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Publish Your Book On Kindle

The ultimate training to get your book on Amazon. Learn to publish your eBook, boost your credibility & get more sales.
46 reviews
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  • Cathy Presland Author, Entrepreneur, Aging Runner...

    Cathy works with entrepreneurs who want to write and sell books as part of their business (and personal) growth strategy. Whether it's for brand-building and credibility, or to share a message – and best of all when there's a link between the two.

    You can find Cathy's training courses here on Udemy. She also leads live workshops and events to help you get your book done and really take your business to the next level of success. "Marketing is a credibility game" as one of her students said and there is nothing that will boost your credibility faster than having a good book.

    Cathy wrote her first book in 2010. And sold 37 copies the next month. Not bad. But she knew it could do better and had gone on to build success after success with sold-out workshops and Amazon bestsellers. She now has a raft of highly regarded training courses behind her and works with multiple bestselling authors to show them how to use a digital book to reach more people and get more credibility in their field.

    Cathy loves the business end. How your book can fit your business, how you can take what you already know and turn it into a book without having to re-create from scratch. Clients choose to work with her for her warm and motivating approach, and her razor-sharp expertise at taking your ideas and turning them into a structured and engaging book that readers love to consume.

    She’s also an expert in the whole world of self-publishing and online marketing – and while she doesn’t guarantee to make your book a bestseller, she has a long line of credentials of bestselling authors who have worked with her or taken her training courses.

    Cathy loves to work with people who are decisive and motivated. She wants nothing more than for you to take action and succeed. Thinking about a solution isn't enough. You have to move – that’s when the magic happens.

    The back story...

    For over twenty years Cathy has been an economic adviser to governments around the world. Economics is all about creating and sharing wealth and she'll tell you that we have to be proactive about the sharing part. She’s set up a micro-lending fund for women in Africa, and headed up multi-billion euro packages of European economic development funding.

    Today her ambitions are to help you create a business and life you love so that you can be inspired to do the big stuff.


Publish Your Book On Kindle

The ultimate training to get your book on Amazon. Learn to publish your eBook, boost your credibility & get more sales.
46 reviews

"One of the best courses I've ever seen. This is by far one of the best courses that I have ever taken. The content is very thorough, the pacing is just right and the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to publish your book in the Kindle store."

"Best course ever! Cathy can explain everything related to creating, publishing and promoting ebooks MUCH better than everyone I've seen. She covers all angles in this course. Take it, you'll love it, and will learn SO much."

"This course goes insanely in depth on how to figure out the correct approach to every aspect of creating and launching your ebook. Can you write a book and upload it with some free online tutorial and without the need for this course? Sure! But with others taking this course, your book doesn't stand a chance at outselling them."

And I could go on – but these are all real student reviews and you can read them yourself on this page.

My job right now is to explain what you're going to get inside this course and to help you move one step closer to getting your book finished. In this course, you will learn how to publish your ebook on Amazon's Kindle.

But why would you want to publish your book on kindle?

You might not realise it, but having a book is one of THE best ways to boost your credibility and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Just think about how YOU feel when someone tells you that they are a published author. And maybe even a bestselling author?

It's also one of the best ways I have found of getting known. Making new connections and bringing people back to your website. And we also talk about good practice in asking those people to sign-up for your email list. And all at zero cost – no advertising, no need for complex SEO – your book is targeted at people who are already looking for your information.

And the great thing is that they are buyers

They have already bought your book and anyone in business knows that the value of a client or customer who wants the information or service you are offering and has paid for it – even the small price of a kindle book – is worth many times the value of someone just casually browsing.

But maybe you already know this and you've put off writing your book because it seems like such a big project?

No problem – I have you covered!

First of all a book for kindle is probably a lot shorter than you think. Maybe 10,000 to 20,000 words. Not the 50,000 words that a traditional business book might be and certainly not the 200,000 words a big fiction blockbuster would be.

And I give you very clear structures so that the writing part is easy. I won't go so far as to say the book with write itself, but I do say that clear structures make for easy writing.

