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Video Foundations Course

Learn the key fundamentals of shooting great videos.
42 reviews
  • Kaj Kjellesvig Freelance Filmmaker

    Kaj Kjellesvig- Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Fun.

    Kaj is a filmmaker based out of Minneapolis Minnesota with a passion for all things media related. He is an award winning screenwriter and likes to dabble in editing, directing, visual effects, shooting, lighting, audio and more.

    He holds his B.A. in Film/Video from Columbia College Chicago.
    Visit His Website
    Currently, he works for EideCom Media and Events as their Director of Post Production. 

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Video Foundations Course

Learn the key fundamentals of shooting great videos.
42 reviews


The Video Foundations Course is a no-nonsense approach to making a Video.

All lessons have been written, rewritten and edited with care. Instead of listening to a two-hour course where I say, "Uhhhh," "Um," and "Well" a lot, this course on How to Make a Video is packed into 40 minutes of straight-to-the-point instruction.

The Video Foundations Course includes the key principles of video making. This isn't a course about what camcorder to buy or what editing software to get- there is plenty of content with that angle on the web already. Instead, the course focuses on fundamentals, rules and how to break them for making a Video.

Here is the list of topics covered in this course:
Depth of Field
3-Point Lighting
Lighting Safety
The 180 Degree Rule (and how to break it)
Frame Rates
Color Correction
Good Sound
Shot Composition
Shutter Speed
The Rule of Thirds
Aspect Ratio
Vectorscopes, Histograms and Waveform Monitors
Shooting Basics
Progressive and Interlaced Scan

The appeal to knowing this information is to feel empowered by knowing what you can and can't get away with. I remember when I first started shooting videos, I would often look at my own footage and say, "Why does that look wrong?" It's taken me many years, but I feel comfortable now because I know these essential concepts. 

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    • Basic tech skills (you should be able to know how to navigate a computer comfortably.)
    • Over 21 lectures and 47 mins of content!
    • At the end of this course you should have ample knowledge to utilize key video making principles and how to break the rules correctly when need be.
    • Anyone who wants to pursue video making as a hobby or even professionally.


  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction to Video Foundations
  • 1
    Video Foundations: The Key Ingredients to Making Great Video on Vimeo

    The Video Foundations Course was designed by Cold War Era scientists who wanted a way for the citizens of the future to record videos of cats and upload it to the internet for countless millions.

    Just kidding. That is only half true. The Video Foundations Course is a series of instructional videos designed to give anyone a crash course in video making in under 40 minutes. It's straight to the point so you can get to watching your episodes of Jersey Shore. 

  • SECTION 2:
    The Video Foundations Course
  • 2
    Intro to Script Writing

    This video shows the basics to writing a good Audio/Video script.

  • 3
    Shooting Basics

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Instead of Optical Zoom, it should be Digital Zoom. I am aware of this mistake and am currently re-editing the video to fix it.

  • 4
    Lighting Basics

    This video covers lighting safety, color temperature, run-and-gun lighting and the three point lighting setup.

  • 5
    Shot Composition
  • 6
    Good Sound

    This lesson covers the essentials of making your video sound as good as ever.

  • 7
  • 8
    How to Read a Histogram

    This lesson covers the basics of getting a proper exposure for your image.

  • 9
    Shutter Speed
  • 10
    Frames Per Second

    This lesson covers frame rates and what makes them.

  • 11
    24 Frames Per Second
  • 12
    30 Frames Per Second
  • 13
    Aspect Ratio

    This lesson covers the basics of screen proportion.

  • 14
  • 15
    The Rule of Thirds
  • 16
    The F-Stop
  • 17
    The 180 Degree Rule
  • 18
    Progressive vs. Interlaced
  • 19
    Introduction to Color Correction

    This lesson covers the vectorscope, waveform monitor and how to remove an inaccurate color cast.

  • SECTION 3:
    Additional Resources
  • 20
    Online Free Video Content
  • 21
    Shooting Checklist


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  • Ann Robinson
    Short and Sweet

    This course goes over the basics of video production. It does not have a lot of in-depth detail, but provides a lot of basic information on a wide variety of topics. There are many aspects of video production which are quite complicated. These are effectively reduced to their basic technical aspects. I especially like the Day of Shoot planning guide at the end. Kaj is an engaging instructor. I watched it all in one sitting. Thanks for a great course!

  • TR S
    Best Course on Udemy? Probably...

    This is an extremely well developed and sophisticated course. While only introductory to the topic, all of the lessons are excellent, engaging, and worthwhile. Frankly, I feel bad that this course didn't cost me a lot of money...

  • Darci Zuffo
    Nice class

    I like it very much A+

  • Matt
    Very basic information, but might be useful for a complete beginner

    The course was free and a good review of the basics, but I probably wouldn't pay for it. Some of the video quality in the course was lacking which was distracting -- especially for a course that's supposed to teach you how to shoot great video.

  • Baki Oğulcan Girginç
    Recommended for beginners!

    I learned a lot from this course and would recommend anyone who would like to cover basics quickly.