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How to Run a Successful Blog Tour for Novelists

Launch a blogging tour that will help you sell more books, reach your target audience, & increase your readership.
12 reviews
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How to Run a Successful Blog Tour for Novelists

Launch a blogging tour that will help you sell more books, reach your target audience, & increase your readership.
12 reviews


In this video course, you'll learn how to run a successful blog tour for yourself or for others.

Designed by a novelist for novelists, specifically genre fiction writers, though totally applicable to nonfiction authors.

Take this course if you want to reach your readers through one of today's most influential marketing channel for authors: book bloggers and avid bloggers.

A blog tour is a way to spread the message about your book, generate book sales, increase your newsletter subscribers, increase your readership, and overall, increase your author platform (or reach).

This course is for:

  • Authors, novelists and short story writers
  • Unpublished and published

Please note: This course isn't for absolute beginners. I'm assuming you have some comfort level with blogging, writing articles, and using social media, or you are ready to dive in and get comfortable with these tools fast.

Lots of tools, templates, checklists, and resources! I created 29 videos for you, anywhere from 1 to 11 minutes in length, so you can watch in short bursts, or watch the course all at once. It's about 3 hours of content. Block off your afternoon!

In a step-by-step manner, I provide you with Checklists and Templates, and take the guess work out of what to say to bloggers to get them excited to feature you and your book on your blog.

Modules include:

  • How to find bloggers who'll be interested in featuring you and your book
  • How to get bloggers curious via social media to join in your blog tour
  • What to write to invite bloggers to join your blog tour
  • What images and other materials you need to launch your tour
  • What marketing to do to promote your tour and get people excited
  • How to decide what giveaways to offer
  • How to decide what content to write about for the blog tour
  • How to run the tour
  • How to follow up after the tour

Bonus: For those of you who sign up for my course, you also get an e-edition of my new book,Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers.

Just FYI... Normally I charge $997 to $2,500 to run these for clients. But in this course I share ALL my secrets.

And, if there's something more that you'd like to know about running blog tours that I haven't covered yet, once you've enrolled, you can ask me directly in the 24/7 forum that I check regularly.

See you in the course!

    • You'll need an online home, ideally a blog
    • You'll need some comfort level with social media
    • You'll need to be able to write articles or do Q&As
    • You'll need the willingness to try new things to spread the word about your book
    • You'll need your enthusiasm and excitement to spread the word about your book!
    • Over 33 lectures and 4 hours of content!
    • You'll learn how to leverage the power of book bloggers' avid readership
    • You'll discover how to find bloggers eager to celebrate your book
    • You'll learn all the step-by-step tools to be totally prepared for your blog tour
    • And more!
    • novelists
    • unpublished and published novelists


