Udemy Sponsors Apple Swift and iOS 8 Developer Hands-on Workshop

Our very own top-rated instructor and web developer Rob Percival flew in from Cambridge, England for a special tutorial session at the NRCEA conference center in Arlington, VA last week. More than 220 attendees gathered for a live, hands-on presentation of Apple Swift and iOS 8 language fundamentals.

Food and drinks were served, and networking amongst all levels of developers, designers and user experience experts ensued. Rob then delivered a subset of his popular Udemy course, “The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps” covering the current development environment, basic features of Swift and iOS 8, and an app making demo.

It was exciting for me to see so many people interested in learning to code, and the feedback was great. Swift is an excellent opportunity for anyone to learn how to make iOS apps,” shared Rob.

Attendees also received awesome giveaways including course discounts and a grand prize of an iPad Mini. If we missed you this time, be sure to catch the full video recording next week.

RobMeetup1 RobMeetup2 RobMeetup4 RobMeetup5

Big thanks to our partners NRECA and 64clicks for making it all possible – we look forward to the next great event!

More About Rob

Rob Percival is a web developer and teacher with a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. Rob is also the author of top-rated courses “The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites” andThe Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps” at Udemy.com.

How TED-style conferences miss the point: the Social Good Summit

by Meg Evans, Manager of Social Innovation

Graça Machel, Melinda Gates. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, Michael Dell, Edward Norton, Kathy Calvin, Helen Clark, Jill Bolte Taylor, Bill McKibben – this week’s Social Good Summit was a veritable who’s who of the world’s do-gooders. Sitting in the darkened auditorium at the 92nd St. Y, as a philanthropy professional, the level of detailed, tactical discussion on stage was heartening. It wasn’t just a “let’s change the world!” call to action, but rather a discussion of the micro, along with the macro, challenges to addressing the most vexing social problems.

After each panel or speaker, I couldn’t help but want to get up and take action – enraged by persisting issues of child marriage or fired up about the value of giving women financial control. Yet, when I stood up in the dark room, it was usually to sneak out quietly to grab a snack, apologizing in hushed tones as I climbed over lit laptop screens with active Twitter feeds.

Once outside of the auditorium, the small green room buzzed with journalists getting ready to interview the next celebrity to come off stage. Without name tags, mingling felt like a rude interruption to conversations in progress, made more difficult by the cramped space. I, like most others there I think, stuck to conversations and coffees with those folks I already knew. Each panel transitioned seamlessly to the next with no breaks in the 6-hour agenda – as such, talking to your neighbor felt disrespectful to the panelists.

In short, the conference set-up left out arguably the most important of the social good puzzle – connection.   I furiously tweeted, tagging everything with #2030NOW – trying to see who else was in attendance, trying to start Twitter conversations, and trying to make connections via Topi (the conference app). In short, in a hyper-connected digital world, I failed to really connect with anyone.

The Social Good Summit is certainly not alone. It’s common practice to emulate the popular TED-style events — quick presentations anchored by a memorable story and rife with tweet-able sound bites. But what about making actual change through meaningful conversations and partnerships? I know that there are other conferences with more time for mingling and meet and greets and I wouldn’t expect to have a lengthy conversation with Idris Elba, but when you have a room full of attendees invested in this work why not provide the space for them to talk with each other?

I came to the Summit seeking potential partners to launch a broad initiative centered on skills-based education in the developing world. Jane Wurwand, the CEO of Dermalogica mentioned this point. Michael Roth, President of Wesleyan, discussed how education was the chief tool of empowerment (although we might disagree on the value of vocational training).  I’m sure there were others in the room passionate about the same issues. But how do we go about following up to make meaningful change? While we’re all in the same room, let’s have conversations longer than 140 characters.

If you want to get together for a 140+ character conversation, feel free to email me – meg@udemy.com.

Udemy’s Social Innovation program supports nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and change makers around the world with two core components (1) monetary grants to help social-change agents create their own online Udemy courses and (2) affordable access to Udemy courses and solutions, enabling organizations to tap the deep breadth of expertise available in Udemy’s global skills marketplace.

Here’s How They Did It… No. 3 – How instructors earn $200, $500, $1,000/month through self-promotion


We asked key instructors how they consistently drive $200, $500, $1,000+ per month to their Udemy courses through their own promotions.

See how instructors are using Udemy as their storefront and enrolling new students into their courses.

