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Design Your User Experience in 7 Simple Steps

UX for Beginners: Learn the method Amir used to design 12 startup products in 3 years.
43 reviews
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  • Amir Khella Design-trepreneur

    Amir is a user experience designer and startup advisor. Over the past 3 years, he has designed more than 12 startup products, including DocVerse (Acquired by Google), Delve Networks (Acquired by LimeLight networks), TalentSpring (acquired by TalentTech), UStream, blist, and several others.

    He is also the creator of Keynotopia user interface prototyping libraries for Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Prior to his work in user experience, Amir worked as a software engineer, a program manager, and conducted research in human computer interaction and information visualization.

    Here's what some entrepreneurs who collaborated with Amir say about his work:

    “Amir is an expert in the area of crafting product UI to be easy to use, easy to understand, and have high conversion rates. He is a pro to work with and I would always enjoy working with him.”

    - Bryan Starbuck, Founder & CEO, TalentSpring (Acquired by TalentTech)

    "We hired Amir to create a full Interaction and Graphical design for an application we are launching. It was a big, complex project on a startup timeline, requiring the design of web-facing and client side components, to be built fast. Amir delivered beautiful, outstanding work. Most of all, Amir ended up doing a better job of managing our timeline than even we did."

    - Shan Sinha, CEO, DocVerse (Acquired by Google)

    "Amir is a phenomenal interaction designer and information architect. He's a rare talent who has both the visual graphic design skills and a strong technology foundation. He has great business instinct and is an unwavering advocate for the end customer who will use the software he helps design."

    - Kevin Merritt, Founder & CEO, Blist (now Socrata)


Design Your User Experience in 7 Simple Steps

UX for Beginners: Learn the method Amir used to design 12 startup products in 3 years.
43 reviews

Do you believe that great user experience is a competitive advantage, and want to learn how to design your own product? Ever had a great idea for a web or mobile app, but didn’t really know how to start? Or are you wasting a lot of time and money on freelancers that aren’t producing the results you’re expecting?

This step by step course takes you from the idea stage into creating a simple and intuitive user experience blueprint. There is no theory involved, and no use of design jargon. In this course, I demonstrate how I move from the idea stage and through the various steps of designing the user experience, then I provide you with actions to follow at the end of each step. No creative skills needed, and no design tools required. Just a pen and paper or a whiteboard and markers, and you’re all set to go.

By following the simple steps provided in this course, you’ll create your user experience in one week!

    • Over 22 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
    • How to write user stories that capture the main scenarios of using your application
    • How to create a high level map that summarizes the vision behind your idea
    • How to create a list of screens and design user flow diagrams
    • How to model core entities and attributes of the application
    • How to create screen requirements
    • How to sketch high level user interfaces
    • How to add details and annotations to the UX sketches
    • How to sketch and prototype mobile apps
    • and much more..
    • Entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their startups and can
    • App developers who want to create simple and intuitive user interface
    • Program managers who want to integrate the UX process into the product lifecycle
    • Anyone with a great idea and wants to prototype it and proof its validity and feasibility


  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Introduction to the action class
  • 2
    Defining the problem

    This is the sample application idea that we will be designing throughout the course

  • SECTION 2:
    The 7 steps
  • 3
    UX Process Cheat Sheet
    1 slide

    Many thanks to Vladmir Dubovskiy for creating this diagram

  • 4
    Step 1: Creating user stories

    User stories are a great way to capture the high level concepts, goals, and interactions within the system. Here's how you create them.

  • 5
    Step 2: Drawing the system map
  • 6
    Step 3: Designing the flow
  • 7
    Step 4: Modeling the attributes
  • 8
    Step 5: Creating screen requirements
  • 9
    Step 6: Sketching the user interface
  • 10
    Step 7: Adding details to the sketches
  • SECTION 3:
  • 11
    UX for mobile devices
  • 12
    Rapid Prototyping
  • 13
    Six mistakes you should avoid when doing user testing
    1: Testing only one prototype Creating rapid throw away prototypes makes you less emotionally attached to them, and more willing to modify/discard them if you receive negative feedback. You also get better feedback when users can compare different solutions. Inspired by test-driven development, I of…
  • SECTION 4:
    Audio Transcripts
  • 14
    [Audio] Step 1: Creating User Stories
  • 15
    [Audio] Step 2: Drawing the system map edit delete
  • 16
    [Audio] Step 3: Designing the flow
  • 17
    [Audio] Step 4: Modeling the attributes
  • 18
    [Audio] Step 5: Creating screen requirements
  • 19
    [Audio] Step 6: Sketching the user interface
  • 20
    [Audio] Step 7: Adding details to the sketches
  • 21
    [Audio] UX for mobile devices
  • 22
    Rapid Prototyping


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  • Dana Morgan
    Great Course

    This course was a great intro into the world of UX. I've been wanting to crossover into this field for sometime and now I feel comfortable making that transition. All the concepts were broken down into manageable steps and the websites he recommended were really helpful and inspiring.

  • Ivan Lanuza
    Very practical

    Extremely clear and effective methodology shared by Amir. Highly recommend this course.

  • Aymanko
    Nice course . quite overpriced .

    The course is fine and the trainer walks you through the process of putting your web site idea into a tangible and structured diagrams and sketches . What i liked about it : it is all practical and hands on. What i didn't like : 1- I think it is slightly overpriced. 2- Lecture 10 had an incorrect summary which he promised to fix long time ago but unfortunately it is still unfixed.

  • Adam Archer
    Well laid out, clear examples, no "filler"

    I enjoyed the flow of this course and thought that the screen capture of the design process were great. I am completely new to user experience design but was able to catch on quickly. I was able to apply what I learnt here to create a prototype that was presented as part of a business plan at university. I will definitely be watching some of these videos again to improve my skills as we plan on having our app developed!

  • Josh David
    Solid, Simple and Useful!

    Very effective course. The content and methodology are very straight forward and solid. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in properly figuring out and putting together their ideas into documents and prototypes needed to take your idea to product. Thank you, this has been very useful to me!

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