly what you want

9. Complaining with no explicit call to action

10. Spending energy and attention well past the benefit


Just a quick break with Time Management Cartoons and Quotes. Enjoy.


Let's see these tips in action by visiting:

  • Mark - an accountant,
  • Sally - project manager
  • Nathan - help desk supervisor
  • Mary - speaker and author
Scenario based quiz
5 questions
Section 2: Related Worksheets, Articles and eBooks

Download the supplementary materials. It is a quick worksheet to solidify some of your goals and help assess where you can streamline.

Continue to meet with your manager to verify that you are spending your time and effort on activities appropriate for your pay grade and level.


Reviewing these tips does us very little, if we don't take action. Below is a helpful implementation and profess chcklist for your use. Pick an accountability partner with similar goals (check with the people taking this same course), set a regular meeting dates, and review your progress on these times.

Hold each other accountable for each other's goals. It will help.

Instructions for the worksheet

    1)Review each items and rank your current progress on each item

    2)Don’t get overwhelmed, and just look at the items that you marked at 6, and 7.

    3)Put a plan together the increase just those items at least an 8.

    4)Once those items have moved to an 8, you will see that the others have moved up as well.

    5)Repeat until all items are at least to an 8


Most of us use a Pro and Con list to help make decisions. Consider using this Pro and XCon worksheet to eliminate the Cons to make faster and more successful decisions.

Download the form in the Supplementary Material section.


Become the CEO and Rainmaker of your own life. Fill out this checklist to help get you there.


Take time to celebrate your accomplishment by outlining your accomplishments in this worksheet.

Download the worksheet from the Supplementary Material section.

Revisit this course from time to time. As you continue to evolve, your perspective on certain things will also change. And this course will also continue to evolve and change. Check back.


There are many online tools to help you build a new habit to success. This is a list of 10 (mostly free) tools. Review and find the ones that best fit your personality and MO.

21 slides

As a bonus to our students, I am adding the Zipinar Ebook for this class ($21.00 value). A Zipinar is my term for an ebook that contains the presentation slides along with the speaker notes. It allows you to quickly skim the slides without missing the speaker notes.

If you go to "full screen" view, you will able to read the speaker notes on the screen.

You can also download the ebook separately eiher through the Supplementary Materials or the lecture area. (Same version - just two methods of downloading.)


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59 pages


The Book of Answers: 105 Career Critical Situations

is included as a bonus for subscribing to this Laser Lesson.

Download the book from the Supplementary Material tab.

This eBook outlines 105 Real-World, professional situations and provides positive solutions to those difficult scenarios.

Section 3: Additional Reference Materials

This Laser-Lesson is also part of a larger, comprehensive package. The Laser-Lesson Strategy provides a full road-map to success. You can pick and choose your curriculum OR you can investigate the full package.

The other Laser-Lessons cover

  • Getting that Well-Deserved Raise (Available NOW )
  • 10 Career Boosting Resolutions (Available NOW )
  • 10 Hidden Time Wasters (Available Now )
  • 10 Tips for Telecommuters (Available Now )
  • 12 Tips to Realistic Scheduling (Available Now )
  • Professional Development Toolkit (Available Now )
  • Business Networking 101 for IT Professionals
  • Survival Guide for the Remote Employee
  • How to work with someone you don’t like
  • How to move from Engineer to Manager and beyond
  • The secrets behind accurate estimating and exceptional on-time delivery
  • And much more

Timepeace: Making peace with time

Can purchase TimePeace: Making peace with time by following either links;

Direct from publisher

From amazon.com here

12 Tips to Realistic Scheduling

10 Tools in 10 Minutes included in the toolkit (but not limited to):

1.Professional Business Commitment Plan

2.Individual Career Development Plan

3.Meeting Management Checklist

4.One-on-one Manager/Employee Agenda

5.Non-negotiable and Imperative Charts

6.Professional Press Kit

7.Appropriate Client Response Cheat Sheet

8.Business Networking Strategy Plan

9.Leverage Links Process

10.URGO Method to prioritizing tasks


While the “Do-It-Yourself” options seem the most economical, those of us that struggle with time management issues don’t make the required time for self-study.Therefore, the Done-With-You coaching options are the most beneficial.

