Discover The 1 Thing You Were Born To Do In 5 Easy Steps!

Steve Olsher, award-winning author/speaker will teach you how to reinvent yourself and make a fortune and a difference.
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Course Description

Are you in a job you don’t like? Are you unemployed? Are you in a state of transition and want to identify what’s next? Do you believe that you were born to do something extraordinary, but just can’t figure out what it is?

Well, I have some really good news for you – The Reinvention Workshop will forever change your life. And, because you’ve made a conscious choice to visit this course, you’ve already taken your first powerful step towards reinventing yourself and becoming who you were born to be.

The Reinvention Workshop will teach YOU my proven formula for discovering your WHAT — that is, the ONE thing you were born to do — and create a powerful plan of action for getting paid extraordinarily well sharing your unique gift with the world. Learn how to REINVENT yourself.

Led by me, Steve Olsher, author of the award-winning books, Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Onlineand Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be; co-star of the groundbreaking film, The Keeper of the Keys, alongside Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff; founder and host of Reinvention Radio; and an in-demand media guest who has appeared on ABC TV, Fox TV, the WB,, and more than 200 radio shows including nationally syndicated programs hosted by Lou Dobbs, Mancow Muller, and Jim Bohannon, The Reinvention Workshop puts fire in your soul!

How do you pursue what you love AND make money doing it?

Most people don’t create their ideal life because they can’t identify what they want to do and don’t feel it’s possible to make it happen.

You will find the answers you need at The Reinvention Workshop and gain a clear understanding of your life’s purpose and be fired up about, and highly focused on, achieving it. I’m a steadfast believer that we should learn from the trials and tribulations of those selfless enough to teach. I’ve been fortunate to benefit from the guidance of incredible mentors — I hope you’ll allow me to mentor you. Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed and refined the proprietary exercises, theories, and principles you’ll find at The Reinvention Workshop.

Each is crafted from my own often painful, hands-on experience. I’ve made the mistakes and suffered the inevitable results. You don’t have to. My unique methodology blends ancient wisdom from a multitude of spiritual leaders, including Buddha, with revolutionary lessons from modern theorists, such as Dr. Thomas Gordon, creator of The Four Stages of Learning. These teachings, combined with my unique exercises and singular approach to realizing permanent, positive change, form a proven system for ultimate achievement in business and life. The tools I provide at The Reinvention Workshop will show you powerful shortcuts you can immediately implement to create the life you deserve and desire while avoiding the pitfalls of going it alone and transform your life starting right now.

Everyone has natural-born greatness. Do you know what yours is?

Horace Mann said, “A person should be ashamed to die, until (s)he has made a monumental impact on mankind.” How are you going to leave your mark? What will your legacy be? Becoming who you were meant to be begins with taking the first step.

I strongly believe the destination IS the road and that the JOURNEY is the destination. The Reinvention Workshop is a quest for the most precious of destinations: your true self. Let me guide you through it. I look forward to helping you reinvent your life and having a powerful impact on our world.

The world is waiting for you!


What are the requirements?

  • An open mind.
  • A willingness to change both your life and the lives of others.
  • A desire to move past the status quo and create a life you can be proud of.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 14 lectures and 5 hours of content!
  • To help you discover the ONE thing you were born to do.
  • To teach you how to make both a fortune and a difference sharing your unique gift with the world.
  • To help you realize your full potential and move past conscious and unconscious limitations.
  • To assist you in creating a powerful plan of action that keeps you on path and focused on achieving your defined goals and objectives.
  • To empower you to create a meaningful legacy that will not only impact those who share this lifetime with you, but also those of lifetimes to come.

What is the target audience?

  • People in transition.
  • High school students.
  • College students.
  • Those returning from the military and entering civilian life.
  • The unemployed.
  • Retirees
  • Those who are unsure of who they were born to be.
  • Those who dislike their current job.
  • Those who feel there's something MORE, but can't identify what it is.
  • Executives
  • The under-employed


Section 1: Introduction
Welcome to The Reinvention Workshop. Please listen to this audio file before you get started. The world is waiting for you!

Steve Olsher

How to use this course
Section 2: The Reinvention Workshop Segment 1
Segment 1 Introduction

The Reinvention Workshop kicks off with an Introduction to the course, an eye-opening discussion about The Path to Freedom, and we take on the first exercise, The Vortex of Vulnerability, which will teach you about areas of your life that consciously or unconsciously preclude you from attaining your desired objectives. 

Section 3: The Reinvention Workshop Section 2
Segment 2 Introduction

Segment 2 of The Reinvention Workshop introduces you to our second exercise, The Vortex of Invincibility, which will teach you how to tap into your natural abilities and strengths. The discussion continues with a look at your Circle of Four, and two of The Seven Life-Altering Principles, YaNo and The Sufficiency Theory. 

