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Speak Up! - Stand Out.

Learn how to be a Confident Communicator - Online Public Speaking Training Course
27 reviews
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  • Alexa Fischer Founder and Chief Communicator at 1000 Watt Presence

    There’s nothing like a 1,000 Watt Presence to make you realize you either have the “it” factor…or you don’t. Fortunately, you don’t have to be born with star qualities, you can actually buy them.

    Actress Alexa Fischer has turned normal civilians into major public speakers, and wallflowers into power-brokers. Your presence speaks before you do and Alexa knows how to turn up the volume easily and painlessly and uses her wealth of knowledge as a seasoned performer to bring mere mortals into the limelight. The results? Less Fear. More gigs. And maybe some fame if you’re a really dedicated student!

    She is a graduate of Northwestern University, B.S. in Speech, and The Yale School of Drama, M.F.A. in Acting.

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Speak Up! - Stand Out.

Learn how to be a Confident Communicator - Online Public Speaking Training Course
27 reviews

Speak Up! - Stand Out - is an online public speaking training program that will transform the way you experience public speaking and the way audiences experience you - just 10 minutes at a time. Together we will turn hesitation into excitement; fear into confidence; conversations into results. These 10-minute videos & training exercises provide actionable steps to help you cultivate a winning mindset for public speaking, an engaging and dynamic voice, and a comfortable, poised, and relaxed presence. Are you ready to take the next step towards your most dazzling self?

    • An open mind, a sense of curiosity and some compassion for your journey. Leave your inner critic behind and jump in. It's more fun than you think!
    • Over 24 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • Set your course for success.
    • Tame the voice of your inner critic.
    • Stay calm and focused.
    • Break the cycle of negative thoughts.
    • Identify winning vocal characteristics.
    • Increase your flexibility and range.
    • Transform negative vocal habits.
    • Keep your voice healthy and strong.
    • Maintain your center.
    • Use effective mannerisms.
    • Create your signature style.
    • Make a great first impression.
    • This course is designed for people who are longing to step into a more dynamic, confident and engaging persona. Whether you are longing to stand out at work, or be more comfortable among new people, this class will walk you through the tools to identify and then transform nuances of behavior. All participants are welcome.


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  • SECTION 1:
    Your Mind
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    Your Mind: Congratulations... You Got the Part! -

    Imagine you are at a workshop with 50 other people and the moderator says, "Please stand in front of the group and tell us about yourself."

    What thoughts just rushed into your head?  Does your heart race a bit just thinking about it?

    Sure, the most confident public speakers have great techniques, but they have something far more powerful…a winning mindset.

    It’s time for you to imagine yourself as a phenomenal communicator.  This week we will focus on creating a new vision for yourself…your dream role.  The role you were born to play.

    And that pesky voice of negativity that rises from time to time?  Yes, we will meet your inner critic and learn to tame those negative thoughts.  When you transform negative energy to positive energy, your light touches everyone you meet.

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    Congratulations... You Got the Part! - Exercises
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  • 4
    Your Mind: The Power of Positive Thoughts

    Positive thoughts. Ah, yes… You have heard these simple words plenty of times and yet, why do we find it so easy to slip into negativity? 

    Have you ever considered what negative thoughts DO to you? For one, they sabotage, often subconsciously, your most dazzling self. 

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to, esteemed psychiatrist, Daphna Slonim, MD. She is the author of “The First Key: How to Remove Subconscious Sabotage.” Daphna will be demonstrating the power of Energy Muscle Testing as a tool to clearing your negative thoughts.

    See for yourself how positive energy will be your fuel for success.

    Smile…(Your body thanks you!)

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    The Power of Positive Thoughts - Exercises
    2 pages
  • 6
    Your Mind: The Rehearsal

    Now that you understand positive thoughts are key to you dazzling audiences of any size, you may be wondering how to stop the negative thoughts altogether. 

    The first step is awareness. Thanks to our lesson with Dr. Slonim, you are already more aware of the connection between your mind and body than you were before. Now that you know, you will never be the same again. 

    It’s time to take an inventory. That's right, this week you will monitor your thoughts and CATCH the negative ones before they create imprints on the body. 

    You likely have thousands a day, how many can you catch? This exercise is such a powerful, permanent step to creating new, positive, mental imprints about public speaking. 

    Once you catch them, you can change them too!

    Imagine your bounty of positive thoughts…The possibilities are endless.

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    The Rehearsal - Exercises
    1 page
  • 8
    Your Mind: The Big Show

    Life is hectic. Sure, we can say we are going stay positive but it's easier said than done when someone cuts us off in traffic, or we missed paying a bill on time, got a parking ticket or came home to find a mess the dog made in our absence.

    What if one of those events happened just before you had to speak in front of 100 people? Could you find inner peace to deliver an exceptional message? 

    If you are looking to cultivate calm at any moment in your life, (and certainly before any speaking event!) then you are going to enjoy this lesson.

    Quiet. Peace. Balance. A simple, step-by-step guide to achieving inner tranquility in just 10 minutes a day.

    Aren't you calmer just thinking about it? 


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    The Big Show - Exercises
    2 pages
  • SECTION 2:
    Your Voice
  • 10
    Your Voice: Creating a Character

    Every word we say tells a story. Moreover, the WAY we say each word tells a story. Every subtle quality in how we sound, informs the listener who we are and what we want, but is it the story we want to tell? 

