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Best Marketing Strategies

Replicating Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Google, Starbucks, Walmart & Geiko etc.
11 reviews
  • Aziz Ali eMarketing Whiz

    Aziz Ali is a serial entrepreneur, starting several successful and unsuccessful businesses.

    I am a designer, developer, and e-marketer. I love business, entrepreneurship and strategy and like talking about my experiences.

    I blog at,, and upload some of my videos on


    • Founder at Founder's Institure (From where the founders of Udemy also graduated.)
    • Founder and CEO of Qitch Inc.
    • E-Marketing Manager at  publishing company

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Best Marketing Strategies

Replicating Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Google, Starbucks, Walmart & Geiko etc.
11 reviews

This lecture series is a practical, insightful and step-by-step educational video series to become a non conformist Entrepreneur.

    • Over 5 lectures and 54 mins of content!


  • SECTION 1:
    My First Section
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    Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart

    Aziz Ali Hacks Apple's marketing strategy and Gmail's marketing ideas.

    How to win customers, loyalty and Influence the world
    4 Principals used by Billion Dollar companies, which are easily adaptable by any start-up, mom-n-pop shops, mid size to large organization.

    Aziz has founded a closed tribe of entrepreneurs and shares some great free tools and copy-paste marketing strategies any business can use here:

    Marketing Techniques and Business Strategy are a few powerful leverages any business can use to achieve exponential growth and profits.

    So called Internet Marketing Consultants and Social Media Marketers are following the crowd and doing nothing productive, hence loosing 100 hours/month on average.

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    Marketing Tips: Raising prices by 55X while Increasing Sales

    Get More Video at

    In this video, Aziz shows how you can increase your prices exponentially while increasing the amount of customers purchasing your products/services.

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    Get Page one Search rank in LinkedIn within 10 minutes Guaranteed!

    Learn literally and practically how to get Page one rank in LinkedIn Search within 10 minutes. Step by step instructions.

  • 4
    Rule of 20: Get solutions to all of your Business problem

    Get a clearer, higher and broader perspective of your business, to see the most fundamental mistakes you are making.

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    Business Strategy used by Virgin Airlines, Apple, Tony Robbins & Google

    More on

    Find out one of the many common business strategies used by Virgin Airlines, Apple, Tony Robbins & Google. Other companies include StarBucks, Panera Bread, and even LifeTime fitness.

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  • Kareem Samara
    Awesome Course

    Give you a lot of strategies that you can implement it whatever your business is

  • @kkoolook
    Digital Marketing Brainstorming

    linked in magic & some comprehensive marketing principles. 30 mins of building your learning curve while refreshing knowledge. Best Part that build my white hat optimization skills is Part 3. Nice one Aziz!

  • Abhineet Kumar
    4 Important Marketing Characteristics Illustrated

    Aziz managed to illustrate 4 important points of marketing which every individual should consider while foraying into a business: 1.Minimal focus 2.Slightly Better policy 3.Zero Risk Free Entry 4.The power of vision He managed to put it in a simple yet binding manner, and provided valuable info. The 11 minute video course is a good substitute for 2-3 hours of reading. Go for it if you are on the learning tracks in marketing.

  • Danish
    Simple but powerful marketing strategies

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