Twitter for Real Estate

Learn Twitter from A to Z and leverage it to help expand your reach, build your brand and win more business.
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  • Michael McClure Social Media | Technology | Speaker

    Michael McClure is the co-author of the Swanepoel Technology Report. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Verified Agent, LLC, which was named a "Genius Brand" by and a "Watchlist Trend " in the 2012 Swanepoel Trends Report. 

    Michael is the founder of Professional One Real Estate, a real estate company named "One of the Most Creative Brands of the Past Decade " and a "Beta Brokerage of the Future." 

    Michael has been named one of Inman’s “50 Most Influential Online” and one of’s “25 Most Connected.”

    Michael is a featured blogger on Inman NEXT. He also co-founded several other blogs, including and, and contributes to several others, including Dale Carnegie and

    He co-founded RaiseTheBar Radio, which focuses on increasing professionalism in real estate, as well as the Raise the Bar Facebook Group, which features nearly 2,000 of real estate's leading personalities, brokers, agents and vendors.

    Michael has spoken on the topics of Twitter, Social Media, branding and professionalsim in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and Atlanta as part of Inman News Real Estate Connects New York and San Francisco, the Agent Reboot Tour, REMS, the Xplode Conference and the National Association of REALTORS® annual conference.

    He is one of the highest-rated public speakers on (#1 in Detroit, #4 in Michigan).

    Michael has been mentioned and or quoted in Inman News, Inman NEXT, Smart Money Magazine, AOL Real Estate,, the Detroit News,, several Swanepoel Real Estate Trends Reports, the Swanepoel Social Media Report and numerous other places.

    McClure's Twitter (where he has approximately 55,000 followers) and other Social Media efforts have been used as training examples in the educational programs of the GoodLife Team, Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker and Inman News, among others.

    McClure is a CPA, and worked at Price Waterhouse for 10 years before entering real estate. He received a degree in Accounting from Michigan State. He lives in Plymouth, MI.

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Twitter for Real Estate

Learn Twitter from A to Z and leverage it to help expand your reach, build your brand and win more business.
7 reviews


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You’re stuck in a rut. Your old-school promotion isn’t producing results, which doesn’t surprise you since you just read in the Harvard Business Review that traditional marketing is dead.

And that’s not really news either, because you keep hearing about how people are trusting traditional advertising less and less and trusting peer/social recommendations more and more.

You’ve tried growing your business with "the aggregators," but a lot of those leads are low quality, all of them are "cold" by nature, and the prices for those services just keep going up.

Size of Sphere = Size of Income?

So, you find yourself in this place where you’ve maxed out your sphere of influence using traditional methods.

And anyone who’s been in real estate longer than 5 minutes knows that the size of your sphere determines the size of your income. More connections = more money, right?

New Life for Your Business

And you think, “Those old, cold and expensive methods just aren’t working for me. I need to find a new way to expand my network and inject new life into my business.” And so, for all those reasons, you decide to give Twitter a try. And here’s what you discover:
  • That Twitter users are the most active and dynamic in all of Social Media 
  • That you can use keywords and laser-focused geo-targeting to connect with people right in your community
  • That there’s not a lot of competition, because most people do the wrong things, get no results and blame Twitter for the lackluster ROI - when in reality the problem wasn't Twitter at all, but simply those people doing the wrong things
  • That Twitter is exploding, and there are now nearly HALF A BILLION people using the platform

Grow Your Network

So, you start connecting with more and more people, growing your network every single day. You quickly realize that Twitter users love to engage and make new connections.

And you discover a few things that you did not expect. That the learning curve is not that steep. And that Twitter is actually fun. Yes, FUN!

You nurture along hundreds of relationships, building and building a little bit more each and every week. And you wake up one day and realize that you’ve expanded your network dramatically while doing 99% of it at home in front of your computer. Or from your smart phone or you iPad.

And you realize that what you heard was actually true: that Twitter really is the greatest relationship creation machine of all time.

And you think, "I only wish I had started using Twitter sooner."

Take this course and let me show you how to grow your sphere of influence using Twitter....

PS: This course isn't going to be ideally suited to all personalities or communication styles. If you purchase this course and feel even a smidgen of disappointment, Udemy will give you your money back, so long as it's within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

PPS: Here is some "Social Proofing" I've received from a myriad of key players in the real estate industry. 

PPPS: Here is what happened when an industry VIP followed my advice and dramatically improved his Twitter experience quickly.

    • An internet connection and a desire to leverage Twitter to help build your real estate business.
    • Over 61 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    • To create top-of-mind awareness for your real estate business.
    • To build your brand online.
    • To increase your digital presence and profile.
    • To expand your reach.
    • To teach you how to use Twitter effectively.
    • This course is intended for all levels of Twitter experience, from someone who has never Tweeted to advanced users.


