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GMail, IFTTT, Virtual Assistant - Ultimate Productivity Trio

Learn how to use plugins, filters, IFTTT, and Virtual Assistants to make GMail Your Greatest Tool for Getting More Done
23 reviews
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  • Ari R. Meisel Achievement Architect

    Ari Meisel started three companies in the technology sector before high school. After graduating from college, Ari visited upstate New York and bought a group of 1880's cigar factories with the vision of creating luxury lofts. Ari created LEED Pro as a green building consulting business and to operate the LEED Pro Blog on green building materials which got picked up for a book called LEED Materials: A Resource Guide to Green Building. Most recently, Ari has been developing LEED certified, mixed use properties in the Hamptons through Meisel Development. In order to keep up with all of these ventures, Ari had to develop several systems and processes to make managing several ventures at nice feasible, so he co-founded Less Doing. Through his methodology of Achievement Architecture, Ari helps people optimize, automate, and outsource everything in their lives and be more effective. Ari has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and spoke at TEDxEast.


GMail, IFTTT, Virtual Assistant - Ultimate Productivity Trio

Learn how to use plugins, filters, IFTTT, and Virtual Assistants to make GMail Your Greatest Tool for Getting More Done
23 reviews

Gmail is Google's free email service, and it's amazing. It can become your ultimate productivity tools, allowing you to get more done in less time by enabling you to focus and act upon the most important information every day.

I teach The Art of Less Doing, a framework for productivity I developed to help people optimize, automate, and outsource everything in their lives and be more effective. I'm constantly writing about new ways to save you time and get more done at my Less Doing blog. 

Having a clean inbox is an essential basis for being more productive which is why I created this course. Achieving an empty inbox is not that hard when you have the right methods and tools. This course begins with my philosophy and methodology for dealing with email. It takes you through the steps of getting started with Gmail and setting it up the way I reccomend.

The second part of the course gives details on each of the amazing add ons or related services that I beleive are essential to maximize productivity. I chose to utilize videos produced by the creators of these products because they explain them better than I ever could. 

IFTTT is a free service that allows you to create automations between popular web services so you can "set it and forget it" and get back to the work you need to do.

Virtual Assistants bring the whole process full circle by allowing you to outsource all of the tasks you don't want to do and haven't been able to automate.

The value I hope you get from this course is my step-by-step, cohesive assembly of tools created by the tech community framed with my original content and methods for getting the most out of email. In addition  you'll be able to ask questions on the course forum which will be answered by me and/or other students. I will also offer regular live sessions where you can ask me questions and make comments in real time.

    • A Gmail Account (you can create it for this course)
    • Over 20 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • You will learn to effectively manage email
    • You'll be able to use email as a centralized hub to manage your personal and work world
    • Achieve and maintain inbox zero
    • Everyone can benefit from more effective email management and communication
    • New to Gmail
    • Gmail Regular
    • Email Guru looking for something new


  • SECTION 1:
    GMail, IFTTT, and Virtual Assistants
  • 1
    Introduction from Dr. Hans Von Puppet
    Learn about Three Amazing Weapons of Productivity
  • SECTION 2:
  • 2
    The Less Doing Approach to Email
    The Three D's - Delete It, Defer It, Deal with It
  • 3
    Getting Started - Migrating to GMail and Importing Accounts
    Transfer Your Old Messages and Contacts to Your New Gmail Account
  • 4
    Getting GMail Settings and Labs Tweaked to Perfection
    Get Gmail's built in settings and add ons right from the start
  • 5
    The Most Essential Filter and Folder Everyone Should Have
    Create The Most Important Gmail Filter and the ONLY Folder You'll Ever Need
  • 6
    How I Process My Email Using GMail
    Watch as I show you Less Doing Email Practices
  • 7
    Gmail Add-Ons and Plugins
    All Of The Additional Services That Supercharge Gmail
  • SECTION 3:
  • 8
    What Is IFTTT and How Do You Use It?
    IFTTT Puts The Internet to Work For You
  • 9
    Basic Recipes
    Common Uses of IFTTT
  • 10
    Advanced Recipes
    Advanced Uses of IFTTT
  • 11
    How I Use IFTTT
    An overview of my IFTTT recipes to inspire you
  • 12
    Digging Deeper with Zapier

    Zapier Allows You to Work With More Services in More Customized Ways

  • SECTION 4:
    Virtual Assistants
  • 13
    Why Everyone Should Have A Virtual Assistant
    Virtual Assistants Can Take A Huge Amount of Stress of Your Mind
  • 14
    Two Types of Virtual Assistants and How You Can Use Them Both
    On Demand vs. Dedicated Assistants
  • 15
    What Can a Virtual Assistant Do For Me?
    Common Tasks Performed by Virtual Assistants
  • 16
    How I Use FancyHands
    How I Use My Virtual Assistants
  • 17
    Creating the Manual of You
    Creating the Manual of You - Documenting Processes
  • 18
    Tools for Advanced Outsourcing
    Tools for Advanced Outsourcing
  • 19
    The Ultimate - Automate Your Virtual Assistant with IFTTT
    The Holy Grail of Outsourcing - Automation
  • SECTION 5:
  • 20
    Bring Them All Together

    Combine These Services for Superhuman Productivity


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  • Carlos Newsome

    Learned a few good tips on improving my productivity

  • Cara Stein
    Another winner!

    This course covers the three most essential tools to streamlining and outsourcing. What a time-saver!

  • Derrick Brooks
    Good information

    I had signed up for FancyHands and felt that I wasn't utilizing it fully. After seeing how Ari uses FancyHands, I have some more ideas on how I can use it. Particularly I will now use FancyHands more for dictations, scheduling appointments and to purchase items online.

  • Harrison Rose

    Helps you speed up your workflow no-end.

  • Criss Ittermann
    Mac Power User - Good Course

    I decided to take this course without any intention of moving all my email to GMail. I use Apple's, but I wanted ideas for different plug-ins and services that are available out there so I could adapt the advice to the Mac platform. When I saw a GMail plug-in I thought I would use, I looked for similar functionality for The course is great, I'd suggest taking it slow and adding plug-ins over time so that you actually use them. I used some of the suggested mail rules (the Optional folder is awesome), checked out the online services recommended (already been using IFTTT but implemented a few new recipes), and hired FancyHands to help me out (was considering another service, but like the lower price point for now). Highly recommended even if you want to adapt it to other applications. GMail is very powerful, but if you're not comfortable with leaving your email out on the cloud, there are options.