    In this lesson we will develop your ability to decipher voice quality in others. You will notice habitual patterns, limitations in others’ voice and qualities you admire. The first step to emulating great voice quality is noticing it. 

    Perk up your ears and enjoy the show!

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  • 11
    Creating A Character - Exercises
    2 pages
  • 12
    Your Voice: Stop and Listen

    Have you ever experienced that awkward moment listening to a recording of yourself and thought, “That doesn’t sound like ME!” Sure, we hear ourselves in our head all the time, and, more importantly, we IMAGINE what we sound like to others, but few of us have ever objectively listened to ourselves.

    Now’s your chance. Use the power of playback to identify vocal qualities in your own voice. Good, bad and ugly, when you bring awareness to anything, you harness your power to change.

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  • 13
    Stop and Listen - Exercises
    2 pages
  • 14
    Your Voice: Vocal Boot Camp

    By now you probably have identified some limitations in your voice. Congratulations! You are normal. Now what? 

    Well, if you were interested in strengthening and toning your body, you’d likely go to the gym. This week, you will learn how to strengthen and tone your voice, but without the sweat.

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tessa LaTourelle, a professional voice-over artist who will share with you her secret to a relaxed, flexible and free voice. This simple vocal warm-up can transform the way you sound.

    All you need is five minutes a day. If only going to the gym were that simple.

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  • 15
    Vocal Boot Camp - Exercises
    2 pages
  • 16
    Your Voice: Vocal Health

    Picture someone throwing a ball straight into a catcher’s mitt. The pitch is strong and direct. Communicating is “thrown” the same way, so others can catch/hear what you have to say. 

    Professional pitchers work hard to keep their body healthy so they throw with precision. Maintaining vocal health is as critical to your communication precision as physical health is to a professional pitcher. 

    Here are some lessons to tone your voice into a healthy and strong instrument.

    Let’s play ball!

  • 17
    Vocal Health - Exercises
    1 page
  • SECTION 3:
    Your Body
  • 18
    Your Body: The Inner Aspect

    We are an incredibly visual society. For instance, you are introduced to someone new… How long does it take for you to form an opinion of him or her based on what you see? A second? Maybe two? 

    I’m not talking about hairstyle or the clothes you wear. I’m not talking about your body shape or weight. I am talking about how WHAT YOU DO with your body communicates messages to your audience. What might someone think of you if they gave you a quick glance?

    We begin today’s lesson with the most important factor impacting your body language . . . your center, also known as your core. Becoming aware of your core is the first step to mastering the language of YOUR body. 

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  • 19
    The Inner Aspect - Exercises
    1 page
  • 20
    Your Body: Build Your Core

    Have you ever noticed how President’s, CEO’s or other powerful people stand? They have commanding presence without saying a word. That commanding presence comes from more than just perfect posture. They are physically connected to their core. Their abs are firm but their strength is effortless, their body is calm. 

    Energy moves freely up and down your body, which helps you command attention because you are harnessing ultimate confidence. The only way to physically connect with your core is to strengthen it. 

    This week I am thrilled to introduce Carlos Requejo, Pilates Instructor and Owner of Core Response Pilates in Santa Monica, CA. He will teach you two fundamental exercises to strengthen your core. You can start today…in the comfort of your own home.

    And hey, you might just get a 6-pack out of the deal!

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  • 21
    Your Body: The Outer Aspect

    I would like to applaud you for your dedication to this program. Taking time out of your busy schedule to learn a new skill is no easy task. Life can be hectic after all, and when time gets tight, chances are, you scratch your needs off the to-do list first.

    What do you feel like when your needs are not fulfilled? Most people start to feel depleted, tired, and unenthusiastic. Being depleted shows up all over our body language. So much so that others will start to feel depleted around us. 

    It isn’t enough to try and stand up straight. We can’t fake it till we make it. We must fill up our inner self in a way that rejuvenates our outer body. That way we can physically present ourselves to the world in the way we want to be seen. When your inner body is invigorated, your outer body spreads enthusiasm.

    After all, enthusiasm is contagious! 

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  • 22
    Mannerisms & Signature Style - Exercises
    1 page
  • 23
    Your Body: Connecting with Others

    Mastering public speaking and presentation skills is an ongoing journey, and there are key principals to practice ongoing for ultimate success. Nothing sets the stage better than making a great first impression. This week we will review the basics…powerful reminders that will engage your audience from the second they lay eyes on you.

    Once you have connected, keeping their attention is just as important. This week I will share some valuable skills that will keep your audiences engaged and hungry for more. 

    Congratulations on completing the journey!

    I wish you all the success in the world…you deserve it!

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  • 24
    Connecting With Others - Exercises
    1 page


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  • Rabaa Alkhareji

    It's amazing !! I'm really satisfied with the exercises and the information , thank you alot Alexa.

  • Levent Ozcan


  • Trystan Stubbs
    A Great Course

    Thanks for all the info! Its funny, but your voice is so magnetic and after listening to it for so long it has destroyed my ability to listen to all my other course instructors on udemy who bore me to death. I should have lit the small fireworks first i suppose, Thanks!!!

  • Ori Zmora
    The king is not naked - but close

    Though the message in the course is in the right direction and obviously a lot of effort has been invested in preparing the course - the presentation is lacking in confidence and authenticity. In a course instructing on presentation skills - this should not be the case.

  • Sally Mahoney
    Speak Up! Stand Out.

    Thank you Alexa, brilliant course: I loved all the excellent tips and advice given and the focus on the whole being not just about the actual presentation.