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Make crazy money serving in restaurants.

Why is it that some servers make more money than everyone else? Learn the tricks and tips of the highest earners!
3 reviews
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  • Christopher Wells Udemy instructor - Restaurant Trainer/Coach

    Restaurant Building Blocks CEO & founder, Christopher Wells, is an experience restaurant operator, manager and trainer.

    After 20 years of working for large chains and various independents he has built Restaurant Building Blocks to train and guide restaurant owners and operators towards profitable well run restaurants.

    In the last years he’s been providing training and coaching to restaurants all over to help them establish restaurant management system that will help them be competitive in the new economy.


Make crazy money serving in restaurants.

Why is it that some servers make more money than everyone else? Learn the tricks and tips of the highest earners!
3 reviews

Do you work in a restaurant? Would like to make more money? Great then keep reading. Seriously stop kidding yourself, there's a reason why it's always the same servers and bartenders that make major cash!

They know and do stuff that you don't. This class will teach you how you can sell more and make more tips. It's not rocket science, it's about how you make your guest feel and what kind of experience you create for them.

Take an hour of your time and watch this course. I guarantee you (there's a guarantee on these courses anyways) that even if you take away 10% into your restaurant you will pay up the 39$ it costs within a shift by not being an average server.

An hour of your time with 11 videos about how to be the top dog in your restaurant. A couple cheat sheets to follow along (you can even print it and read it in the the staff bathroom during your next shift to make sure you get it!).

In this sweet hotel management training course we'll touch on Guests expectations, Total guest satisfaction, Human personalities, Handling complaints, Business Acumen, Tips and tricks, etc. "It sounds boring" I hear you cry, well that's the stuff that'll fill your pocket with sweet dollar bills.

You'll learn how to provide amazing service, build relationships with everyone you serve and understand the restaurant biz a little better. It'll make you a better server for your guests and a better employee for your boss (you know better shifts and better sections).

I'll be here to answer any questions you got. Remember the only people complaining about tips and the restaurant being quiet are the ones not making money. I've always been a top earner and enjoyed the restaurant business. Learn how now, invest 39$ that can make you thousands in return. Be smart :)

    • A great attitude
    • A willingness to be of service
    • Understanding that there is a reason some servers make more money than others
    • Over 11 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • Sell more = make more tips
    • Be a fun server people actually want to talk to
    • Be a good server. Don't be the bad one that expects great tips but sucks!
    • Make your guests happy, fix it when it's broken!
    • Own it. When you own it your boss likes it and money comes your way.
    • Understand the restaurant biz and what your boss needs to love you best:)
    • Anyone who wants to make more money working in the restaurant industry
    • Restaurant servers
    • Restaurant bartenders
    • Restaurant managers that want to be better trainers
    • Restaurant hostesses and busboys that want to move up



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  • Alexandre-Hugo Louis-Seize
    I make crazy money

    I started serving a few months ago and I was averaging 10 to 15% tips. I took this course and now I make 18 to 20%... and it's going up. If you want to know how to upgrade your level of service this course is for you. Thank you Chris!

  • Benjamin Y
    Very Informative!

    Christopher gets straight to the point with his lectures. Each topic is covered with a great deal of knowledge and precision.

  • Eve Lesage
    No non sense and some great info!

    I'm very excited to have started this course. It's full of logical information that I can apply in my work. I think this class will deliver on it's promise and help me make more money. Loved the human personalities lecture and I think it'll help me deal with my boss and make my clients happier! Thanks for putting it together. Eve

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