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Learn Backbone.js

This Backbone.js tutorial teaches you the key concepts of Backbone.js framework.
166 reviews
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  • Sidney Maestre Founder of Crush It Mobile

    Sidney Maestre has spent several years building HTML5 and native mobile apps and sharing his knowledge with other developers.

    Seeing a lack of meetups dedicated to non-native mobile development, Sidney formed, BAM!, Bay Area Mobile, a meetup focused on jQuery Mobile, Sencha, jQtouch and other non-native mobile technologies.

    With the release of jQuery Mobile, Sidney has spent much of 2011 focused on learning and speaking about the technology. This includes speaking at HTML5 DevConf, Adobe MAX and Silicon Valley Code Camp. He is often called up at eBay as an internal expert on the subject. 2011 also saw the beta release of RaffleSwag, for conducting raffles through a mobile phone. Sidney chose jQuery mobile for it's broad support of different platforms and browsers.

    Sidney is the former Platform Evangelist with StackMob. StackMob helps mobile developers be more productive by providing cloud based backend services.


Learn Backbone.js

This Backbone.js tutorial teaches you the key concepts of Backbone.js framework.
166 reviews

This Backbone.js tutorial is designed to take you through the basic concepts of backbone.js. The Backbone.js tutorial includes:

  • JavaScript Conventions
  • What and Why MVC
  • Models & Collections
  • Views & Templates
  • Router
  • Events
  • AMD with require.js
    • JavaScript Knowledge
    • Over 11 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • Learn the basics of Backbone.js
    • javascript and front end developers


  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Hands on Code - updated 7/11/2013
    Hands on Code

    Version 4  - updated for Backbone.js 1.0.0 and StackMob 0.9.1

  • 2

    We'll review the agenda for the backbone.js + StackMob course.  You'll also see the final app we will build in this course.

  • 3
    Javascript Conventions

    Let's review some JavaScript conventions you'll see when looking at other backbone.js applications.  They include the Immediately Invoking Function Expression (IIFE), closures and the module pattern.

  • 4
    What and Why MVC

    Let's review what the Model-View-Controller Pattern is, why we would use it and how it's used in a backbone.js application.

  • 5
    How to include Backbone

    A quick look at how to include the backbone.js library in your html project.

  • 6
    Updated: to fix a typo on one of my slides. 
    Let's explore how to create a simple model in backbone.js to hold your data.  We'll also review optional attributes and how to add methods and listen for events.
  • 7

    Let's look at how Collections hold one or more model instance and how you can loop over your collection instance to display data.

  • 8

    We'll review the concept of Views in backbone.js.  This will include how the "el" is defined.  How to initialize variables and call methods when creating your view and some best practices for rendering your view.

  • 9

    In this section, we review why you might want to use templates and how you can incorporate them into your views.

  • 10

    In this section, we'll look at the router and how StackMob uses it to maintain the application state.  

  • 11
    Require.js Basics
    In this section, we'll learn why you may want to use the require.js library.  How AMD (asynchronous module definition) helps you manage dependencies and break you backbone.js app into discreet modules.  We'll also see how to optimize and build your app for production with require.js


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  • Tom Sackett
    Final example depends on discontinued StackMob service

    In a course like this, the example code should serve as a starting point to really understand the topic. The final example in this course is critical, as it ties everything together in something close to a real-world application. However, the example is broken. It depends on the StackMob service, which no longer exists. I feel a bitted ripped off, as I had come to the course expecting it to be free (the instructor references it in a youtube video), found I had to pay for it, then found that an important part of the course is broken. I can't see paying for longer, more expensive courses from if they are willing to charge for broken courseware.

  • Carlos Castillo
    Muy buen curso

    Un inglés muy claro. Explicado todo de manera cristalina. Me ha encantado.

  • Lukman

    The course is simple and easy to follow. After reading all documents and I was overwhelmed with information this video broke the information down into bits .

  • Chris Love
    Chris Love, CD, ViewTrakr, Inc.

    Not a bad course, I almost stayed awake lol. Maestre does a great job at showing us how to deploy a database app using StackMob and exposing you to backbone,JS, underscore.JS and require.JS

  • Randiel Melgarejo
    Me gusto es curso

    A pesar de que no es muy amplio enseña todo lo necesario para hacer una buena aplicación usando Backbone.

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