Or maybe you really don't consider yourself to be a writer?

Well, I'm a writer myself and I think you're best served by publishing your own content - but if you're STILL not convinced you want to put pen to paper (or you don't have the time) then I give you ways to get your book done without writing a single word yourself.

Oh but then it's so complex to actually publish an ebook...

Not at all!

Again and again students tell me how clear the material is and how the small steps I take you through make it manageable and actionable, whatever your level of knowledge.

"It's All Here. ....well set out, easy to follow (particularly the contents page, and re-formatting the book for kindle, which can get quite complex, but very easy to follow along in this course) .... I have no hesitation recommending this course. Also regular updates, and an author who genuinely is there to support you, is priceless."

"Cathy provides real value and takes you step by step through the process. This leaves me feeling that the result is achievable. I feel motivated and not overwhelmed."

"This is one of the most helpful courses that I've ever taken. The information is presented in a way that is clear and easily consumed."

I know that you can do it - and if you don't want to then I give you the best places to outsource some of these more technical or administrative tasks.

And anyway who would want to hear what I have to say?

Well people who are interested in your subject want to know what you have to say! And if you don't believe me, look at your own bookshelf or e-reader. Do you have more than one book on topics that you like to read about...? Do you buy another thriller or romantic fiction novel even though you just read a similar one last week...? I certainly do!

Because what readers want is not just more information. They want information that is presented in a step-by-step fashion – maybe a "how to" book. Or they want a different take on the prevailing view? A reader will get more value out of your story or your perspective than you might think - and only you can tell that story.

We all have something that is worth saying and I can't think of a better, faster or easier way to get your message out than with a digital book.

Cathy, does your course just apply to non-fiction?

All my techniques are tried and tested with my own books. As well as my main books, I have others that I write in a pen name just so that I can trial new techniques and keep up with what is working inside the Amazon platform.

And although my books are non-fiction, I know these techniques work for fiction writers as well. Maybe the market is a little more crowded, and maybe you won't be a stand-out success with your first book, but the principles of what works are exactly the same.

"VERY useful and practical. book of short stories is already #1 in short stories category on Amazon UK... Strongly recommend to everyone who has or is planning to have a published kindle book. It definitely is worth the price!!!"

So if you want to get your message into the world, expand your reach, build your brand and your business then I am here to show you easy and fast it is to become a published author.

"...I've been on a lot of kindle webinars, listened to top authors talking about getting a book out there, and I have to say, this course beats them all...."

Without agents and without publishers. Get your book published and selling – literally overnight

If you have a story to tell, or you want to position yourself as the leading authority in your field. To stand out. To get that credibility that comes with having a book. To help people find out about your business and cement your expertise.

"Fantastic course, delivering all that it promises. This course has some of the best content out there when it comes to publishing on kindle, or just about any sort of self publishing. Top quality sessions jam packed with useful content and actionable items topped up with motivation too...."

Maybe you're a writer who wants to earn income from your writing?

Or maybe you want to step into a speaking career and want a book to lead the way for you?

Or maybe you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and you can package it into training or coaching courses and have a book be a lead generation machine for you?

Or maybe you're in a job and you want to write a book to help you stand out when you come to take that next step on the career ladder?

Whatever your motivation and situation, this complete step by step course will show you exactly how to do that.

You’ll learn:

  • what book you should write - even if you think you already know - so that you reach more people
  • how a book fits into your bigger picture. Whether it's to promote your business, whether it's purely for profit, and how you can lever it for new opportunities
  • how to make the writing easy with frameworks to organise the content you already have
  • productivity tips that mean you WILL finish that book!
  • how to format your book with MS Word – no html or fancy software required (unless you want to be fancy and then we show you that too – but this is a stumbling block for many first-time authors so I have made it deliberately simple)
  • all the details of cover design and even a step-by-step on commissioning your cover at my favourite design website
  • how to position your book to sell on Amazon - everything you need to know - from categories to keywords
  • insider pricing and promotion secrets to get sales - this alone can get you a bestseller without any additional marketing - I know - I've tested it!
  • nine ideas to take your business to the next level
  • a bonus video on "what not to do" - learn from my mistakes
  • advanced steps you can take in case you catch the publishing bug – it's contagious...