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  • SECTION 1:
    Sign Up & Set Up
  • 1
    What is Twitter?
    What is Twitter? Watch this for the instructor's off-the-cuff response to that question...
  • 2
    Sign up for Twitter
    This video walks you through the steps for signing up for Twitter.
  • 3
    Complete the setup of your account
    Watch this video to learn how to complete the Twitter sign up process.
  • 4
    What to include in your bio/profile
    Learn the best things to include in your Twitter bio/profile to get the best results.
  • 5
    Add a hyperlink to your bio/profile
    Adding a hyperlink in your Twitter profile is a great way to direct traffic from Twitter to wherever you want it to go. Learn how to do that here.
  • 6
    Name & avatar
    What Twitter name - or handle - and what Twitter avatar - or photo - should you use? Watch this video to find out.
  • SECTION 2:
    Overview & Settings
  • 7
    Overview of
    This video provides an overview of
  • 8
    Interactions vs Mentions
    Watch this video to learn about and understand the distinction between "interactions" and "mentions" on
  • 9 Home Page
    Learn about's home page by watching this video.
  • 10 Connect Tab
    Watch this video to learn about's "connect" tab.
  • 11 Settings Design
    Watch this video to learn how to change the background of your home page.
  • 12 Settings Mobile
    Watch this video to learn how to elect your mobile settings on
  • 13 Settings Account
    Learn how to set up your account settings on by watching this video.
  • 14 Notifications
    Learn how to configure your notification settings on by watching this video.
  • SECTION 3:
    Twitter Basics
  • 15
    Understanding a Tweet
    Watch this video to learn the fundamentals of a Tweet.
  • 16
    Components of a Tweet on
    Watch this video to learn the various components of a Tweet on
  • 17
    Compose a Tweet on
    Learn how to compose a Tweet on by watching this video.
  • 18
    Tweet Stream on
    Learn how to monitor and understand your Tweet stream on
  • 19
    How to Follow Someone on
    Watch this video to learn how to follow someone on 
  • 20
    How to Unfollow Someone on
    Watch this video to learn how to unfollow someone on
  • 21
    How Often Should You Tweet?
    Knowing how much - or how little - to Tweet is always an issue. Watch this video to learn how to determine your optimal Tweeting frequency.
  • SECTION 4:
    Twitter Actions
  • 22
    Actions You Can Take with a Received Tweet
    Watch this video to learn about the actions you can take with a Tweet you receive from someone else.
  • 23
    Retweeting on
    Learn how to Retweet on by watching this video.
  • 24
    Replying to a Tweet on
    This video teaches you how to reply to a Tweet on
  • 25
    Favoriting a Tweet on
    Learn how to favorite a Tweet by watching this video.
  • 26
    Deleting a Tweet on
    Watch this video to learn how to delete a Tweet on
  • 27
    Direct Messages
    Watch this video to learn about Direct Messages - or "DMs" - on Twitter.
  • 28
    Kill Your "Auto-DM"
    Watch this video to learn why you should NOT use an "auto-DM," which is something most Twitter newbies unfortunately do not understand.
  • 29
    Include an Image in a Tweet on
  • 30
    Embed a Tweet in a Blog Post
  • SECTION 5:
    People & Discovery
  • 31
    Learning About People
    Knowing your audience is CRUCIAL for success in Twitter. Watch this video to learn how to easily research the people you're connecting with on Twitter.
  • 32
    Laser-Focused Geo-Targeting
    Being able to connect with "local people" is CRUCIAL for success with Twitter from a "real estate ROI" perspective. Watch this video to learn how to do that.
  • 33
    Discover Who to Follow
    Learn how to discover people to follow on by watching this video.
  • 34
    Discover Real Estate People to Follow
  • 35
    Discover Local People to Follow
    Watch this video to find local people to follow on
  • 36
    Discover Friends to Follow
    Learn to how to discover your existing friends to help you follow them on
  • 37
    Discover Activity
    Watch this video to learn how to leverage the "Activity" menu option to connect with new people.
  • 38
    Creating & Adding to a List
    Lists are of vital importance on Twitter, as this is the best way to "organize" people into groups so that you can closely monitor them. For real estate purposes, you definitely want to create a list called "Past Clients" so that you can monitor what your past clients are saying and doing to consistently engage with them to keep yourself "top of mind" in their world. Watch this video to learn how to do that. 
  • 39
    Identifying & Deleting a Spam Account
    There is a lot of spam on Twitter. Learn how to recognize spam accounts and delete them by watching this video.
  • SECTION 6:
    Philosophy & Mindset
  • 40
    Mindset is EVERYTHING on Twitter. Here is an overview of the key things you need to keep in mind as you enter into the world of Twitter to help you optimize your success.
  • 41
    If you don't have a specific strategy BEFORE you begin on Twitter, you should not be Tweeting! Learn what you should be thinking about before you dive into Twitter from a strategic perspective by watching this video.
  • 42
    Twitter "Do's"
    Do these things on Twitter to increase your ultimate success using Twitter.
  • 43
    Twitter "Don'ts"
    Watch this video to learn about the things you should avoid doing on Twitter.
  • 44
    Inspire. Share. Educate. Entertain. Watch this video to learn why every Tweet you write should include one or more of these elements!
  • 45
    "What's in it for me?" This is what your audience is thinking on Twitter. Watch this video to learn more about this important principle.
  • SECTION 7:
    Build Your Business
  • 46
    Know Your Audience
    To leverage Twitter effectively, you simply MUST know your audience. Watch this video to learn more about this foundational idea.
  • 47
    Client Retention
  • 48
    Lead Generation
    Having success on Twitter in terms of lead generation all comes back to having the right approach. Watch this video to learn about this.
  • 49
    Keyword Find & Engage
    Not sure how to connect with people on Twitter? Leverage keywords to find, follow and engage with the people most likely to help you grow your business by watching this video.
  • 50
    Aggregate, Filter, Rinse & Repeat
  • 51
    Take It Offline
    Connecting with people and expanding your reach is what Twitter is all about. But to increase the chances for creating REAL ROI from Twitter, you need to "take it offline." Watch this video for practical ideas on how to do that.
  • 52
    Become the Local Expert
    Becoming "the local expert" is something all agents are trying to do, whether it's via Twitter or some other way. Watch this video for thoughts on how to do that via Twitter.
  • SECTION 8:
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • 53
    Should I Tweet for Myself?
    People frequently ask: should I Tweet for myself, or should I pay someone to do that for me? Here's my answer.
  • 54
    Should I "Auto-Schedule" Tweets?
    Lots of controversy surrounds the idea of whether you should - or should not - "auto-schedule" your Tweets. Here's what I think. 
  • 55
    Is Bigger Better?
    What's the best way to leverage Twitter from a business-building perspective? Small and intimate, or large and public? Here are my thoughts on the matter.
  • 56
    Should I Follow Other Agents?
    Should you follow and engage with other real estate agents who might actually be your competition? Here's what I think. 
  • 57
    What Other Actions Can I Take?
    What other actions can you take to help ramp up your success on Twitter? Here are my suggestions.
  • 58
    Should I Have a Unique Twitter Landing Page?
    One thing you can do with Twitter is create a unique landing page. Should you? 
  • 59
    How Can I Clean Up My Twitter Account?
    After you've been on Twitter for a while, you'll probably realize that you have some people in your Twitter world that are not contributing to your ultimate goals and objectives. Here's an easy way to identify those people and remove them. 
  • 60
    Who Should I Follow on Twitter?
    2 pages
  • 61
    Glossary of Key Twitter Terms
    3 pages


