Beginners Guide to Codeigniter

Learn Codeigniter starting from the basics correctly with this Codeigniter tutorial for beginners.
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  • Languages English
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Course Description

Codeigniter is one of the most popular and mature PHP frameworks.

With this Codeigniter tutorial for beginners, you'll be learning codeigniter from the basics, correctly. After following this Codeigniter tutorial, you will be able to customize codeigniter to suit your needs and build your project with codeigniter like a pro.

Throughout this project we are working with a Mini Project. It is help us to apply things we've learned. So you can not only gain knowledge but you can see how  they can be applied in real life too.

Time is more valuable than money. I prepared this Codeigniter tutorial course to be very effective, so you can learn everything you need to know about codeigniter in less time.

Course will be mostly on videos, and you can download related materials too.


  • Basic knowledge in PHP (try this course for learning PHP)
  • Basic knowledge in WAMP/LAMP/MAMP and MySQL will be helpful

Learn Codeigniter correctly and get most out of it with this Codeigniter tutorial.

( I'm not a native English Speaker - But I try to make it clear as possible as I can )

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 40 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!


Section 1: Introduction

Introduce to the course and discuss what you can get from this course.


In this video you'll be learning how to install codeigniter

Notes on installing development setup

Befor installing codeigniter you must have install a PHP devlopment. Plese use following links if you've not installed yet.


Codeigniter has the one of the best well documented user guide. I recommend you to follow the user guide along with what we are learning here. After once we've learned some thing, try to look at the user guide and try to learn more about it. You can follow the online user guide or the version availa…
Section 2: Basic Concepts

In this video you'll learn the MVC theory and how it is implemented in Codeigniter


In this video I'll explain you about the basic URL routing of the codeigniter and how you can access controllers via web browser.

Section 3: Codeigniter Basics

In this video you'll be learning how to create a Controller in codeigniter and see what are the things you can do the controller


In this video, you'll be learning how to create a view in codeigniter and use it with the controller.


In this video, you'll be learning how to create a model and how it can be loaded into the controller.


In this video you will learning about Codeigniter helpers and search for available helpers in the codeigniter.

You can download the Source Code as a gist


In this video, you'll be learning how to use codeigniter libraries and search for available libraries.


In this video, you'll be learning how to use static files like (CSS, JavaScript, Images) with codeigniter

Section 4: Using the Database
In this section we are learning about how we can integrate databases with codeigniter. There are two methods. Traditional SQL way Codeigniter Active Records I will guide you on both. But there is no way we can say, one is better than the other. You can mix both of them in different scenarios.  In th…

In this video, You'll be learning how to configure and connect to the Database(MySql) using codeigniter.


In this video, you'll be learning how to interact with a MySql database using SQL in codeigniter.


In this video, You'll be learning how to interact with the Database using Active Records.


Section 5: Mini Project

In this video, I'll explain you about the mini project and how we are building it in the next few videos.


In this video, I'll be showing you to create database for the mini project


In this video, I'll show you how to create the basic template for our Mini Project (My Blog).


In this video, I'll show you how to add out blog post into the database.


In this video, I'll show you how to add our blog post into the database.


In this video, I'll show you how to add all the posts in my database (post table) in a single page.

Some of the PHP functions we've used


In this I'll show you how to load a single post into a view.


In this video, I'll show you how to add the delete functionality to our Blog Engine - My Blog


It's time to do some exercise on your own :)

2.19 MB

You can download the complete source code for the Mini Project and the Sample Database SQL.

Section 6: Security

In this video, I will demostrate how XSS works and how to prevent it using Codeigniter.


In this video, you will be learning about how to prevent SQL Injection attacks using codeigniter.


In this video you'll be learning how to prevent displaying PHP error.

Form Validation is a good practice when we talk about Security and as well as usability.  Codeigniter has a very effective and easy way to validate forms. Here is the user guide for that. It is well explained and complete. If you find something difficult or unclear please comment here. I'm happy to…

In this video, I will demonstrate CSRF attack (in a developer perspective) and how you can prevent it using codeigniter.

  • Learn more about the CSRF
  • Tool to send HTTP Requests (Chrome)
  • Details need to fill in the above tool (or something similar)
  • A detailed blog post on how CSRF protection works in Codeigniter
Section 7: Configuration

In this video, you'll be learning about the config files in codeigniter and create your own config files.


In this video, You'll be learning how to load libraries, helpers and config files automatically.

Here is the example URL for a simple controller in codeigniter  localhost/ci/index.php/user/select sometimes index.php  looks bit awkward. So you might need to remove that. Codeigniter has a way to do it and it is based on apache's .htaccess file.  You can use this Wiki Article to remove that. If yo…

In this video, I will show you how to change the application folder into something else you specify.


In this video, you'll be learning how about advanced URL Routing in codeigniter.

Section 8: Extend Codeigniter

In this video, you'll be learning how to add a custom library to your codeigniter installation.


In this video, you'll be learning how to extend a library in codeigniter.


In this video you'll be learning how to add a custom helper to your codeigniter installation.


In this video, I'll be showing how to extend a helper in codeigniter.


In this video, you'll be learning how to extend Core Codeigniter classes. (demonstrating, extending Controller class)

Instructor Biography

Arunoda Susiripala , Entrepreneur, Consultant

Arunoda Susiripala is young entrepreneur based on Colombo, Sri Lanka.

He has co-founded kodeincloud(an cloud SMS app engine) 1 year back and now he's working with Dokeeno (a tool for announcing product updates)

He has over 5 year experience in software development and he loves to discover and learn new things.

He is also running his own technology consultant firm to help companies to win over technical challenges.

His expertise areas are

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • Cloud
  • Architectural Design
  • Entrepreneurship 


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    • Salvatore Rao

    Bel corso

    Seguendo il corso ho incrementato e migliorato le mie conoscenze in codeigniter

    • Brian Jackson

    Great Course

    This was a great course with lots of good examples. I think it was the best of the three CodeIgniter courses posted to Udemy.

    • Sarah Knight

    Straight to the point tutorials

    This guy wents straight to the point with no time wasting and no messing about. I am a PHP/Drupal developer for many years looking for a good quick into to CI and this guy's tutorial was quick to give me all the juice without talking too much. My critisism is that this guy's knowledge of English is good, but his spoken English is poor, but he needs to speakup more, buy he is still understandable if you use ear phone. He does know his stuff, knows how to pass it on, but his accent can get in the way of his knowledge. If you use earphone and listen attentively, you will have few problems in getting the point he wants to pass across.

    • Ghiath Alshamaa

    half of lectures just a text and ....

    he didn't answer important questions and found points very sensitive he left the students learn by thierself and he just give us text files that like impossible because if we are professional at this framework why we paid money for this course really big shame when someone got money cost his course after that he hidden himself and say let them go to the hell the money already go to my paypal account this last time I will subscribe course with this guy

    • Maurice Price

    Beginners Guide Review

    I found this course to be very helpful n understanding Codeignighter, however the tutor goes through things very fast and at times is difficult to follow. With persistence and going over what he is saying several times the message becomes clear in the end.

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