  • SECTION 1:
    Overview of How to Plan and Run Your Own Blog Tour
  • 1
    What is a Blog Tour
    In this short video, I explain what a blog tour is -- just so you know exactly what you're stepping into!
  • 2
    The Introduction to How to Run Your Own Blog Tour
    In this view, I explain the overview of this course on how to run a blog tour.
  • 3
    Benefits of a Blog Tour
    Why run a blog tour?! In this short video, I share why I think it's important, and invite you to think about why running a blog tour is important to you.
  • 4
    Summary of How to Prepare for Your Blog Tour
    This video is an overview of all the main components you'll need to gather in preparation for your blog tour. In the Supplementary Material for this lesson, you can read the article on which this video is based. Also, use the checklist in the lesson to keep track of the main preparatory steps.
  • 5
    When To Start Planning Your Blog Tour
    Many authors think they can plan and run a blog tour in a few days. And maybe you can, but if you want to be prepared, listen to my recommendations about timing in this short video.
  • 6
    Decisions About Length of Your Blog Tour
    One of the key initial decisions you'll take to make as you set up your blog tour is how lond like it to last. I go through the various options and how to decide which is best for you.
  • 7
    Resources List for Your Blog Tour
    This isn't a Lecture but Resources I mention during this course. It will update regularly.
  • SECTION 2:
    Preparation Phase for How to Run Your Own Blog Tour
  • 8
    How to Find Bloggers to Participate in Your Blog Tour
    Key to running a successful tour is getting bloggers to participate! In this video, I share how to find and also attract bloggers. Be sure to check out the bloggers resource list in the Supplementary Material. It will be updated from time to time, so check back to be sure you have the most updated edition. Also in the Supplementary Material are the spreadsheets to use to build your blogger database.
  • 9
    Invite and Follow up with Bloggers
    In this lesson I share the letter I use to invite bloggers to your blog tour. I also share what you send them once they say, "Yes!" Templates for both those letters are in the Supplementary Material.
  • 10
    About Giveaways
    Giving away a prize is an important element of your blog tour. Giveaways generate excite, attention, and people love to receive free things. In this video, I give you the overview of what kind of giveaways to offer, and why.
  • 11
    About Review Copies of Your Book
    Learn why it's important to give away review copies of your book to the bloggers participating in your tour. I also cover what format your book needs to be in.
  • 12
    A Pep Talk: The Key Elements to a Successful Blog Tour
    A pep talk! Here are the key elements of running a successful blog tour: attitude, preparation, and support.
  • 13
    Gather All The Elements: The Meta Data of Your Book
    In this video, I go over the importance of metadata, how to compile your our metadata document, and how the document is useful. In Supplementary Material, use the template for metadata to create this important file for your book.
  • 14
    Graphical Elements
    In this video, I go over the important graphics you'll need for your blog tour. In the Supplementary Material, I've uploaded some examples of a Blog Tour Banner, which is an optional graphical element.
  • 15
    Take Stock of Your Social Media
    This short video contains a reminder on getting your social media channels ready for your tour. You can use the checklist provided to keep track of your assesment.
  • 16
    Prepare Your Marketing
    Before you start your blog tour, start spreading the word. This lesson shares how.
  • 17
    Prepare and Post A Media Kit
    In this lesson, I walk you through creating a media kit in preparation of your blog tour.
  • 18
    What To Write for Your Blog Tour
    Many authors ask me what they should write for all their blog tour stops. I share in this lesson the various options you have.
  • 19
    Giveaway Language
    I recommend that you give away an item at each blog tour stop and as a Grand Prize. I share in this video what to share with blogger so they can promote your giveaway. Examples of Giveaway language are in the Supplementary Material.
  • 20
    Once You Get a YES from a Blogger
    Once a blogger has agreed to participate in your blog tour, then what do you do, besides the Happy Dance?!
  • 21
    Build the Blog Tour Web Page
    In this lesson, I describe the key elements of a blog tour page. Follow along with the examples in the Supplementary Material.
  • 22
    Marketing the Start of the Blog Tour
    In this lesson, I share with you what you can say in your social media channels to generate excitement, share the news, and ask for support and/or subscribers. I've included a handy checklist in the Supplementary Material so you can organize your actions.
  • SECTION 3:
    During the Blog Tour, How To Keep The Momentum
  • 23
    Daily Checklist of Activities During Your Blog Tour
    In this lesson, I walk you through the daily activities you can take to promote your daily blog tour stops. In the Supplementary Material, I've provided a Checklist for you to keep track of your activities. (I mention a Calendar, but have figured out the best way to create that yet. It's coming!)
  • 24
    Attitude is Everything, And So is Community
  • 25
    Tracking During The Tour
    In this lesson, I talk about tracking your social media and book sales stats every day during the tour. In the Supplementary Material I include all the tracking sheets for your tour, in case you didn't download it in Lesson 7.
  • 26
    Using Photos and Video To Promote Your Blog Tour (Optional and Fun!)
  • SECTION 4:
    After Your Blog Tour: Follow Up Activities
  • 27
    Follow up with Your Bloggers
  • 28
    Follow Up with Your Blog Stop Winners
    In this lecture I share how to contact your daily blog tour winners. In the Supplementary Material, you'll find the template for the email to send them.
  • 29
    Follow Up with Your Grand Prize Winner
    In this lecture I share how to contact your Grand Prize blog tour winner(s). In the Supplementary Material, you'll find the template for the email to send them.
  • 30
    Marketing Follow up
    Congratulations! Your Blog Tour is done, or you're preparing for when it's done. What do you do? In this lesson, I share about what you can do to keep the marketing going and wrap up your tour. In the Supplementary Material, you'll find a Checklist to keep track of your follow up activities.
  • SECTION 5:
    Bonus Material
  • 31
    Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers by Beth Barany (PDF edition)
    38 pages
    As a Bonus for taking this course, I'm giving you the PDF version of my book, TWITTER FOR AUTHORS: SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR SHY WRITERS. The links to the Kindle or epub version can be found here: http://www.twitter-for-authors .
  • 32
    Bonus: Q&A call 4-24-2013
  • 33
    Transcript of Bonus Q&A call 4-24-2013
    19 pages


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  • Jackie Queally
    stick with it!

    I have an aversion to linear thinking but at times it has to be done! In this course you cover every eventuality and the blueprint is indispensable to the uninitiated. Well done Beth and thank you for creating this tool which I hope to use again and again in the future!

  • Louise Bloom
    Great ideas to create a blog tour

    The whole idea of a blog tour was new for me and I found this course helpful in explaining just how to go about it, from when to start planning to all the needed elements (other bloggers, graphics, media kit etc.) The slides from each lesson were also great for future reference.

  • Pablo Farias Navarro
    Applies to other areas as well

    I run a tech blog among other things and even though I'm not an author I've found the material in this course very interesting and applicable to what I do.

  • Sarah Ettritch
    A great blueprint for running a successful tour for your book

    How to Run a Successful Blog Tour teaches you everything you need to know to organize and run a blog tour for your book. Even though I already knew a bit about blog tours when I started the course, the instructor went into many details that I wouldn’t have considered (and has probably saved me some grief, as a result!). There are plenty of checklists, spreadsheets, and resources to keep you on track and save you time. For example, you’ll get email templates that you can modify and use to contact bloggers and giveaway winners. In fact, there are so many resource files that it would have been nice to have a master document that contains all the steps from beginning to end, with each step pointing to its relevant files. Such a document could also act as a master checklist as one progresses through planning and participating in the tour. But the course gives you everything you need to plan and run a successful tour, so that’s only a niggle. Having a ton of resources is a plus! The “Twitter for Authors” bonus was a nice surprise. If you’re interested in running your own blog tour, this course will give you a head start and save you time.

  • Steve Alcorn
    Much More Than I Expected

    I have to admit I approached this course with skepticism, as I've never been much for social networking. But Beth's careful and systematic approach to the subject of promoting our books has really opened my eyes. In particular, I found two included texts very valuable. The first was the list of book blogs that might want to feature my work. The second, surprisingly, was the included ebook about twitter. I never really saw the use of twitter before, but now I actually get it, and intend to do my best to follow Beth's advice and jump into social networking with both feet. I'm confident that by following her advice I will find more readers. Thanks!

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