Michael Chesley Johnson PSA MPAC

Professional Landscape Painter


Michael Chesley Johnson is a plein air painter working in the American Southwest, coastal Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. He has been an Invited Artist at the Sedona Plein Air Festival for the past 6 years (2006-2011) and in 2011 also participated in the Plein Air Southwest, Grand Canyon National Park and Zion National Park invitationals.  In 2012, he is an Invited Artist for both Plein Air Magazine's Plein Air Expo & Convention and again for the Grand Canyon event.  Additionally, he is a Contributing Editor for The Artist's Magazine and a frequent contributor to Pastel Journal. He also specializes in teaching small-size plein air painting workshops for the intermediate and advanced level painter. For more on Michael, visit his website, www.MichaelChesleyJohnson.com

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