"Jam packed ... has everything you need to know and more. This is a terrific course! Cathy Presland offers everything you need to know to not only get your book published but to get it ranking well within Amazon. She breaks down everything you need to know and do into bite-sized chunks and shows you how to do each step as you look over her shoulder. I particularly enjoyed her sharing pros and cons of different strategies, which are "optional", which may be a waste of time etc. I'm all for getting to the goal as quickly as possible! I've seen courses in this area that offer much less value than this one does for a whole lot more money so whether you are just beginning on this journey or are already a published author looking for a few new strategies, you will get something from this course."

What if I have a question once I'm inside the course?

Inside the course there is a place to ask questions and get personal answers from me if there's anything at all you're not clear about. And I can promise that that kind of attention is worth the price of admission alone as they say :)

"This is really good stuff. Cathy is very responsive to questions, and even revised a section to make it more clear."

So what are you waiting for?

And if you STILL have questions you need answered before signing up, feel free to message me here on Udemy or over on facebook – I want this to be the right fit for you so that you get the absolute best results you can get.

I really hope to see you inside so that you can get started with your book today!

    • Desire to see your name in print
    • Over 99 lectures and 13 hours of content!
    • How to write your book
    • Where to get great cover designs
    • Step by step instructions to publish your book
    • Insider sales secrets
    • Business building ideas
    • Online business owners
    • Authors
    • Experts
    • Consultants
    • Coaches
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Small business owners
    • Non-fiction writers
    • Bloggers
    • Professionals who want to stand out in their industry
    • Non-profits / social enterprises


  • 1
    Kindle Publishing Promo Video
  • SECTION 1:
    Get Published
  • 2
    1.0 Introduction To The Course
  • 3
    1.1 Why Publish And Why Kindle?
  • 4
    1.2 Any Reason Why Not?
  • 5
    1.3 What's A Kindle?
  • 6
    1.4 Publishing Options
  • 7
    1.5 Go Direct With KDP...
  • 8
    1.6 ...Or Make It Even Easier
  • 9
    1.7 What We Covered In Session 1
  • SECTION 2:
    The Right Book For Your Business
  • 10
    2.0 What's Coming In Session 2
  • 11
    2.1 What's Selling?
  • 12
    2.2 What Your Reader Wants
  • 13
    2.2 Where To Find The Bestseller Ranking For Your Book
    1 slide
  • 14
    2.3 Who Are You Writing For?
  • 15
    2.4 Three Business Strategies For Your Book
  • 16
    2.5 Content - Use What You Already Have
  • 17
    2.6 What We Covered In Session 2
  • SECTION 3:
    Easy Book Creation
  • 18
    3.0 Introduction To Session 3
  • 19
    3.1 Organise Your Content To Create Your Book Quickly And Easily
  • 20
    3.2 Frameworks For Your Content Even If You're Not The Expert
  • 21
    Frameworks For Content Creation
    17 pages

    Downloadable pdf of the material in Video 3.2 to give you frameworks to help you create your book quickly and easily. Just click over to the "extras" tab in the upper right to download this document.

  • 22
    3.3 Get Your Book Done Productivity Session
  • 23
    3.4 What If You Don't Like To Write (Or Don't Have Time)?
  • 24
    3.5 Talk Your Book Into The World
  • 25
    3.6 Outsource Your Writing
  • 26
    3.7 What We Covered In Session 3
  • SECTION 4:
    Edit And Format Your Book
  • 27
    4.0 Introduction To Session 4
  • 28
    4.1 Why You Need An Editor And Where To Get One
  • 29
    4.2 Formatting Made Easy
  • 30
    4.3 That Tricky (Or Not) Table Of Contents
  • 31
    Your Book Template
    36 KB

    This is the exact document you see me editing in videos 4.2 and 4.3 - yours to have and use and amend. Just add content, change the format of headings (or not), update the table of contents and you are good to go!

