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Centercode Connect Training for Community Managers

Learn to leverage Centercode Connect to manage your complete beta program.
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  • I am a professional trainer for the Centercode Connect Beta Test Management System, responsible for on-boarding of all new customers at Centercode. I have extensive knowledge of the Centercode Connect system, including all perspectives. If I can't answer your questions, I have access to those that can. I also love video games and cats.


Centercode Connect Training for Community Managers

Learn to leverage Centercode Connect to manage your complete beta program.
0 reviews

This course offers in-depth training for Community Managers new to the Centercode Connect beta test management system.

    • Community Manager access to a Centercode Connect free trial or subscription
    • Over 30 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
    • Administrative knowledge of the Centercode Connect system
    • Beta, Product, Project, and Quality Managers
    • Centercode Connect administrators


  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Community Quicktour

    This video focuses on the User Interface for the Community Manager along with navigating to key pages for administrative functions.

  • 2
    Veridian Community Story

    A little context to these training videos, this video series utilizes a fictional Beta Community with fictional data provided by real people. Having some context generally helps the concepts and ideas sink in.

  • 3
    Connect Manager Fundamentals

    Fundamental concepts of Managing your Beta Community/Project using Centercode Connect.

  • SECTION 2:
    Conditional Tuning
  • 4
    Basic Settings and Theme

    This video focuses on configuring your basic Community settings: The Community's name, where emails are being sent from, the look and feel of your implementation, and more.

  • 5
    Email Communication

    This video focuses on the Email management functions within the Beta Community.

  • 6
    Setting Account Defaults

    This video focuses on setting up basic account defaults including some localization options and Geographic Reporting.

  • 7
    Scoring and Ranking

    This video focuses on creating and utilizing a scoring system in your Beta Community.

  • 8
    Providing Guidance

    This video focuses on built-in ways to provide additional help or instructions to your Community Users.

  • 9
    Customizing Text

    This video focuses on customizing any and all text within your site, be it for flavor, localization, or organizationally accepted language. 

  • 10
    Providing External Resources

    This video focuses on providing public documents (still attached to the implementation) to potential testers or other Beta Community Users.

  • 11
    Preparing Project Forums

    This video focuses on setting up the basic, Community wide settings for your Project Forums. **To configure email-to-forum functionality, review this help article ( and contact us.**

  • 12
    Program Edition Features

    This video focuses on functionality found specifically in the Program Edition of Centercode Connect, including User Authentication and controlling regional access via Trade Compliance.

  • SECTION 3:
  • 13
    Organizing your Users

    This video focuses on configuring your Community Teams and Roles -- preparing your Community Users' access to information and resources.

  • 14
    Providing Documents and Resources

    This video focuses on providing information and resources to your Community through the Content tool. Content allows you to embed media, upload files, provide notifications and information, as well as require action for items like Non-Disclosure Agreements.

  • 15
    Defining the Log-In Experience

    This video focuses on creating (and properly utilizing) Notices and controlling the log-in experience.

  • SECTION 4:
    Profiling Resources
  • 16
    Profiling for Demographics

    This video focuses on Community profiling resources aimed at demographic and user-centered information via User Profiles.

  • 17
    Profiling for Peripherals

    This video focuses on Community profiling resources for product-environment information. Users provide test environment information via Test Platforms.

  • 18
    Gathering Additional User Responses

    This video focuses on filling the Community Profiling gaps and creating Surveys for use-case scenarios and implementation-specific feedback.

  • SECTION 5:
  • 19
    Directing New Users

    This video focuses on customizing the Sign-Up process for your new Beta Community Users.

  • 20
    Adding Users and Testing the Community

    This video focuses on directly adding users to your Community and the incredibly important concept of testing your settings, configuration, sign-ups, etc.

  • 21
    Community Launch!

    This video focuses on the final steps of launching your Beta Community, inviting users, and "opening the floodgates."

  • SECTION 6:
    Maintaining Your Community
  • 22
    Encouraging Participation

    This video focuses on utilizing User Management and actions a Community Manager can take to encourage greater tester participation.

  • 23
    Preventing Data Decay

    This video focuses on utilizing User Management, Scheduled Macros, and Email Communications to ensure your user data stays up to date.

  • 24
    Notifying Community Users

    This video focuses on communicating with testers and other users in your Beta Community.

  • 25
    Supporting Your Users

    This video focuses on Community Manager support functionality including basic troubleshooting and Password Reset.

  • 26
    Accessing Your Data

    This video focuses on accessing the data within your Beta Community by using the Knowledge Base's QuickSearch, Advanced Search, and Comprehensive Search functions, as well as User Management's Filter and View combinations.

  • 27
    Analyzing Your Data

    This video focuses on reporting and exporting the data you collect within your Beta Community. It outlines creating custom reports and "Complete" reports as well as proper methods of exporting report data.

  • 28
    Program Edition Maintenance

    This video focuses on Connect's Program License features including Cross-Project Management functionality, Project Profiles, etc.

  • SECTION 7:
    Preparing Your Templates
  • 29
    Preparing Managers for Success

    This video focuses on the concepts behind utilizing Project Templates to holistically improve project creation and kick-off.

  • 30
    Keeping Best Practices Alive

    This video focuses on the creation, utilization and upkeep of Project Templates. See CM6.1 prior to this video.

  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Certificate of Completion
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