How to create an online brand that gets you clients and jobs

Learn how to create a compelling personal brand that gets you jobs, clients, and opens many other doors.
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  • Mars Dorian creative online entrepreneur

    Mars Dorian is a brand storyteller & designer who helps solopreneurs and small businesses stand out online in order to get the attention and biz they need. He has worked with business from around the world - from startups in San Francisco, artists in the UK to self-help consultancies in Australia.

    His popular blog is full of cartoons and cursing and has been featured on Alltop, {Grow}, Blogcast FM, Think Traffic and recently on the book "The Impact Equation"by New York Times bestselling authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

    He is deeply in luv with helping people create amazing online brands.

  • Srinivas Rao Host of BlogcastFM

    BLOGCAST FM founder/host Srinivas Rao has been a 2-time speaker at Blogworld Expo and was listed on Problogger’s annual list of 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011. He’s a regular contributor to the adage 150 blog {GROW} and his work has been featured on Social Mouths, Write to Done, Dumb Little Man, Twitip, Kikolani, and many other social media and personal development blogs. Srinivas has interviewed nearly 300 people since starting BLOGCAST FM and continues to have the best and brightest guests from the online business industry.

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  • 10+ hours of high quality content

How to create an online brand that gets you clients and jobs

Learn how to create a compelling personal brand that gets you jobs, clients, and opens many other doors.
5 reviews


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This is a comprehensive, info-taining course on building your own personal brand online, so that you attract the clients and jobs you actually want (sweet yesss)

  • the course features 14+ modules, each one consisting of a teleclass, slideshow, a video and sometimes worksheets / additional help templates
  • learn how to create an effective and kick-ass website, use social media to build your influence, make yourself stand out from your competition and attract peers and customers that want to do biz with you
  • it will also include a premium 104 page illustrated personal branding guide on "standing out online and getting the attention you need" 

This course is for you if you want to build a thriving and profitable 
audience for your existing website or new one.

And hey, if you have any questions, you can always contact us within the course. We LUV to help you out ! (and we don't bite)

    • an internet connection
    • a computer / laptop
    • an open mind and lots of curiosity
    • Over 42 lectures and 10.5 hours of content!
    • In this course, you will learn how to build a successful online presence that will get you the clients and jobs you want
    • people who want to create a successful online presence
    • people who want to use their website to build their biz / career
    • people who want to grow their existing website / blog and/or start a new one


30 day money back guarantee
Lifetime access
Available on Desktop, iOs and Android
Certificate of completion


  • SECTION 1:
    Intro - What to expect from this course !
  • 1
    Intro Interview - introducing ourselves and telling you what to expect
    In the first module we'll talk about the current paradigm shift and why you need an online platform to build your career and biz.

    • learn why you need a site/blog/platform
    • why the old approach of getting work doesn't WORK
    • what to expect from this course
    Get in !

  • 2
    My First Lecture
    15 slides
    This is the intro slideshow that shows you the basic concept of building your online platform (website or blog) and why it's essential in today's job and business world to have one.
  • 3
    Sketch video : Old "résumé" model VS. new website platform model !
    Learn why your platform beats any kind of CV in the butt. And offers you WAY better opportunities.
  • SECTION 2:
    Mission & Purpose - How create a compelling story that attracts your right audience and customers
  • 4
    How to create a mission and purpose that attracts your audience
    In this teleclass you learn:
    • why you need to create a compelling mission and   purpose for your platform
    • why it's good to attract your "right" audience and deter others
    • how to create a compelling story
    • how to make people bond to your brand
    And we'll leave you with some questions that help YOU define your purpose and story.
    Let's get this thing rolling !

  • 5
    Fill out the "Brand cheat sheet"
    3 pages
    It's a printable sheet that easily helps you craft your brand mission, purpose and attributes. 

    I have included the version that I filled out myself, so you can see how easy and fun it is to build the basis for your brand.

  • 6
    17 slides
    This is the slideshow based on our teleclass. Learn why having a mission and purpose is not some hippie kumbayo blah blah, but actually an effective way to grow your influence and business.
  • 7
    Sketch video - How your "mission" leads to "money"
    In this drawing video, I'll show you how having a strong mission and story will result in job/biz offers and money. Yippie !
  • SECTION 3:
    How to become the master of your domain !
  • 8
    Learn how to become the go-to person in your niche
    In this juicy teleclass we'll discuss :
    • why you need to get known for something
    • HOW you can get known for "your thing"
    • tips and tricks to achieve your "niche"
    • examples from successful online people who achieved that
    This is a meaty and important aspect of creating your online brand and platform, so open your ears and soak it all in !
  • 9
    13 slides
  • 10
    Sketch video - why you need to get known for something
    In this little sketch video, I'll show you why it's essential to stand out and position yourself in a way that makes people pay attention to you online (so that they hire or pay for you ;)
  • SECTION 4:
    Discover your voice/develop a unique point of view
  • 11
    The Keys to Discovering Your Voice
    In this audioteleclass you'll learn what it takes to develop a voice

    • How to Cultivate a unique voice
    • Why You don't Have to Write Like You Did in School
    • The Power of Telling
    • Why Knowledge isn’t enough, personality matters
    Let's get to it and help you create a voice that Mars would say gives people eargasms. 