  • 32
    4.4 Want To Add An Image Or Two?
  • 33
    4.5 Links - What To Include And How To Format Them
  • 34
    4.5 Links - Additional Guidance on Links
    2 pages
    To accompany the video on links - the relevant extracts from the kdp guidance.
  • 35
    4.6 What We Covered In Session 4
  • SECTION 5:
    Titles And Covers
  • 36
    5.0 Introduction To Session 5
  • 37
    5.1 What You Need In A Title
  • 38
    5.2 Design Your Cover For Maximum Impact
  • 39
    5.3 My Favourite Place To Get Your Cover Done
  • 40
    5.4 But There Are Other Places To Get A Cover

    Thanks to Shaan for suggesting this fiverr contractor.

    I haven't used her personally but Shaan got his cover done and was very pleased with the results. If you have other people who do cover design, let me know and I'd love to start a reources sheet on this.

  • 41
    5.5 While You're Waiting For A Cover Get Some Great Endorsements
  • 42
    5.6 What We Covered In Session 5
  • SECTION 6:
    Publish Your Book Overnight - Literally!
  • 43
    6.0 Introduction To Session 6
  • 44
    6.1 Setting Up Your kdp Account (It's Easy!)
    Creating your kdp account is MUCH easier than you think. Now also updated with new payment arrangements for us publishers outside the USA.
  • 45
    6.2 How To Price Your Book - Profits Or Sales?
  • 46
    6.2B MatchBook - Promotional Pricing If You Have A Print Book
  • 47
    6.3 Let Me Tell You About BookBaby
  • 48
    6.4 Uploading Your Book To KDP
  • 49
    6.5 Do You Need An ISBN And Where To Get One If You Want One
  • 50
    6.6 Your Own Name Or A Pen Name?
  • 51
    6.7 KDP Select - The Best Kept Secret About Kindle Publishing
  • 52
    6.8 What We Covered In Session 6
  • SECTION 7:
    Get Sales
  • 53
    7.0 Introduction To Session 7
  • 54
    7.1 Categories - How To Get Eyeballs On Your Book
  • 55
    7.2 Keywords - Where To Find Them (And, No, It's Not On Google!)
  • 56
    7.3 Your Book Description - My Step-By-Step Formula For Converting Browsers To Readers
  • 57
    7.4 Tags
  • 58
    7.5 The Launch - Your Book's Published - Now Tell Everyone!
  • 59
    7.6 Pricing And Promotions For Maximum Sales And Profits (Hint: this is THE single most important thing you can do and I love it!)
  • 60
    Sites That Help Promote Your Free Promotion Days
    2 slides
  • 61
    7.7 Amazon Bestseller Status - What It Is And What to Do When You Get It

    Just wanted to clarify here that I'm talking about adding a badge or some text to your cover image, but you shouldn't change the actual title of your book....

  • 62
    7.8 What We Covered In Session 7
  • SECTION 8:
    Credibility And Social Proof
  • 63
    8.0 Introduction To Session 8
  • 64
    8.1 The Best Social Proof You Can Have - Reviews - Why You Need Them And How To Get Them

    I found this great way of reaching out and getting reviews. It seems to obvious but yet sometimes we need the obvious to be pointed out to us! Anyway I connected with Mike and he's super-happy for me to spread the word about this. It does mean reaching out one by one and for a kindle book I'd recommend sending a pdf or letting the reviewers know when you're having your promo days (although that second option means they have to have a kindle device or app - sending a pdf means they can leave a review even if they don't have a kindle device or app). The worst that can happen is they say "no" or just ignore you - and chances are that they will be happy to get a free book!

