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SEO: GoogleBoost startup - how I get 1,000 visitors a day

Learn how, as a freelancer working from home, I get 1,000 visitors a day. Search engine optimization (SEO) made easy.
80 reviews
  • Len Smith Freelance copywriter and communications consultant

    For the past 20 odd years Len has run his own business, Copywriting On Demand and manages The-Writers-Guru.

    He works from home, writing copy for organisations around the world - and lots of them have become personal friends.

    With forty years' experience in marketing, he spent three years in Paris responsible for IBM product marketing in 14 countries across EMEA.

    His biggest market is the USA, followed by the UK, the Arab states and the Netherlands. His business comes via the web and his website attracts more than 1,000 visits a day.

    Clients are as diverse as Vodafone, The Finance Leasing Association, Lloyds, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the BBC, a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies - even a TV 'Secret Millionaire'.

    Married for more than 50 years (a world record?) he has three sons.

    He lives in a rambling old vicarage in Yorkshire that has the distinction of having been built by the Brönte sisters’ Uncle Fennel. Charlotte’s earliest recorded letter was written from the vicarage during one of the children’s brief holidays there.

    His interests have included competitive rallying (including an attempt at the Monte Carlo Rally and the Paris Marrakesh), and paragliding. These days he is content with art and opera.

    Vacation time aside, Len aims to answer student queries within hours. He is also contactable

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SEO: GoogleBoost startup - how I get 1,000 visitors a day

Learn how, as a freelancer working from home, I get 1,000 visitors a day. Search engine optimization (SEO) made easy.
80 reviews


SEO? Let me show you how to make your website into a money magnet by learning the basics of search engine optimization. It's SEO easy!

Yes, I'm a freelancer working from home, yet I really do get more than 1,000 visitors every day - day in, day out. That's auditable.

And it's not the mythical ‘hits’ that some people boast about. These are real live humans.

Around a third of a million a year! That's why I now have to farm work out.


And I did all the search engine optimization myself. I don’t pretend to be an SEO guru. In fact, I hate technology but I realized some time ago that your rankings in Google searches are too valuable to entrust to others. And there's no need to spend a fortune with SEO companies when you can achieve astounding results yourself without any technical expertise. After all, no-one knows your business like you do, and no one can be as highly motivated.

Does it work?

These are the results of some of my key phrase Google rankings (PS I am a copywriter)

  • IT Copywriter - position number one out of over 9 million competing sites
  • Brochure Copywriter - top position out of 372,000 competing sites
  • White Paper Copywriter - number one out of 157,000 sites
  • Logistics Copywriter - top out of half a million sites

Copy and Paste

In this search engine optimization training course, there's no sales hype. I just lift the kimono and show you exactly what I did to my own site – and you can do exactly the same to your site – just ‘copy and paste’. And, yes, it does take into account the latest changes that Google has made to its ranking algorithm.

A jargon-free zone

We start very gently, taking a bite at a time. In the entire course there are just six hard-core jargon words (I couldn’t avoid those). These are search engine optimization basics, so they are easy to understand. The rest is pure layman’s language. Each video introduces a new concept and is followed by a downloadable pdf, so you have a hard copy and can add notes of your own.

Fireside chats

This is not a sterile ‘off the shelf, take it or leave it’ course. In my other course ‘How to Become a Copywriter’, I introduced the idea of fireside chats. When students raise a query that would be useful to others, I add a video ‘chat’ covering the topic. That way, the course always stays up to date and, over time, really tunes into student needs, rather than what I may think those needs are.

Oh – and I am very accessible. Any queries, or anything not clear, just email me.
I am here to help.

This has got to be the definitive course on SEO - exactly what entrepreneurs and startups have been crying out for

If you have seen me on TV's The Secret Millionaire, you will know I built my own startup from scratch to make it into a multi-million dollar business around the globe. You will also know that I dedicate a lot of my time helping entrepreneurs and startup businesses to get off the ground.

I have known Len for a number of years and he has given SEO workshops on my behalf for lots of new businesses. Always ecstatically received. Those workshops became the basis of this course.

I can personally recommend it. Invest now and grab that competitive advantage.

Dawn Gibbins, MBE, MBA, philanthropist, entrepreneur

Dawn's accolades include Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year, voted the most influential person in UK manufacturing and an MBE for services to industry.

She has also been made a ‘Pioneer to the Life of our Nation’ by Her Majesty The Queen in 2004 and recently been titled ‘Legend of Industry’ .

WARNING: If you are already proficient at SEO, this course is NOT for you. It’s not for ‘techies’, so you will be disappointed and frustrated. It is intended for people like me, too occupied running my business to want to get down to the minutia. I just want top ratings – and that’s what I get.