  • 12
    Infusing personality into everything you do
    14 slides
    In this slideshow we'll clarify everything we have talked about in the teleclass Module 4. Bite into it !
  • 13
    Sketch video - How to amplify your online voice
    In this little sketch video I further dive into creating a compelling online voice and amplifying it to get your maximize attention !
  • SECTION 5:
    Choose a platform to share your ideas
  • 14
    Find Your Ideal Platform and Pros and Cons of Each Type
    There's more to building a brand than putting up a blog. In this audioteleclass you'll learn about the following: 

    • Figuring out which medium is best for you (writing, audio, video)
    • The Pros and Cons of Each Platform 
    • Getting the most of whichever platform you chose
    This is a foundation for everything else you're going to do. So pay close attention to this module and take lots of notes. 

  • 15
    Media platform slides
    10 slides
    The slideshow that helps you find your perfect content communication tool - so that you create awesome media that people pay attention to.
  • 16
    Sketch video - the different media styles of content creation
    Learn different way of media and learning about which one fits YOU the most.
  • SECTION 6:
    How to set up your online presence
  • 17
    Tools for Building your Media Empire
    In this module you become Action Jackson and we talk about all the tools you'll need: 
    • The Importance of Having Your Own Domain
    • Setting up Your Hosting Account 
    • Why Blogs Should be Built on Wordpress or Squarespace
    Be sure to make a list of all the action items we talk about in this module. 

  • 18
    Hosting and Domain slideshow
    10 slides
    It gets a bit technical in here, but these are the basics you have to know when setting up your website. Don't worry - we make it entertaining !

    Enjoy the slides.

  • 19
    Sketch video - Free VS. hosted site
  • SECTION 7:
    How to make your website layout work and look pro
  • 20
    Web Site Layout and Design
    Layout and design of a web site can make or break your brand.  In this audio telelcass we talk about making your website look completely professional: 

    • Why Simplicity is the Way to go With Design
    • Key Pages that Every Web Site Should Have
    • The Importance of Using a Premium Wordpress Theme
    • Designing Your Site so It Accomplishes Your Ultimate Goal

  • 21
    Creating an effective website that converts
    17 slides
    Here we'll summarize the most important parts of an effective website that converts visitors into buyers. 
    Check out the additional sheet to get the visual page layout template (down below) !!
  • 22
    Sketch video - the most important part of your homepage
  • SECTION 8:
    How to build and share your body of work
  • 23
    Build a portfolio of work
    In this audio teleclass we talk about creating a body of work

    • Having a Content Creation Strategy/Schedule
    • The Various Types of Content You Can Develop
    • Developing Credibility with Your Audience
    • The Importance of Consistency

  • 24
    Content slideshow
    10 slides
    Text version of our talk - soak up all the ways you can create and distribute your media content.
  • 25
    Sketch video - how to distribute your content in many ways
    In this sketch video, you'll learn how to spread, cross-promote and re-purpose your content. 
  • SECTION 9:
    Define your target audience and attract your right customers
  • 26
    Build a Tribe of Raving Fans
    If you try to be everything to everybody, you'll be nothing to nobody. In this audiotelelclass we discuss the following: 

    • Identifying Your Target Audience
    • Why It's not Just about Demographics
    • The Importance of Like Minded People 
    • And Much More

  • 27
    Slideshow of the teleclass
    7 slides
    We'll also mention different ideas about what target audience truly needs and why you need to define it.
  • 28
    Sketch video - the difference between demographics and psychographics
    It sounds complicated, but it's actually a vey useful concept that will help YOU find your right customers and clients.
  • SECTION 10:
    How to use social media to your advantage
  • 29
    Amplify Your Message with Social Media
    Social media can really amplify your message. But you have to do things correctly. 

    • How to Navigate the Waters of Twitter
    • Creating True Engagement on Facebook
    • Why Relationships Matter So Much
    • The Importance of Quality over Quantity

  • 30
    Plug in the amplifier (social media - yoohoo !)
    15 slides
    You learn about the major social media networks and the pros and cons of each one. You also get some additional tips on navigating through the social media jungle and make it work for you !

    Buckle up, this is one jam-packed section !