  • 65
    8.2 What Two Pages You Must Have On Your Book Website
  • 66
    8.2 Let's Look At Examples Of Those Pages
  • 67
    8.3 Author Page

    Amazon also have the facility to manage two author pages if, for example, you have a pen name. You can associate your books with a single publisher account. Doesn't work if you have more than one pen name but a nice way to be able to have two author pages. It's pretty simple to set up - you just have to let them know through their contact us and then they will check it and set this up for you. See their help pages for more info:

  • 68
    8.4 What We Covered In Session 8
  • SECTION 9:
    More Sales...
  • 69
    9.1 Bestseller Campaign - Do You Need One And How To Do It
  • 70
    9.1 The Bestseller Campaign - What Not To Do
  • 71
    9.2 Ongoing Marketing Is Important - Eight Ways To Sell More Books
  • 72
    Review Sites
    2 pages
    Places you can ask to review your site - some free some paid. Many are in the fiction arena but worth checking out to see if these sites are a good fit for your book... And let me know how you get on so I can update this resource for everyone else in the programme.
  • SECTION 10:
    Build On Your Book Success And Grow Your Business
  • 73
    10 Nine Ways To Grow Your Business From Your Book
  • SECTION 11:
    Advanced Steps
  • 74
    11.0 Introduction To Session 11: Advanced Steps
  • 75
    11.1 Create A Series Of Books
  • 76
    11.2 What About The Nook, iBooks etc?
  • 77
    11.3 Want To Become A Boutique Or Niche Publisher?
  • 78
    11.4 What About Keywords?
  • 79
    11.4 How To Use The Google Keyword Tool
  • 80
    11.5 Heard About Kindle Singles? Hear It Here First :)
  • 81
    Forums Where You Can Connect With Authors (And Promote Your Book...?)
    1 slide

    Here is a list of forums you might like. Some of them have "shameless promotion" boards where you can list your book. If you find any of these forums particulary useful - or you find others that work well that I didn't list here - then just let me know and I can update this document.

  • 82
    11.6 What You Learnt In This Session
  • SECTION 12:
    What Not To Do...
  • 83
    12 Don't Do What I Did - Six Mistakes To Avoid
  • SECTION 13:
    Course Recap (The Short Version)
  • 84
    13 The Five Minute Version...
  • SECTION 14:
    Affiliate Tools - How to Get Paid For Recommending This Course
  • 85
    How to Get Paid For Recommending This Course

    Did you know that you can earn a 50% commission if you recommend this course to a friend or colleague? Watch this video to find out exactly how to do this.

  • 86
    Udemy Affiliate Programme
    1 page
    A list of the links I refer to in the video - so you don't have to go through the full video each time you want to create a link.
  • SECTION 15:
    Student Success Stories
  • 87
    Ralph Quintero (in case the audio doesn't load try this)

    There seems to be a problem with audio files in some internet browsers. Just adding this video file in case this is affecting you - the content is exactly the same as the audio. Also the video means you can see Ralph's book right up there with the Steve Jobs biography!

  • 88
    Tom Ewer: The Publishing Process
    This is the first part of a case study where Tom Ewer and I talk about how we connected and how he used the course to get his book onto kindle. Tom gives a nice summary of who the course is a good fit for - thanks Tom!

    You can find out more about Tom at
  • 89
    Ralph Quintero: Overnight Bestseller Success!
    Ralph Quintero is one of our first kindle success stories! He shares his story of getting almost immediate bestseller status for his book Life After Corporate using exactly what I teach in this course. We took a screen shot of Ralph next to Steve Jobs. He also made it to #1 in the free category. Congratulations Ralph!

    You can find out more about Ralph and The Great Business Project

    If you have a success story to share just get in touch and I'd love to feature you...


  • 90
    Steve Reeves: "Marketing Is A Credibility Game"
  • SECTION 16:
    Bonus Material
  • 91
    Recording of the Q&A call held on 1st October 2012.
    These are ad hoc calls and you'll be notified by Udemy when I schedule them. They're not an integral part of the course but I'm very happy to host a call from time to time so long as it is valuable to you :)
  • 92
    Tom Ewer: I Published My Book, Now What? (case study)
    An interview with author and blogger Tom Ewer. To published his book around the same time as he launched an information product with similar - but enhanced - material. We talk through the process that I would recommend for someone launching a book from scratch and then we discuss an alternative strategy that is a better fit for Tom's business objectives. This case study covers questions like
    • "can I do a kindle book and a pdf on my own site?"
    • "I've published my book, now what?"
    • "what if I want to break my book into mini-guides - how does that work?"
    I hope you enjoy the interview and I look forward to posting Tom's results in a few weeks time!
  • 93
    How Steve Reeves Gets 67% of Kindle Customers To Sign Up To His Email List
    If you want to grow a business then the very first thing you want to do is move people from your book over to your website and onto your email list