Below is Part Three of this series. Keep scrolling down to read all three instructor stories—one earning $200/month, one earning $500/month, and one earning $1,000+/month. Every story has a “Here’s How You Can Do It, Too…” section where we summarize action steps you can take today. We’ll continue publishing new parts to this series as we hear from more instructors sharing their methods!

Instructor driving an average of $300/month


Who is buying your Udemy course(s) through your instructor coupon codes?

The buyers using coupon codes are mostly the ones subscribed to the JazzGuitarLessons.net email list. It now has close to 10,000 subscribers. I like to make a special sale about every other month (the last coupon was named SPRING2014) and it works great. It generates sales for a few weeks after I send the newsletter. If I impose a deadline, I like to send 2-3 emails to notify subscribers that the sale is drawing to an end. Classic strategy. There’s also, of course, Youtube subscribers. All links to Udemy courses coming from Youtube are, in fact, using a coupon code. I’d be a fool NOT to do it! :-) And lastly: this is the secret. My biggest secret so far in the online business world. I installed an ad on JazzGuitarLessons.net in the top-right navbar. It sells several of my Udemy courses using a coupon code. I use the course’s promotional image with a very bright-colored border. What’s more fun is that is automatically changes whenever the page is refreshed. The image changes, and the border color too! It prevents ad blindness.

How exactly are you getting students to enroll into your Udemy courses consistently, month over month?

The strategy I described with ads on JazzGuitarLessons.net “for me” (ie, promoting my own Udemy courses) is really the way sales are somewhat consistent. Visitors always have this ad in their face, on each page … so it’s natural that they get curious. Also, I find that the courses for sale on Udemy are a natural extension to the free content that is offered throughout the JazzGuitarLessons.net website. Another natural one is the coupon used on Youtube … it brings consistency too.

What do you need to learn/do to continue growing your monthly earnings on Udemy?

The next step is to create new courses. Sad but true! [Laughs] None of the Udemy courses related to JazzGuitarLessons.net cover jazz improvisation … it can be quite a challenge to learn how to create decent jazz guitar *solos*. A future Udemy course is in the works on this topic.

Here’s How You Can Do It, Too… 

STEP 1 – Run promotions to your audience on a regular basis. Often times, personal brands and smaller companies think they’re promoting to their audiences too frequently—when, in reality, they’re not doing it often enough! Marc (above) promotes his course to his email list every other month. Decide what schedule is right for you, and run a limited time or space available campaign to create a sense of urgency.

STEP 2 –  Create an attention-grabbing ad on your website that leads people to enroll directly into your course. offers an incentive/reward for people to join your course(s). On your website, we recommend you only include “ads” for your own products. When you include Google ads or other ads leading to other people’s websites, that’s driving potential leads and sales away from your products. Include a vibrant ad advertising your Udemy course, above the fold if possible. Enable the ad to change colors and/or show a new design whenever visitors go to a new page on your site or refresh the page to diminish ad fatigue.


Instructor driving an average of $800/month


Who is buying your Udemy course(s) through your instructor coupon codes?

I previously ran a trading/stock market blog that had a pretty decent following. I had gotten the email list to about 1k people before I shut it down. The week before I shut it down I had put up the course on Udemy. What I did from then was:

  • I gave FREE coupon codes to a select number of people on a email list.
  • Placed coupon codes on YouTube, Retailmenot, reddit and trader forums.
  • I also emailed every customer that had previously shown interest with a coupon code and told them it will only be active for the next 24 hours.
  • Sent an email blast to the mailing list of the site it was originally on saying that the sites shutting down and they can get the course at a discount.. but they must act quick.
  • Added the PPT on slideshare with a coupon code
  • Added some of the written material on scribed with a coupon code
  • Comment on forums related to the course (blackhat, trading sites, etc) with a coupon codes and related blogs
  • Add coupon codes to the book description of my trading book on Amazon

How exactly are you getting students to enroll into your Udemy courses consistently, month over month? 

Most of the newer students have been leads from Twitter, YouTube, Scribd, and the coupons code I placed around the web. I have noticed that lots of people do not like to pay full price for something, but would rather wait until there is a discount (coupon code) in order to purchase. So in order to get those customers, I release a few coupon codes on certain sites  so that they will convert.

What do you need to learn/do to continue growing your monthly earnings on Udemy?