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  • Joe Rath
    Simple, Powerful, Perfect

    With "Twitter for Real Estate" Michael McClure (@ProfessionalOne) has created THE introductory Twitter course for pros in the real estate industry & beyond. The highlight for me is "Section 6 - Philosophy & Mindset," where Michael clearly demonstrates his expertise on the subject of "Why?" This course is essential for the modern real estate professional.

  • Tom Everitt
    Extremely Thorough and Engaging.

    Michael McClure has written what is easily the most thorough and complete course on Twitter for real estate agents (or any business for that matter) that I have ever seen. Covering virtually every single topic that an agent can use, from beginning to end, this course is a 'must view' for anyone wanting to understand how Twitter can increase your business. Personally, I've been using Twitter successfully for 5 yrs for my real estate business and, frankly, I learned a TON here. Worth every cent!

  • Gina Kay Landis
    Great beginner's course

    "Twitter for Real Estate" is a great beginner's course - and may surprise current Twitter users with tips and tricks and strategy segments that will enhance their experience. Kudos for a professionally constructed and completed course that is sure to educate, inform and entertain. Those who have a proclivity toward social media and real estate will surely benefit from this course. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Michael McClure! Gina Kay Landis, Realtor @ginakayRE

  • Craig Schaid
    Craig Schaid

    This is a MUST for today's REALTOR!! You need to be social and Twitter is an essential tool to execute that! This class teaches you the ins and outs!! Take it today!!

  • David Wyrsch
    Very good tutorial

    This was a very good soup to nuts tutorial on how to effectively use Twitter for your Real Estate business. I have been on Twitter for almost 2 years and I still learned a lot. Along with Twitter functionality, there are some very good "best practices" and do's and don'ts tips. I would recommend anyone in Real Estate who is all ready on or thinking about joining Twitter take this course.

  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
  • Mobile Accessibility
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