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Andrew Warner's Interview Your Heroes

A crash course from on building a network by interviewing successful people
4 reviews
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  • Andrew Warner Founder of Mixergy

    Hi, I’m Andrew Warner. In my 20s, I used credit cards and ingenuity


Andrew Warner's Interview Your Heroes

A crash course from on building a network by interviewing successful people
4 reviews
  • Learn the Quick-Start method

    No excuses! I'll show you a system that will enable even a shy technophobe to post a first interview within 3 days.

  • Land big-name guests

    This alone is worth the price of the whole course. I'll show you how to get people you never thought you'd meet to say, "yes!" to your interviews.

  • Start even without an audience

    You don't need a big audience to land big guests. I'll reveal the dead-simple technique I used to get top interviewees when I didn't have an audience.

  • Grow your site's traffic

    When you post an interview with celebrities -- even if they're only considered celebrities in your industry -- their fans will discover your site.

  • Ask the right questions

    I'll show you a technique for coming up with questions that draw out your guests. You'll learn how to create interviews your audience will absolutely love.

  • Learn to generate revenue

    You don't need to learn to sell to generate revenue. I'll show you how to have your site sell for you. It's the only way I sell and you could copy it exactly.

  • Learn to record & edit video interviews

    You do NOT have to do video or audio interviews, but just in case you choose to do them, I'll show you how. You'll see my computer as I edit a 1-hour interview in a jiffy (under 10 minutes!).

  • Get mentored by your heroes

    This is the best reason to take this course. By interviewing, you're literally learning directly from the people you admire. Not from their books. Not by watching from the sidelines. But by directly getting to know them.

    • Over 8 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!


  • SECTION 1:
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    Why Interview Your Heroes?
  • SECTION 2:
    Core Course Materials
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    Interview Your Heroes (Video)
  • 3
    How to Speed Edit Your Interviews
  • SECTION 3:
    Supplemental Materials
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    Interview Your Heroes (PDF)
    21 pages
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    Interview Your Heroes (Audio Only)
  • 6
    The Email I Send to Request an Interview

    Subject: Can I interview you?
    Can I interview you on Monday, Feb 21 @ 11am Pacific Time via video Skype?
    I'd like to interview your about how you built your company and post it on, where I interview successful entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses.
    You can see a sample of my work in this interview with Gary Vaynerchuk:
    Andrew Warner

  • 7
    The Mechanical Turk Method I Use to Transcribe Interviews Cheaply

    Please see - - for the full write-up.

  • 8
    Interview Your Heroes (Slides Only)
    35 slides


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  • Anthony Gonzales
    It was great content but terrible audio in many places

    I love what Andrew does and what he had to teach in this course. The major issue I had was how bad the audio is in many places throughout the course, it made it really distracting to listen to.

  • Greg Coakley
    Horrible audio

    The information was terrific, but the main video had really bad audio.

  • Michelle Johnson
    Very Insightful

    This is my first course on udemy and I truly enjoyed it. The lecture is actually a recorded webinar which is actually a very smart way to do this. Because he recorded the lecture with an audience, I benefited from hearing answers to audience questions. His explanations and examples were very thorough. I honestly can't say that I'm missing anything that I would need to execute this strategy. The only thing I'll need to do, if I decide to record video interviews is figure out how to edit using the software I have on my pc and the program he recommends. I'm glad I took the course and I'm even more excited because I felt like it was worth the price.

  • Ruwan Meepagala
    Straight to the point and useful

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