I need to leverage the existing channels that are performing well and optimize them even more, e.g. Put out more YouTube videos.


Here’s How You Can Do It, Too… 

STEP 1 –  Go to where your potential students are and invite them with coupon codes to incentivize fast action. Jose got involved with related trader forums and blogs. Become an active part of forums you care about, engage in discussions, offer solutions, and provide value such as access to your course when you can. Be a good citizen. If appropriate, post comments that include links to preview your course and include a coupon code as an incentive for new students to join. Learning: People who are familiar with your brand are more likely to pay full price for your course. If you’re promoting your course to a new audience, you probably need a discount to give them a sense of urgency to join.

STEP 2 –  If you have an existing audience, do NOT give them free coupons to join your course. Your existing audience consists of your most faithful followers. These are the people who are most likely to pay full price for your course because they’ve already subscribed to your email list or YouTube channel.


Instructor driving an average of $1,500+/month


Who is buying your Udemy course(s) through your instructor coupon codes?

We have an email list which we contact regularly; we also have a very strong following on our facebook page. We also have an average of about 250 visitors hitting our website on a daily basis.

How exactly are you getting students to enroll into your Udemy courses consistently, month over month?

We use the following channels: Facebook, Mailing list, Coupon code sites, discussion forums and blogs to drive traffic to our website.  We love Olark and we have their chat engine set up on our website, therefore we convert a lot of the traffic on the site immediately with live support. Analytics is our core expertise and traffic inflow/outflow/activity/purchases on the site is very closely monitored and analysed using Google Analytics. We have analysed the Facebook data of our page fans who have bought our courses and have identified key factors that differentiates a potential student from the rest. Our Facebook advertising is targeted towards these segments. Similarly, all purchases done via our channels are analysed and the insights help us better target our Google adwords. Olark, too, gives a lot of data about those visitors to the site who engage with us via live chat. This data, too, is analysed and helps us in optimizing the live chat. Free coupons although they drive traffic and number of students, we have found that almost all them do not engage with us on the platform and most of them never start their course.

What do you need to learn/do to continue growing your monthly earnings on Udemy?

We’ve started with YouTube as a channel of traffic generation. We are in a test and learn mode at the moment. All-in-all, we’ve been having a superb experience with Udemy so far; your support system is simply super duper! We are also building out an analytics based career portal, with careers being the most logical progression after education we believe that Udemy will be able to add tremendous value to all their students by offering the best career options open to an individual. We hope to be able to show you what we do sometime in June! We look forward to uploading more courses, richer content and continuing our engagement and growing with Udemy!

Here’s How You Can Do It, Too… 

STEP 1 –  Create a presence by using ad placements on social media platforms. Most social media platforms will allow you to create and present ads to announce new courses and upcoming promotions to directly reach your target audience. STEP 2 –  Provide live support for your growing audience. Live support on your website will allow you to immediately address any concerns, questions or feedback that your current and potential students may have. An immediate response may return an immediate conversion. STEP 3 – Monitor the interactions made on your website, social media and Udemy site.  The insights provided by platforms such as Google Analytics will help provide you with information to better target your content and Google Adwords.   This is Part Three of an ongoing series; check out Part One and Two and stay tuned for future tips!

Promo Tip #2: Make Your Sales Page a Perfect Ten

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.58.22 AMThis post is part of the New Instructor Series—intended to help newly published instructors get their first crop of students. What good is creating a course if you’re not able to share it with others?

If you’ve been following the Promo Tips in this series, you already created your instructor coupon code and spread the good news to family and friends. Before we really turn up the heat on promoting your course, we should make sure your Udemy sales page is optimized to turn visitors into students.


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Guía para Crecer tu Tráfico


Un gran beneficio de ser un instructor en Udemy es que siempre que promocionas tu curso usando tu código de cupón de instructor, recibes el 97% de todas las ventas que llegan a través de tu cupón. Increíble, ¿verdad? Esto significa que si consigues que 30 personas se unan cada mes a tu curso valorado en $39 a través de tu código de cupón, te estarás embolsando $1,134.90 al mes.

No está mal, ¿eh?

Así pues, ¿cómo puedes incrementar tu potencial de venta, para conseguir que 30+ personas se apunten en tus cursos cada mes sin que tengas que hacer milagros?

La buena noticias es que hay millones de formas de aumentar tu tráfico. Algunos de los mejores instructores publicados en Udemy han compartido sus técnicas de marketing exitosas con nosotros, y nosotros las compartimos contigo.

