Code Wars: Ruby vs Python vs PHP [Infographic]

Just as the Japanese, Spanish and French languages are uniquely different, programming languages also have their variations, some more popular and easier to use than others. With the recent introduction of some new ones, there is a ‘war’ of modern day languages.

What’s easier and faster to use is not always the best option.

Below we highlight three of today’s most popular programming languages. Whether you’re looking to learn PHP, grab that hot new Python class, or finally learn Ruby and conquer Rails, this infographic compares how they differentiate, who uses them, and their popularity.

Think you know who reigns? You may be surprised.



Watch a video version!

Did you decide to learn PHP, learn Python, or learn Ruby?


  1. Real men write in C.

  2. Based on the ratio of developers to job postings, it looks like Ruby may be best for employment (if Monster and LinkedIn are appropriate sources). PHP: 62 developers per job posting, Ruby: 5, Python: 17. Other factors apply, of course.

  3. Will have to get some more current data though…

  4. If I were to do it all over again, I would've learned Python instead of PHP. PHP is best suited for generating HTML pages, whereas Python is a general purpose programming language, and can be used to build anything from web apps, daemons, crawlers, and desktop GUI programs. Another great tool is Node.JS – It is also worth mentioning, too, since Javascript is undoubtedly here to stay.

  5. Mike Platt says:


  6. Was that English?

  7. Michelle Platt Ha! Yeah, the intended audience is the above website- didn't think it would've posted back to my wall like it did, and pollute the Facebook landscape. Here: let's cleanse our palette of this godawful technobabble with this video. Enjoy.

  8. Thanks, Fred. That's more like it.

  9. Darren Bown says:

    Node.js. Javascript on the server side. When I first heard about that, I refused to believe it.

    Javascript is horrible. It might be here to stay but it should be discouraged.

  10. So let me get this straight: People are calling Fred a Nerd and talking in non-english on a .. wait for it .. frigging website designed mostly to teach programming and nerdy stuff.

    That's like going to a bar and bashing on people who drink alcohol. Or going to a restaurant famous by its steaks, and shaming people for not being vegans. In other words: It's stupid, attention-whoring, mediocrity-glorifying behavior. That's like those people who are *proud* to be "stupid" or to "suck at maths". They usually follow that with "lol".

  11. Now now, Jugurtha – calm down. I've known these people for some time and we always pick on each other. t's all in good humor. LOL. But it's nice to know you've got my back- programmers unite! M/

  12. Darren- why should developing with Javascript be discouraged when every computing device known to man is shipped with it? It's the only scripting language that interacts with the browser without needing a a 3rd party interpreter such as Flash or Java installed first- and you know how terrible Java is. Having one language running the frontend and backend is zen. Why deny the developer community such a valuable tool?

  13. Jugurtha sounds like loads of fun. Methinks he doesn't understand Facebook.

  14. Alexander Papageorghiou Dagan says:

    Hi Renee Infographic. How did u do the visuals? Is is a template or proprietary?

  15. Kawika Ohumukini says:

    Great series. Thanks! I've had a lot of success with PHP and Python. Besides, there's no R in LAMP. Cheers

  16. Wayne Maurice Brehaut I believe he said "DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY" Please do not quote the Jedi Master wrongly ever again.

  17. McKinstry Jeremiah Man, I wish you could convince me over beer why I'm supposed to like JS. ;-) I've done some SocketIO in both Python (gevent) and Node, and I love the possibilities here. But no built-in concept of "module" and sub-PHP standard library discourage me every time I try to do something bigger in JS.

  18. Oziel Perez says:

    Mike Platt , I bet you this guy gets paid very well for knowing all this stuff. Maybe you should pipe down and show some respect. Be thankful guys like him are the ones building websites and apps for us and making our lives easier.

  19. Mike Platt says:

    Ha! Fred Haegele, thanks for all you do to make my life easier, sugar daddy.

  20. This has been a good infographic.

  21. Igor Preman Kampus says:

    l love this triple languange

  22. Dũng Rệp says:

    That "true live sync" is a myth, because it depends on the client browser versions to do stuffs.

  23. Brian Alonso says:

    McKinstry Jeremiah sos un pelotudo importante.

  24. McKinstry Jeremiah Sounds like 23 years wasn't nearly enough. You've got some pretty radical misunderstandings here.

  25. Mark Ciccarello says:

    Slater Tyranus Well according to his Facebook page he believes in "chemtrails" too, so that says about all you need to know.

  26. Worth mentioning that large swaths of this are radically false. Facebook is written using Hip-Hop, which is their own personal build of PHP that runs orders of magnitude faster. Twitter and groupon no longer use Ruby. Python is based almost entirely on smalltalk.

    Not to mention that neither Monster, nor Craigslist are common choices for developer recruitment. As shown by sites like indeed, hired, toptal, stackoverflow careers, and nearly every other common venue for professional developer deployment, python hiring is significantly higher than php, with ruby lagging behind.

    The benchmarks at the end are also even more misleading than most benchmarks. There are entire organizations devoted to keeping shoddy benchmarking like that off the internet. ( PHP is generally faster than ruby and python with more code. Ruby and python are pretty comparable in terms of speed and code length with the caveat that jruby compilation significantly speeds up ruby, and numpy speed python up to near Java levels.

  27. I confidently know no amount of PHP.

  28. In China you need to know Chinese; in India you need Hindi & definitely English in Great Britain. So don't compare them. See what are your requirements and chose the right platform.

  29. Mike Platt And here goes a comment glorifying idiocracy. What are you doing on Udemy, then… Oh, look.. Another dumb comment from Michelle Platt.. Same last name, I wonder if there's any connection. Genius runs in the family, I suppose.

  30. Leonardo Velazquez says:

    i love Flex, and i use 10% of PHP for webservices AMFPHP :p

  31. I'm thinking it's Objective-C

  32. Pully Lopez says:

    McKinstry Jeremiah que te jodan marica! está hablando sobre el post en español, no sobre algun lenguaje de programacion llamado "español"..

  33. Pully Lopez wow, get a little edgy? que era sólo una broma! ¡relájate!

  34. Brian Alonso says:

    McKinstry Jeremiah No es un chiste, es racista, gordo puto!

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  36. Brian Alonso says:

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  41. Michelle Platt Well I'd make a joke, but apparently if I make any kind of language joke i'm a racist, so yes, it is English.

  42. Mike Platt says:

    Ha! You guys crack me up. You do understand that your comments are on Facebook, right? I have no idea what udemy is.

  43. Brian Alonso says:

    McKinstry Jeremiah get a life.

  44. Brian Alonso "The unexamined life is not worth living" ~ Socrates


  46. Selvy Priya says:

    Got it, but just wondering is there a language called chinese

  47. Selvy Priya may be im mistaken…lol

  48. this video is amazing and professional. Which one know the software create this video?


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