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Creating iOS games for beginners

Marin Todorov teaches you how to create an iPhone game easily and simply using Cocos2d
11 reviews
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  • Marin Todorov Independent iOS dev and publisher

    Marin Todorov is an independent iOS developer and publisher with 10 fun and innovative titles released on the App Store. He's got experience in developing software on many different platforms- on the desktop, in the cloud and at present the iPhone. Marin was a university teacher for several years and also wrote a textbook on programming related to his course. He has published numerous technical articles in print and online media; his last larger contribution were a couple of articles on security and bundled databases to a book from Adobe and O'Reilly.

    Marin is also very active in the iOS developer community - he's regularly writing in his blog about iPhone development and the App Store in general: ; he also sometimes writes guest posts and tutorials on other popular websites.


Creating iOS games for beginners

Marin Todorov teaches you how to create an iPhone game easily and simply using Cocos2d
11 reviews

Where would we be without the games? Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Peggle? Each one is as unique as they come, but they're tied together to one simple principle: Cocos2d can make them. Cocos2d is the leading, open-source, royalty-free smartphone game engine. It's easy to use, community-supported, reliable, mature, and over 1500 mobile iOS games have been published using it!

Why is Cocos2D so easy to use? Because you can play a sound effect, animate a flipping sprite, flash some rad custom font, all with just a couple lines of simple, pure Objective C code. No knowledge of OpenGL is required! Rotating, mirroring, parallaxing, scaling, tinting, sliding, jumping, and a Halloween-sackful of other effects are quickly at your fingertips.

In his course, Marin Todorov takes a hands-on approach and walks you step-by-step through the process of building a complete game! After building this game, you'll have all the coding knowledge you need to create the next gaming hit in the App Store!

    • You will be expected to have beginner/medium understanding of Objective-C
    • You will need to work on a Mac computer with installed XCode 4.x+
    • You will need to be connected to the Internet
    • Over 18 lectures and 7 hours of content!
    • Install and include Cocos2d for iPhone in your projects
    • Understand scene workflow in Cocos2d
    • Work with scene transitions
    • Put image sprites on the screen and manipulate their properties
    • Run animations and actions on your sprites
    • Chain and run simultaneously different actions
    • Build menus in Cocos2d
    • Plan and design a simple game
    • Develop simple games
    • and much more..
    • Developers with beginner to medium or higher understanding of Xcode, Objective-C and iPhone programming, who would like to know more about the steps towards creating games with the Cocos2d framework.


  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction to the course
  • 1
    Introduction to the Cocos2d 101 course
  • SECTION 2:
    Installing and understanding Cocos2d
  • 2
    Installing Cocos2d and using the XCode project templates
  • 3
    Cocos2d Hierarchy, Scenes, Layers, Nodes
  • 4
    Introduction to Sprites and Menus
  • 5
    Run actions on your sprites and first steps in frame animation
  • 6
    Project demo - Sprites and Actions
    925.52 KB
  • SECTION 3:
    Your first game - "Monkey Trampoline"
  • 7
    Creating your first game - Monkey Trampoline
  • 8
    Monkey Trampoline source code
    912.37 KB
  • SECTION 4:
    Deeper into Cocos2d with the "Numbers Match" game
  • 9
    Numbers Match project assets
    3.48 MB
  • 10
    Starting with the Numbers Match project
  • 11
    Creating the tile set and adding about screen
  • 12
    Implementing the game logic
  • 13
    Completing the Numbers match project!
  • 14
    Numbers Match complete project source code
    4.06 MB
  • SECTION 5:
    Bonus game - "Bubble Pop"
  • 15
    Bubble Pop Assets
    1.85 MB
  • 16
    Creating the Bubble Pop game
  • 17
    Bubble Pop - part 2
  • 18
    Bubble Pop Project Source Code
    2.6 MB


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  • Pablo Rosero
    I want a refund.

    I found this course to be terrible, sorry. It's not straight to the point. One thing is to explain the basics, another is to use 2 of the first hours to talk about unnecessary stuff. He talks unclear, full of "umm"s and "so on"s. He also cofs a couple of times, I mean, couldn't the audio have been edited? I want a refund.

  • Mario Fernandes
    best cocos2d course

    this is a great course to learn make games with cocos2d.

  • Rune Kjeldsen
    Great introduction to Cocos2d

    The course walks you through how to make three very different games, in terms of gameplay and code. The lessons are quite long, but Marin explains everything he does and what the code does very well. If you have looked at Cocos2d and wondered where to go after the first Tutorial, this is a great next step.

  • Manoel
    I'm sorry but I didnt like the course. Can I get a refund?

    I'm sorry but I didnt like the course. Can I get a refund?

  • Phil Vinson

    This is very helpful. A little over my head since I'm not a programmer, but I'm learning. Good stuff.

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