Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Bootcamp with Dave Basulto

Learn all you need to know to get up and running in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with this Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial
8 reviews
  • Dave Basulto Filmmaker, Educator, Social Media Guru

    After a successful career producing independent films and television, David fell completely in love with the new technologies of communication that were arising. in 2004, David started a podcast called Filmmaking Central where he discussed the trials and tribulations of being independent filmmaker in Hollywood. 250 episodes and thousands of downloads later Filmmaking Central continues to be an influencer in the independent filmmaking space.

    David fell in love with the new technologies in post production and is an influencer in the post production space writing reviews and tutorials for outlets such as Post Magazine and Digital Media Net. His tutorials on Youtube and other video sites have a great following with thousands of viewers.

    David teaches high school media arts and animation and enjoys teaching fresh minds how to tell stories using the amazing tools available today. Being a longtime Adobe user he loves teaching new students the power of Adobe's Creative Suite especially Premiere Pro.

    David loves fatherhood, husbandry, social media, teaching high school, and gaming.

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Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Bootcamp with Dave Basulto

Learn all you need to know to get up and running in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with this Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial
8 reviews


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From Zero to Hero in 2 and half Hours of Training!

If you have ever wanted to dive into a powerful video editing tool to create your Hollywood masterpiece, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is THE tool to learn. Let me take you through all you need to learn to get up and running fast with this premiere pro cs6 tutorial! From file importing to setting up your first project. From basic editing to adding effects and keying. From exporting to various formats to multi-camera edits I show you all the tricks and tips in this premiere pro cs6 tutorial.

In this course you will learn:

  • Premiere Pro workflow
  • Setting up preferences
  • How to create your first project
  • The Premiere Pro CS6 user interface
  • How to import media
  • How to reconnect missing media
  • The tools
  • Basic editing
  • Premiere Pro CS6 and RED
  • How to add transitions and effects
  • How to key green screen
  • How to use the new adjustment layer
  • How to use the warp stabilizer
  • How to mix audio and send it to and from Adobe Audition
  • Creating titles in Premiere Pro
  • How to do multicam edits
  • Exporting your project
  • Create a DVD in Encore

    • Over 18 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Bootcamp with Dave Basulto

    In this video I discuss whats ahead in this course.

  • SECTION 2:
  • 2
    Workflow Overview

    We take a look at the workflow in CS6.

  • 3
    Setting Up Preferences

    In this video I show you how to set up your preferences.

  • 4
    Creating Your First Project

    In this video I show you how to create your first Premiere Pro project.

  • 5
    Exploring the Premiere Pro User Interface and How to Import Media

    In this video we look at how the Premiere Pro user interface works and also how we import media to our project.

  • 6
    Connecting Missing Media and Learning the Tools

    In this video we find out what to do if we are missing our media in a project. We also take a look at the tools in Premiere Pro CS6.

  • SECTION 3:
  • 7
    Basic Editing

    In this video we take a look at basic editing using Premiere Pro.

  • 8
    Premiere Pro and RED files

    In this video we look at how Premiere Pro CS6 handles RED r3d files. We also look at how to change playback resoulution for a speedier workflow.

  • SECTION 4:
    Transitions and Effects
  • 9
    Adding Transitions

    In this video we learn how to add a transition to our clips.

  • 10
    Adding and Customizing Effects

    In this video we learn how to add video effects to clips and basic keyframing.

  • 11
    Using the Warp Stabilizer

    One of my favorite additions to CS6 is the Warp Stabilizer tool I became used to in After Effects. Having it in Premiere Pro takes one step away from my workflow!

  • 12
    Keying Green screen in Premiere Pro and After Effects

    In this video I show you how to do a greenscreen key in Premiere Pro using Ultra Key. We also look at going into After Effects for an even better key.

  • 13
    Changing Speeds and Freeze Frames

    In this video we look at how to chage the speed of a clip and also how to create a freeze frame.

  • SECTION 5:
  • 14
    Working with Audio in Premiere Pro and Audition

    In this video we look at how to mix audio in Premiere Pro and how to send audio to Adobe Audition for an even more powerful tool.

  • SECTION 6:
    Creating Titles
  • 15
    Creating Titles and Importing PSD Files

    In this video we learn to make titles in Premiere Pros titler. We also explore importing Photoshop files.

  • SECTION 7:
    Exporting and DVD
  • 16
    Exporting Using Media Encoder

    We learn how to export our masterpiece using Adobe's Media Encoder.

  • 17
    Creating a DVD with Adobe Encore

    In this video I show you how to create a DVD using Premiere Pro and Encore via the Adobe Dynamic Link.

  • SECTION 8:
    Multicamera Editing
  • 18
    Multicam Editing

    In this video we learn how to do multicamera editing in Premiere Pro.


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  • Donovan Manley
    Quick & to the point

    Was quickly able to put together some videos in Premiere Pro CC using this course. Just the right amount to get started.

  • Jesse Jones
    Good broad introduction to Premiere CS6

    I found this course very helpful and I was able to start using the application very quickly. The course covers what you need to know to start editing with Premiere. My one comment would be that I already have some experience with editing and After Effects, so I think that Dave Basulto might have explained some editing terms for beginners (Ripple Edit, bins, etc) but I think its pretty self explanatory in the end.

  • Richard Brown
    Feedback from Australia

    Although I have been using premiere pro for many years I decided to take this course to get to know the new stuff and see if there was other info I had missed along my editing journey. I was right on both accounts it was good to learn the new stuff and there was things I either forgotten or was just not taught in the first place. So next I would like to see an intermediate course to further brush up my skills and knowledge and then an advanced one. Well done Dave, money well spent and I enjoyed the experience. Richard brown Director Sunset Films Oz