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How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course

Learn how to design a logo from client brief to finished design.
155 reviews
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  • Tara Roskell Graphic Designer 20+ Years Industry Experience | Facebook | Twitter

    I am a freelance graphic designer with 20 years experience working in the Graphic Design industry. This consists of working for 10 years full time for design agencies, to becoming director of a small design agency and then finally freelancing for the last 8 years.

    You can see examples of my design work here

    My work consists of mainly design for print including  - logos/corporate identity, packaging design, brochures and posters and exhibition design. I have also blogged for several years on the subject of graphic design

    I have created a course to go step by step through the process of logo design, which includes showing a briefing taking place on Skype through to how to generate ideas to the final logo. It also includes advice on quoting for design.


How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course

Learn how to design a logo from client brief to finished design.
155 reviews
In this course you will learn how to design a logo from brief to completion. You will watch as I take a logo design brief from the client on Skype and then I will break down the whole process into simple steps.

You will learn:

  • how to generate initial ideas
  • how to use sketching to get your ideas down quickly
  • different ways you can come up with ideas through a step by step process
  • about different fonts
  • about common logo text positioning
  • about different colour options
  • how to work up the best ideas in Adobe Illustrator
  • how to send the ideas to the client

You will also learn the more practical side of logo design, how to quote for a project and things to be aware of.

This course also includes a bonus 60pg ebook guide of how to design a logo including warm up exercises and sample logo project.

    • Computer, A full or free trial version of Adobe illustrator for the latter part of the course (no prior knowledge required)
    • Over 42 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • A step by step course to learn how to design logos
    • People wanting to learn how to design a logo in order to - sell it as a service or to design their own logos


  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    An introduction to the logo design course
  • SECTION 2:
  • 2
    61 Page Ebook - How to Design a Logo
    16.45 MB
  • SECTION 3:
    Getting a Logo Design Brief
  • 3
    The logo design briefing with the client
  • 4
    Notes: Logo design brief summary
    48.15 KB
  • 5
    Sample logo design questionnaire
    43.43 KB
  • SECTION 4:
    Reference Material, Moodboards and Mind Mapping
  • 6
    Collecting Together Reference Material
  • 7
    Notes: How to take a Screenshot on Mac or PC
  • 8
    Collecting imagery and creating moodboards
  • 9
    Mind Mapping to generate ideas
  • 10
    An extra way to generate ideas
  • SECTION 5:
    Sketching out Ideas
  • 11
    Introduction to sketching out ideas
  • 12
    Adding elements to a word
  • 13
    How to create a symbol (practice exercise)
  • 14
    Creating a symbol
  • 15
    Common logo text positioning
  • 16
    Using a company's initials
  • 17
    Using the first letter of a company name
  • 18
    Using geometric shapes
  • 19
    Sketching recap and choosing the best ideas
  • SECTION 6:
    All about Fonts and Typography
  • 20
    Introduction to fonts
  • 21
    Finding free fonts for commercial use
  • SECTION 7:
    Adobe Illustrator Basics
  • 22
    Adobe Illustrator Basics
  • SECTION 8:
    Working up Logos in Illustrator in Black and White
  • 23
    Working up logos in Illustrator in black and white part 1
  • 24
    Working up logos in Illustrator in black and white part 2
  • 25
    Working up logos in Illustrator in black and white part 3
  • 26
    All the black and white logos
  • SECTION 9:
    Working up the Logos in Colour
  • 27
    Colour types
  • 28
    Colouring up the logos
  • 29
    All the colour logos
  • SECTION 10:
    Sending the Logos Designs to the Client
  • 30
    Sending logos to the client
  • 31
    Client feedback
  • 32
    Notes: Logo design feedback from the client
    40.46 KB
  • SECTION 11:
    Amends and Finalising the Logo Designs
  • 33
    Amends and finalising
  • 34
    Creating different logo formats for the client
  • SECTION 12:
    Quoting, Invoicing and Admin
  • 35
    Quoting on a logo design project
  • 36
    Sample Logo Design Quote and What to Charge
    89.38 KB
  • 37
    Sample Logo Design Invoice
    63.97 KB
  • SECTION 13:
    Thank you and more
  • 38
    Thank you and more
  • SECTION 14:
    Downloads and Sample Briefs
  • 39
    Logo type positioning (Arial)
    159.52 KB
  • 40
    Sample ficticious logo design brief for an App Company
    46.62 KB
  • 41
    A sample ficticious logo design brief for a pet food company
    46.29 KB
  • 42
    Extra Videos on Getting Ideas (based on student questions)


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  • Danny Avery
    Most Amazing Logo Design Course Ever!

    This course was easy to follow and understand. Tara makes it super simple and breaks everything down. I actually took a logo design course in college that was less organized and more confusing. You leave understanding how to come up with logo ideas and ways to implement them into your designs. Take this course! Thanks Tara!

  • Daniel Silva
    Very practical

    I often need things to be explained step-by-step until I get the hang of it. A bunch of these videos aren't even a minute long so I wondered if they would just be rushed through and skipping a lot of important practical steps. But nope! This is a very practical guide to getting started with logo design and the teacher is very smart and creative. Great course! :)

  • Ruth Bilder
    How do I download the eBook?

    Please let me know how to download/view the eBook. When the "lecture comes up, it says, "unrecognizable format", and there is no option for download.

  • Oliver Schinkten
    Good Course! Well done!

    I am a beginner at Illustrator, interested in creating logos. This course does a great job of introducing the program and explaining how to create logos. It is well taught. I definitely feel a LOT more confident after watching this course. Thank you!!!

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Practical course from briefing to creating logos

    It's not common to see instructor share their workflow. Tara does a great job showing the process she uses to: - gather client requirements - come up with ideas - sketching - designing logo concepts with Illustrator - presenting to client for feedback - revisions Highly recommended for those interested in understanding how designers work and be able to design logos for one's own projects.

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