HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners

iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows 8 game development course that will get you started with HTML5 game development.
33 reviews
  • Pablo is a web + mobile app developer and entrepreneur. Pablo is the founder of ZENVA. Besides teaching online how to create games, apps and websites to over 60,000 students, Pablo has created content for companies such as Amazon and Intel.

    ZENVA runs four development communities featuring game, web and mobile app development tutorials: Zenva Academy, GameDev Academy, HTML5 Hive (also known as "the hive"), and for Spanish speakers, De Idea A App.

    Pablo holds a Master in Information Technology (Management) degree from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Chile. Specialized in web and mobile HTML5, his preferred technologies for the development of web and mobile apps are PHP (Symfony2 and Code Igniter), MySQL, JavaScript and NodeJS.

  • Lifetime access to 63 lectures
  • 4+ hours of high quality content
  • A community of 6300+ students learning together!
  • 90+ discussions

HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners

iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows 8 game development course that will get you started with HTML5 game development.
33 reviews


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This course will guide you through the creation of games that run on iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon and Desktop using the open source LimeJS HTML5 game development framework.

The course is a 100% video based tutorial so that you can see in real time how games are created from scratch. Several game demos of different game genres are included in this course.

You've always wanted to make your own games. Don't keep on postponing it. Start TODAY with HTML5 game development for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows 8.

Some of the things you'll be learning here are:

  • Creating a game that works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon and Desktop
  • Using the touchscreen in your games.
  • Creating cool animations and transitions.
  • Adding sound to your games.
  • Creating your first spaceship game.
  • Using 2D physics in your games.
  • Creating a virtual pet game from scratch.
  • Creating a farming game from scratch.
  • BONUS TRACK: transform your game to a native app using Appcelerator and sell your game in the App Stores.
  • BONUS TRACK 2: learn how to publish your HTML5 games to the Amazon Appstore so that you can get access to millions of potential customers.

More great stuff:

  • We'll be using 100% free tools and frameworks.
  • Good support.
  • Code snippets at the end of each lesson that you can use as starters for your own games.
    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is strongly recommended.
    • Over 63 lectures and 5 hours of content!
    • By the end of the course, you will be able to create simple HTML5 games that run on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and the web
    • Learn how to create games using the LimeJS framework
    • Game enthusiasts who want to turn their game ideas into reality


30 day money back guarantee
Lifetime access
Available on Desktop, iOs and Android
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  • Mr. Ashley Menhennett
    Great Course!

    This course is great for people that are new to HTML5 game development; it introduces the main concepts of game development.

  • Ale Pan_Housefra
    Examples well-structured

    The course is perfect for those who want to enter the world of game development because it has the perfect examples of well structured in a simple way to understand the individual aspects of a game. Of course, you must already have a background in HTML and JS. I hope will'be fixed bugs between Chrome and Lime.js

  • Laurie Morse
    Great class for getting started with HTML5

    Even if you aren't into games I think this is a good class to learning about things like Javascript.

  • Daniel Morgan
    Great Beginner course

    This class taught me the basics of what I needed to get started in making HTML 5 mobile games. With this knowledge I have the ability to go and make a mobile game and package it up for any mobile app store out there! If you can get a discount on the price I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in mobile games.

  • John Vidotto

    Tive problemas durante a instalação e não teve suporte para resolver o problema, tive que pesquisar em outro lugar para conseguir dar continuidade no curso, tirando isso é bom.