They lay the foundation for the required behavior change, practice and learning. They also provide the support and one-on-one training to make the changes permanent.

For more information on One-on-One Coaching packages, review the enclosed flyer or visit the website www.lauraleerose.com

Instructor Biography

Laura Rose , Business and Professional Development Coach

About Laura Rose

  • Do you feel pushed and pulled in all directions?
  • Do you find that once you complete one task, 3 more pop up to replace it?
  • Do you ever feel so busy that you don’t even have time to delegate?

The truth is chaos does not have to be a way of life.

Hi, my name is Laura Rose. I am a speaker and author. My background is in time and project management.

I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs create effective systems so that they can comfortably delegate to others, be more profitable and have time to enjoy life even if they don’t have time to learn new technology or train their staff. I have a knack for taking big ideas and converting them into smart, sound, and actionable ideas.

At the end of the day, I give people peace of mind.


Even though Laura excelled in the corporate environment, she felt a calling toward something more.Laura now uses her time management, work life balance and personal development skills as a efficiency coach and Corporate Exit Strategist.Laura Lee Rose helps people blend their goals and dreams into their everyday lives. Laura uses creative transition strategies to help her clients realize what really matters to them. Combining inspired action with practical, tangible techniques easily lead you toward more autonomy, freedom and balance.

If you are ready for your next chapter, learn more about Laura and her products contact her directly.

Some comments from Laura’s clients are below:

Lauren, I love your style. It’s warm, friendly and calm, and you create a safe environment for your clients. There is something very special about you, and the way you work in service of others.

You are a Masterful Coach.

Laura authors many articles and workshops on time management and strategic scheduling (click here for full list of articles) Laura offers one-on-one career and life coaching, small group coaching, seminars and workshops.You can learn more about her at www.LauraLeeRose.com

Personal note from Laura:

Thank you for spending this time to learn more about me and my clients.

My clients and potential clients are, like you, all doing well.But sometimes we want more from life.We feel that these challenging economic times prohibit us from creating the life we were meant to live.

When we integrate all that we are into what we do, we are free from doubt. We are at our best because we are working through inspiration. But it's difficult to follow one's passion, if we don't know what inspires us. Or we can't find the time.

I use my corporate project management, people management and client advocacy background to help my clients identify and tap into what excites and delights them. I help my clients identify, focus and hold onto their dreams. My clients find that by incorporating their passions into their every day, their lives become fuller, more joyous and prosperous. My clients and I use this collaborative relationship, to help define creative and practical approaches to continually and eagerly move forward.

My business is growing quickly through referrals.Please keep me in mind when talking with friends and associates.Once your friends experience this for themselves they will understand the value of coaching.With this in mind, I would like to offer you and your friends the gift of two free sample sessions.

Laura Rose , CTACC
Certified Business and Personal Life Coach


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    • Llr

    Good depth and breath of information

    Lots of worksheets to practice with. Lots of tips that you can implement now.

    • Marlena Martin

    Very informative

    • Raj Boddu

    Time to unleash those so-called time wasters :)

    Very informative course-- especially I can relate myself to the slide image dependencies. This course is motivating me to take a call to action on be more productive and achieve my goals.

    • Pierre Nantais

    Great intro to time wasters but stops there (REVISED)

    REVISION: Ms. Rose has added two lectures to Section 1, both of which are great additions to a FREE course. The first is a test to review your comprehension. The second is an ebook of all the slides of lessons 1-3. This makes her course an absolute must for everyone as Section 1 is now a completely stand-alone unit. Pre Revision: Personally, I would not call this a course. It is more of an introduction to the subject of where we waste time. This course is in two sections with Section 1 the real course material that is well worth taking by anyone. You are not wasting your time viewing it. Section 2 is the true purpose of this course. It is Ms. Rose's pitch for a course oriented towards IT professionals she is offering for sale. I viewed this entire section out of marketing curiosity. If I was in IT I would seriously consider taking it. Ms. Rose's mini course spends 3/4 of the time on Section 1, only 1/4 on the sales pitch. Hence my 4/5 stars.

    • Filipe Silva

    Business networking

    I was very pleased with the quality of this course, this information was well laid out and easy to understand. I recommend this to any entrepreneur that is interested in a more modern approach to business start-up

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