  • 31
    Sketch video - how to master your social media outlet
    Learn how to use social media the fun and effective way, so you can get actual value out of it.
  • SECTION 11:
    Setting up a Killer Eco-System
  • 32
    Creating an Online Environment you benefit from
    In this audioteleclass we talk all about the importance of creating a killer eco-system

    • Handful of people who will spread your message
    • Pick ONE Superstar Believer - give them meaningful work to do
    • How to Handle Criticism and Solicit Feedback

  • 33
    15 slides
  • 34
    Sketch video - how to grow your network at the start
  • SECTION 12:
    How to use your connections to get offers and make money
  • 35
    How to Build Relationships Online
  • 36
    Leveraging your network to get good offers and business
    6 slides
    We'll talk about using your network and connections to get kick-ass offers and start mutual projects that will amplify your success chances.
  • 37
    Sketch video - finding your right (biz) partner
    Tips and tricks on finding your right partner, so you can create something worthwhile and successful together.
  • SECTION 13:
    Dangers and pitfalls - what to watch out for in the online world !
  • 38
    The Things that Cause People to Fail Online
  • 39
    11 slides
    Includes the major topics we talk about in the teleclass. Avoid those dangers, get the tips and save yourself a lot of trial and error.
  • 40
    Sketch video - watch out for these things in the web world
    Learn a lot of different things you should know about when navigating through the web world - plus a good tip on managing your content creation vs. consumption / connecting balance.
  • SECTION 14:
    What to do now !
  • 41
    Go out into the World and Crush It
    We'll talk about what you can do now.

    Please check out the free and additional "Outstander" branding guide - it's an illustrated, premium companion to this course and offers many new ideas and tips on building your powerful online presence !
    (it's in section 15 - Bonus !)

  • SECTION 15:
    BONUS : The illustrated "Outstander" companion guide
  • 42
    The Outstander online branding guide
    104 pages
    This is my premium online personal branding guide, flavored with over 60+ custom illustrations and lots of juicy advice that help YOU stand out online and get the clients and offers you want. 

    Treat this like a complementary ebook to this course - the lessons are cartoon-ified and entertaining, so that you not only learn a lot but make it stick to your brain as well !

    Warning : occasionally includes strong language.


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  • Lars Shirey
    Save your money

    Not professional IMHO. Very basic stuff, no people videos just re-purposed audios with some whiteboard sketch videos added. Downloads just re-purposed versions of audios & sketches. About the only good thing I can say is after watching ... I'm really motivated to do my own online training course ... can't do any worse ROFL.

  • Milo McLaughlin
    "Get Out There and Kick Some Ass"

    Both Srinivas Rao and Mars Dorian know what they're talking about. They've both built "kick ass" online presences by being very good at their chosen skills. Srinivas is the host of Blogcast FM, a must listen for all bloggers and online entrepreneurs, and Mars is a brilliant illustrator and branding expert who is also a genuine eccentric! Those skills complement each other really well in the course, which includes audio recordings, slide shows and sketch videos to illustrate each topic. This course is absolutely epic and covers all the bases when it comes to building a platform online. It's aimed primarily at beginners, but is also extremely helpful for someone who's been around for a while but realises they are going wrong somewhere and needs to think again how they are doing things (like me!). Like any course, of course, you have to be willing to do the work yourself and really implement the ideas in your own time. Some points covered are: why you can't afford to be generic anymore, how to find your mission and purpose, how to be known for a specific idea or way of doing things, how to inject personality into your brand, and how to build a body of work. Where I think the hosts come into their own is when they talk about building relationships and social currency in the later stages - there's some invaluable advice in here from two people who have definitely walked the walk. I also love how encouraging both Srinivas and Mars are. They want you to succeed and their enthusiasm shines through. Mars' brilliantly designed Outstander guide is an amazing bonus too.

  • Jeff Hendrickson
    A Stimulating Concoction of Branding Ingredients

    After having been a huge fan of Srinivas Rao's podcast on BlogcastFM and hearing his interview with Mars Dorian recently, I kind of figured this would be a great course. Not only have my expectations been met, they've been far exceeded! What these two masters have put together here is a course that has me scrambling to implement as quickly as possible - and that's not fast enough for me. Each module contains gems that sparkle in my mind and cause me to hit pause, open up my notes, and write feverishly until I'm certain I can take the idea and blast my brand up to the next level. I was thinking I know some stuff - I know nothing compared to what I will when I complete this course. Thank you Srini and Mars for putting this out for us. Bravo! Jeff Hendrickson

  • Sebastian Michel
    WOW! Outstanding course!

    You can feel the excitement of the 2 guys all the way through. They got something of value to give everybody - and do it in a fun way. Especially the combination of written, audio and video content helped me a lot. Highlights were the "draw sessions" - a kick-ass way to recap the most important learnings. Thanks so much for the course!

  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Certificate of Completion