    • Over 21 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • Dispelling the myths
    • Learn to think like Google thinks
    • Web designers' biggest mistakes
    • How to get a quick win with a new website.
    • Understanding keywords/phrases
    • Keyword strategy
    • On-page optimization
    • Behind the page optimization
    • Off-page optimization
    • Anyone starting up in business – especially companies offering a service (designers, web developers, freelancers)
    • Anyone building a new website.
    • Anyone with an underperforming website.
    • Anyone wanting hundreds of new visitors a day, but doesn’t want the hassle of technicalities.
    • Web designers who would like to differentiate themselves by really understanding how Google thinks
    • Anyone who wants to be in control of their site’s destiny


  • 1
    Promotional video - why this course?

    An opportunity to meet me briefly. Check me out

  • SECTION 1:
    Killer myths - the things everyone gets wrong
  • 2
    Dispelling the Killer Myths

    We dismiss some of the popular myths that make life more complicated and frustrate any attempt at search engine optimisation.

  • SECTION 2:
    How does Google think? That's the starting point
  • 3
    Know how Google works, how Google thinks

    Before ever we get down to detail, it’s important to understand how Google works. How it thinks. That way, the mishmash of apparently random things we need to do to achieve top rankings gain a logic. Understanding the underlying logic simplifies things enormously.

  • 4
    DOWNLOADABLE NOTES - How Google Works
    8 pages
  • 5
    Fireside Chat - How Google Thinks

    Find out when Google last visited your site. How to generate lots of web pages, however simple your product or services may be. How to check whether your web designer has used text that is unreadable for Google.

  • SECTION 3:
    Choosing a domain name
  • 6

    Learn how your domain name can become a very powerful tool in optimization. And if you already have an established domain name – no problem, you don’t have to change it.

  • SECTION 4:
    Understanding keywords and key phrases
  • 7
    Google Keyword Planner

    Look over my shoulder and watch how to get into a fabulous piece of free software taht will tell you exactly how many people really do use your chosen keywords each month. A perfect way to test out alternative keywords. We give a real-life example where better selection turns 10 searches a month to almost 10,000.

  • 8
    Printable download - Google Keyword Planner
    9 pages

    A hard-copy version of the video that you can print-off and keep at your side while playing with the Keyword Planner. So much easier than video!

  • 9
    Keyword Strategy
  • 10
    NOTES - Develop a Keyword Strategy
    5 pages
  • SECTION 5:
    On-page, behind-the-page and off-page
  • 11
    On-the-page optimization
  • 12
    NOTES - On Page Optimization
    7 pages
  • 13
    Behind The Page
  • 14
    NOTES - Behind the Page
    6 pages
  • 15
    Off Page
  • 16
    NOTES - Off the Page
    8 pages
  • SECTION 6:
    Fireside chats
  • 17
    Fireside Google Analytics I
  • 18
    HANDOUT - Google Analytics
    14 pages
    Downloadable handout covering the two fireside chats on Google Analytics
  • 19
    Fireside Chat no 2 Google Analytcs
  • 20
    Google New Algorithm
    2 pages

    Google has made changes to the way it ranks web pages. This bulletin explains all in layman's terms. No real problems for people taking this copurse.

  • 21
    Google's Hummingbird - November 2013
    3 pages


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  • Thomas Griffin
    Worth Every Penny !

    This was one of the 10 or so courses I've taken so far on Udemy and it's GREAT ! The course includes a lot of useful information and it is taught in a very easy and enjoyable format (This gentleman is a great teacher) ....I was actually sad when I came to the end of the course because I was enjoying the learning so much.

  • Oliver Berry
    A comprehensive and well thought out course

    I really enjoyed this course and found that it was nicely thought out, well presented and helps to challenge your ideas about your approach to SEO. Len Smith is clearly knowledgable about the subject but not patronising about how he's achieved his SEO goals and really demonstrates techniques that even the most technophobic user would find easy to implement and utilise. I'd reccommend this to anyone who's looking to improve their SEO management and it's certainly given my own website a boost following his lectures.

  • Natalie Sullivan
    Great education!

    I really like how Len breaks everything down in laymen terms. I am totally new to the world of google marketing, and Len's course has helped me, better understand the subject. Besides that, he is absolutely delightful, it's very easy to pay attention because he makes the course interesting.

  • Okolie

    Len have always been there to answer my question, Thank Len for your expert advice especially when ever I have a question to ask.

  • Marcin Magiera
    it is essential - Indeed

    If You want to know how Google works - this is your MUST HAVE course. Very easy examples that You can use in your own website.