Hemos creado esta guía para proporcionarte varias tácticas de entre las que elegir, dependiendo de tus intereses y fortalezas. Sigue leyendo para descubrir cómo aumentar tu tráfico a través de YouTube, webinarios, ebooks, charlas, ¡y más!

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Convierte tu página de curso en Udemy en un 10

Antes de ponernos manos a la obra a publicitar tu curso, vamos a asegurarnos de que la página de tu curso Udemy está preparada para conseguir la atención de tu estudiante ideal.

Primero, pongámonos en los zapatos de un estudiante en potencia que ve la página de tu curso Udemy por primera vez. ¿En qué te fijarías para determinar si te apuntas o no en el curso? Aquí tienes el orden de lo que los estudiantes ven en tu página:

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La guía definitiva para ser un éxito de ventas en Udemy

Ya has publicado tu curso en Udemy y te estás preguntando cómo ponerte manos a la obra con la promoción de tu curso para convertirte en un Bestseller de Udemy. Pues bien, ¡estás en el lugar adecuado!

Es el momento de presentarte nuestra Fórmula “Siempre Joven”. ¿Qué es la Fórmula Siempre Joven, te preguntarás? La Fórmula “Siempre Joven” es un conjunto de acciones que necesitarás llevar a cabo si quieres mantenerte “siempre joven” en Udemy; es decir, si quieres unos ingresos consistentes y sostenibles ahora y en el futuro.

En este artículo, te daremos acceso a los recurso que te ayudarán a aumentar tu tráfico y a convertir tu tráfico en estudiantes. ¡Empecemos!

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Cómo optimizar tu sitio web para vender tu curso Udemy


Es importante saber cómo optimizar tu sitio web para vender tu curso Udemy. Si lo haces correctamente, puede ayudarte a conseguir el mejor canal de conversiones, una lista de email.

En este artículo, te guiaremos a través de la optimización de tu sitio web para vender tu curso Udemy. Si no tienes un sitio web, puedes crear una página de ventas. La página de inicio ideal para vender tu curso Udemy sería un híbrido entre una página de ventas y una squeeze page (o página de captura). Tienes que proporcionar una forma para entrar a formar parte de tu lista de email, además de dar la opción de “¡comprar ahora!”.

En la segunda parte de este artículo, te guiaremos a través del establecimiento y la optimización de tu página de inicio para vender tu curso Udemy.



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Campañas rápidas y fáciles para convertir tráfico en estudiantes para tu curso online

¿Estás en la última fase de la Fórmula “Siempre Joven” y estás intentando convertir tu tráfico en estudiantes? Este artículo te ayudará con algunos ejemplos geniales de campañas rápidas para vender más a través de email, YouTube, y Facebook que llevaron a cabo instructores de nuestro grupo de Bestsellers.

Recientemente, la instructora Kimberly Taylor se sorprendió al saber que había ganado casi $4,000 en 7 días.

Kimberly tenía una tasa de conversión del 5% de su campaña de email. Compartiré las cifras y los emails reales que usó. (Ver a continuación.)

Kimberly ayuda a las personas que lidian con la pérdida de peso y los atracones, tras haber pasado por una situación parecida ella misma y haberla superarla. Eligió ofrecer su curso a un bajo precio introductorio a su curso ($7) para su primera campaña, pero te sugiero que le pongas un precio más elevado a tu curso, porque los suscriptores pueden responder mejor a un precio más alto que $7.

Aquí están los números:

9,500 emails enviados

4,900 emails abiertos (¡tasa de apertura del 51.5%!)

848 clics (9% de CTR, ratio de click through)

300 compras inmediatas

475 compras totales tras los 7 días (tasa de conversión del 5%)

 Ingresos: $3,918 

¡Casi $4,000 por enviar 3 emails no está nada mal!


EMAIL #1: Mandar Día 1



EMAIL #2: Mandar Día 3


Email #3: Mandar Día 6



LA CAMPAÑA EN 3 PARTES: A continuación tienes una campaña de muestra para usar en una promoción en YouTube. Para maximizar el alcance y el impacto de esta campaña, asegúrate de publicar el mismo mensaje en todos tus otros canales (lista de email, web, blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Además, en cada vídeo y en la primera línea de la descripción de cada vídeo, comparte el enlace para comprar tu curso Udemy.