    Listen to this interview with fellow student, Steve Reeves, as we talk about how he manages to get a whopping 67% of people who buy his book onto email subscribers. We break it down step by step and  we talk you through the elements on his website and inside his book that make this work so well.

    There is nothing that Steve is doing that I think most of us couldn't achieve as well!

    We also look at the what makes his book cover such an outstanding success..

    ...AND he shares a tip about what you should have on your website to increase the number of people who click through and buy your book.

    Good stuff packed into this short interview!
  • 94
    How to Sell 50 EBooks A Day

    Content-packed interview with author and blogger Steve Scott who talks us through the exact strategies he uses to get sales of up to 50 books a day on an ongoing basis. Yep, that's all day every day. Thanks Steve for sharing your time and expertise with us!

  • SECTION 17:
    Advanced Formatting: Great Looking Books Without the html Headache
  • 95
    Limitations Of Formatting In Word
  • 96
    Importing And Structuring Your Book In Scrivener
  • 97
    Bullets, Numbers, Highlighting and Images
  • 98
    Creating Your Kindle Book (including Table of Contents The Really Easy Way!)
  • 99
    Fixed Formatting: What the Heck Is It?


  • 45
  • 0
  • 1
  • 0
  • 0


  • Gillian Duffy
    All you need to know.

    I picked up Cathy's course with hopes to spur my motivation to get my ebook done. I decided to follow the course through my progression; meaning I would watch a video or section and then do the work all the way through. I am notorious for falling down rabbit holes of research and learning and never getting anything done so I used only this course to get my ebook completed. The course contained everything I needed; from picking a topic, determining if it was viable, writing, and formatting. Cathy's course also led me through the Kindle platform upload - I didn't once refer to the Kindle reference material and only used Cathy's instructions. She offered more than enough information and also provided reasoning and direction when a decision might need to be made. Best of all; I got it done!! By following the steps and not getting overwhelmed I actually completed, and published my ebook and am on my way to another. I have already recommended the course to friends and would have no trouble recommending it to anyone.

    Great course. Lots of detailed tips and how-to's

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course...the layout, the instruction, the materials. I wasn't sure when I started if I would write a book. Thought it would be useful to know what would be involved. Having completed this course, I am convinced not only that I'm capable of writing BOOKS, but that it's very do-able. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who's even casually thinking about writing a book.

  • Mark Dickson
    Step-by-step guidance from initial ideas to full product!

    Thanks so much Cathy for creating this course - I have been wanting to write my book for so long, and KDP publishing finally meant that it was possible. Without the hand-holding of this course, my book would still be in the production phase. The steps are clear, concise and really thorough without being overwhelming - I'm not sure if linking to my own book is the done thing here, but it's proof that the advice given actually works - you cannot really ask for more than that! Here's the proof:

  • Richard Brassaw
    What a Pleasure to See a Professional Presenter In Action

    This is the fifth Kindle UDEMY course I've taken. Why so many courses? Because either the material was shallow and/or the presentation suffered from inferior presentation skills. There is more in-depth information about Kindle creation, publishing, and marketing in this one course than all of the other Kindle courses (I've taken) combined. The presentation is from a professional who understands how to teach so students learn and retain. There are cheaper Kindle courses and more expensive ones, but none as informative as this one.

  • Priscilla Paredes Wood
    If you want to publish within hours, take this course!

    I had written an e-book for one of my courses and I decided to take Cathy's course to look into Amazon selling platform and voila! I published my eBook in record time (2 hours) on Amazon AND kindle. This course is very easy to understand and follow through. Thank you Cathy!

  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Certificate of Completion