Section 4: The Reinvention Workshop Section 3
Segment 3 Introduction

The Reinvention Workshop continues with the last of The Seven Life-Altering Principles -- The Slow Death of Not Being The Star. The class continues as we address the single most important question you can ever answer -- What Is Your WHAT? --that is, the ONE thing you were born to do. This segment concludes with an in-depth look at your personal G.P.S. (Gifted Path to Success) and how you can identify your gifts, the vehicle you will use to share them with the world, and who you are most compelled to help. 

Section 5: The Reinvention Workshop Section 4
Segment 4 Introduction

The Reinvention Workshop continues with an in-depth look at identifying your personal G.P.S. (Gifted Path to Success). In this segment, I take a number of students through my proprietary process which, in turn, should help you become clear on the steps you need to take to complete your personal equation. 

Section 6: The Reinvention Workshop Section 5
Segment 5 Introduction

The Reinvention Workshop concludes with a discussion about the power of "The Postcard," identifying your Ultimate Objective, creating a step-by-step plan to forge your own path, and providing you with the final tools you need to share your gift with the world. 

To contact me personally, please send an email to Steve at SteveOlsher dot com. 

I hope you found the Workshop to be helpful and I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Section 7: Supplemental Materials
2 slides

Please complete the attached Takeaways worksheet as you go through the Workshop. I highly recommend you keep a copy of the worksheet and refer to it periodically throughout your journey. Remember, the world is waiting for you!

Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

Instructor Biography

Steve Olsher , Steve Olsher - America's Reinvention Expert

Steve Olsher is America’s Reinvention Expert and has taught thousands how to NICHETIZE!™ (nitch a tize) by identifying and monetizing their WHAT—that is, the ONE thing they were born to do.His singular approach for realizing permanent, positive change blends proprietary methods with ancient wisdom and revolutionary lessons from modern thought leaders and forms a proven system for ultimate achievement in business and life.

Steve is the author of Internet Prophets: The World's Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online (Amazon's #1 Rated book on Web Marketing) and also of USA Book News’ Self-Help Book of the Year,Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be (USA Book News' Self-Help Book of the Year); he is the creator and host of Internet Prophets LIVE!; co-star of the groundbreaking film The Keeper of the Keys with Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff; and has appeared on ABC TV, FOX TV,, and more than 200 radio shows including national programs hosted by Lou Dobbs, Jim Bohannon, and Mancow Muller. 

Steve is a successful entrepreneur who’s applied his business acumen and communication skills to a wide range of endeavors. He has worked as a radio and nightclub DJ (Mr. Bold); owned his own alcohol-free nightclub at the age of 20 (The Funky Pickle!); launched the first wine and spirits store on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993; launched one of the Internet’s first fully-functional eCommerce websites in 1995 (; founded Bold Development, one of Chicago’s largest boutique real estate development companies; co-founded San Francisco-based; and founded and runs The Reinvention Workshop.

Steve has earned the rank of brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training under the late Carlson Gracie, Sr. All of his varied, real-world experiences have contributed to the concepts found in his award-winning books.

Steve lives in Chicago with his wife Lena and their three sons Bobby, Isaiah and Xavier—who remind him every day why his motto is “Let Love Rule.” Meet him and receive free NICHETIZE!™ training  



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    • Kenny Cannon

    Great course for finding your "What" but lacks some detail

    I found my "What" and I'm 100% certain that it is what I'm put on this earth to do. It's completely unrelated to anything discussed in the course or the examples given. I followed along, did the exercises and I'm very happy with what I came up with. Steve is a great teacher and it shows that he's really out to help people. The only negative is that the course doesn't contain any exercises that help figure out how to monetize your What. Monetization is easy for the examples given in the course but if you aren't teaching someone something or opening a traditional business, you may have a hard time figuring it out. I think information marketers/digital product creators will find this course very useful but that's not me. Other than that it was a great course.

    • Dear

    Nothing really in depth.

    • Annie Byway-Williden

    Steve's course is very easy to follow along with. He has an easy going teaching method. You will learn to find out what it is that your are passionate about and to take that to another level in your personal/business life if you choose. The workshops were a wonderful learning experience of self discovery about how to determine just "what is your what". For those that WILL participate in the exercises at home, I highly recommend this course.

    • Fiona Charlton

    Understanding your purpose

    Whether you have an inkling of what your 'what' is, or no clue at all, Steve Olsher's very easy to follow steps, and ability to articulate the processes, makes this course thoroughly worth your while. Consider it an investment in you, and a clear way of finding your higher purpose in life. This doesn't have to be an altruistic save-the-world purpose, it might just be finding a way for you to feel more satisfied with how you 'spend vs invest' your time; or to give you the clarity you need on how you got where you are, why you're drawn to this course, and what your next step is. Whatever your reason for being here right now, this course will give you a clear understanding of the career/job/purpose you are meant to be living right here and right now. So what are you waiting for? Go discover your 'what'.

    • Warren Cottis

    Good Structure

    This course is well laid out and because it involves a live class, you see plenty of examples. It is methodical in its approach without being boring and Steve Olsher did a great job in explaining the concepts.

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