Si tienes un sitio web, entonces puedes crear una página especial que presente tus cursos y que tenga botones “Comprar Ahora” que lleven a los visitantes a la página de tu curso en Udemy.

VÍDEO 1 (publicar el Día 1): Anuncia tu promoción limitada en el tiempo para tu curso, qué aprenderán del curso, cuántos estudiantes lo han realizado hasta el momento, y algunas de las valoraciones/testigos que haya recibido.

VÍDEO 2 (publicar el Día 3): Piensa acerca de las objeciones que tus suscritores podrían tener para apuntarse a tu curso ahora, y en tu vídeo/email, responde a ellas.

Objeción de ejemplo #1: “¿Por qué pagar $xx por tu curso cuando puedo encontrar toda la información gratis en YouTube?”

Respuesta de ejemplo: “Mi curso está diseñado para ser una guía completa de la A a la Z sobre… Lo que significa que te ahorrarás un montón de tiempo buscando en YouTube e intentando juntar diferente información. En segundo lugar, tengo un currículo demostrable. He alcanzado…”

Objeción de ejemplo #2: “Tu curso es demasiado caro.”

Respuesta de ejemplo: “He diseñado mi curso para que consigas resultados. En mi curso, te enseño a conseguir clientes. Cuando consigas a tu primer cliente por valor de $500, ya habrás amortizado el curso 3 veces.” o “He diseñado mi curso para que consigas resultados. En mi curso, te enseño cómo reducir el colesterol y las posibilidades de sufrir una enfermedad del corazón. ¿Cuánto dinero vale eso para ti? ¿Has sido capaz de realizar cambios importantes en tu vida para cumplir dichos objetivos hasta la fecha?”

Quizá también puedas compartir tu historia personal y recordarles que sólo quedan x días antes de que tu campaña acabe, lo cual les dará un sentido de urgencia para que se apunten.

VÍDEO 3 (publicar el Día 7): Vídeo/email recordatorio de 24 o 48 horas dejando que los suscritores sepan que sólo recibirán este gran descuento/bonus durante las siguientes 24 o 48 horas, y que deberían unirse si están interesados en aprender cómo conseguiste xyz.


Del instructor Tony Gaskins:

“Para proporcionar mi curso ‘Conviértete en un Life Coach profesional’ hice una publicación en mi página de Facebook [con más de 24,000 Me gusta] pidiéndoles a las madres solteras de 2 o más niños que me enviaran un correo. Les di a todas ellas un cupón para que lo usaran antes del 25 de octubre. Todas ellas lo hicieron. También se lo mandé a 10 amigos con la misma fecha límite. Entonces, envié un email a mi lista de correo ofreciéndoles una oferta ÚNICA del 75% de descuento y les di hasta el 31 de octubre para usarla. Gané más de $1,500 en un día y más de $7,500 sólo en octubre de esta promoción.”

Ahora te toca a ti. Haz un anuncio especial en tu Página de Facebook invitándoles a unirse a tu curso a un precio descontado durante un tiempo limitado.

Aquí hay una publicación de muestra de Sadie Nardini:

FB Post SN


Estos son buenos ejemplos de algunas campañas de ganancias rápidas que puedes usar para ayudarte a convertir tu tráfico en estudiantes. ¡Por favor, comparte tus historias de éxito a continuación! Nos encantaría ver más ejemplos de instructores de los que aprender.

Fill the Gap: New Course Opportunities

As part of our ongoing effort to play matchmaker between the millions of hungry Udemy students and the amazing instructors who teach them, we’ve released a new feature: Fill the Gap.

We selected these Fill the Gap course topics based on a combination of science and art — we’ve surveyed data from the marketplace, student behavior and actions on the site, and added our own knowledge of trending topics to come up with this list.  These are topics that students are interested in where we currently have limited content — and for some of them, we don’t have any courses at all!

Want to be the next Rick Walter?  Follow their strategy: create one of the first courses in a specific topic.  Take a look at this list of topics and see if you’ll be next!

[NOTE: we'll be updating this list of New Course Opportunities often.  Keep an eye on the Udemy Instructor Twitter feed for news].

For a larger version of the image click here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.25.25 AM


Don’t see a topic that fits for you?  No worries!  Learn more about how to differentiate any course topic to stand out in the marketplace by checking out this lecture of the How-To-Create-A-Udemy-Course course or by submitting your topic here.