Announcing The Top 10 Earning Instructors on Udemy [Infographic]

On the heels of Teacher Appreciation Week (happy belated), we wanted to share some evidence of Udemy’s growth this past year – showing how online education is benefiting instructors and students alike.

Today we’re celebrating our top ten earning instructors on Udemy. Thanks to all of you for making Udemy such an amazing place to teach and learn!

(Click to enlarge)

And if you’re interested in learning more about one of these amazing instructors, here they are again with a link to each of their top courses. Enjoy!

1. Infinite Skills instructors: $565,320 in total course sales (top course: “Microsoft Excel for Beginners”)

2. Bess Ho: $218,935 (top course: “Learn to Develop an iPhone or iPad App in 4 Weeks”)

3. Victor Bastos: $175,168 (top course: “Become a Web Developer from Scratch” – and that was in six months, so well done!)

4. Mark Lassoff: $162,051 (top course: “HTML and CSS for Beginners”)

5. Zed Shaw: $126,585 (top course: “Learn Python the Hard Way”)

6. Miguel Hernandez: $96,508 (top course: “How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business”)

7. Huw Collingbourne: $88,285 (top course: “Ruby Programming for Beginners”)

8. Robin Nixon: $86,797 (top course: “HTML5 Beginners Crash Course”)

9. Chris Converse: $81,258 (top course: “Creating Responsive Web Design”)

10. Eric Ries: $53,573 (top course: “The Lean Startup”)


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  2. This is awesome.

  3. Can you confirm if these sales figures are the amount to the author, or the gross sales figure before Udemy's share etc? I'm surprised by how much discounting seems to be going on and want to check my figures.

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