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Beginning with Android Development : First App and Beyond

Learn creating and running first android app. Also learn making more advanced app and cover all topics side by side.
14 reviews
  • Rajat Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Thotlabs and the member of technology consultant team of . He started the company in his final year of Graduation from GGSIPU. He has experience of

    working with various National and Multinational Companies like HCL, Xerox,
    Vodafone etc. He is responsible for the drastic improvement in the
    functioning of the Postpaid to Prepaid conversion system of the telecom
    industry as he developed and designed a advanced automation system using
    mobile, web and cloud technologies to speed up the process and cut down
    the cost resulting into better user experience and more profit to
    customers and telecom companies as well. This system is now followed in
    various companies including vodafone, aircel and idea. He is always
    interested in learning and discovering new things every day. Due to his
    passion for becoming an entrepreneur he rejected the job from Canada’s
    giant Sears just to stay in his hometown and work on his startup.
    Teaching, training and sharing knowledge with people gives him immense
    happiness. He has trained more the 6000 students and professionals in last 2 years throughout india by travelling to different cities.

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Beginning with Android Development : First App and Beyond

Learn creating and running first android app. Also learn making more advanced app and cover all topics side by side.
14 reviews

Who should take this class ?

Anyone who wants to start with android application development or wants to have an idea how an android application is developed. This Class will give you a base to start with Android Development and you will be able to learn things in few weeks which may usually take more the few months when self learned. Perfect for aspiring Mobile Entrepreneurs (Mobipreneurs).

This Class will cover all these basic topics you should know to build any kind of android application -

1.Setting Up Android Development Environment.

2.Creating Android Emulator and Running First App.

3.Creating First Simple Hello World Application and understanding Android Project Structure and Software Used.

4.Learning beyond HelloWorld App features

5.Creating another advanced Application (ToDo App)

6.Layouts and controls in android


8.Understanding Intents

9.Event Listeners

10.Building Menus

11.Creating Notifications

12.Creating Dialogs

13.Creating and using Toast

14.and Some Bonus Videos

    • Basics of Java or any other object oriented programming language.
    • Computer or a laptop plus internet
    • Over 39 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of course you will able to develop android aplications
    • By the end of course you will have good idea about android development
    • By the end of this course you will create a strong base in android development
    • Beginners
    • People who want to startup Android App development
    • Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Those who want to start with android development easily and save months of initial frustration


  • SECTION 1:
    Course Introduction
  • 1
    Course Introduction

    Learn how to create android apps in no time. This is an android application development tutorial for the dummies.

  • SECTION 2:
    Setting Up the Android Development Environment
  • 2
    Setting Up Android Development Environment

    In this video tutorial we will learn about the software needed for setting up the development environment and then we will learn how to setup android development environment step by step. We will also learn about the various common problem faced and how to handle them when setting up the environment

  • 3
    Overview of SDK Manager

    In this video tutorial we will have Quick overview of SDK Manager. Learning Why it is used and how to use SDK manager for android application development.

  • 4
    Overview of Eclipse IDE

    Now we will have an Overview of eclipse software to understand its different parts.

  • 5
    Project Steps to Do

    Please follow these project steps before moving futher in this andoird tutorial

  • 6
    Additional Resources
  • SECTION 3:
    2. Create and Run First Android (HelloWorld) App
  • 7
    Creating First HelloWorld Android Application

    In this unit we will learn how to create first android app. Then we will Understand our first project in android. After that we will learn to create an android virtual device to run our first project. In this android video tutorial we will learn to create our very first and simple android project.

  • 8
    Understanding First Android Project

    So now after creating our first Android App lets understand its code and more by looking inside our first app so that we can move futher with this android development tutorial.

  • 9
    Create AVD and Run first App
  • 10
    Understanding Parts of Android Project
  • 11
    Project steps - Home Work
  • 12
    Additional Resources
  • SECTION 4:
    Layouts and Controls in Android
  • 13
    Layouts in Android Project
  • 14
    Basic Controls in Android
  • 15
    Project Steps - Home Work
  • 16
    Additional Resources
  • SECTION 5:
    Moving Beyond HelloWorld First Application
  • 17
    Do some action on Button Click
  • 18
    Using Intent to Open Link
  • 19
    Create New Layout and Activity in Android
  • 20
    Passing Message Between Activities
  • 21
    Project Steps - Home Work
  • 22
    Additional Resources
  • SECTION 6:
    Creating a ToDo Application in Android
  • 23
    Starting with ToDo App
  • 24
    Adding and Understanding EventListeners
  • 25
    Adding Task in List using Listener
  • 26
    Adding Menu and Pop up options(DialogInterface)
  • 27
    Adding Task Using DialogInterface - ToDo App
  • 28
    Project Steps - Home work
  • 29
    Additional Resources
  • SECTION 7:
    Some Important Features in Android
  • 30
    2 Basic Important Features in Android
  • 31
    Project Steps - Home work
  • 32
    Additional Resources
  • SECTION 8:
    Bonus : Exporting, Importing and Running Sample Apps
  • 33
    Exporting Apps in Android
  • 34
    Importing an Android Project
  • 35
    Creating Project using Sample Code
  • 36
    Project Steps - Home Work
  • SECTION 9:
    Bonus : Idea Generation and Creating App without Coding
  • 37
    Idea Generation and Creating App without coding
  • 38
    Project Step - Home work
  • 39
    Conclusion and Recap of course
    14 pages


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  • Achint Sarkar

    Thanks for your help Mr. Rajat Sharma . This tutorial help me alot to know about android

  • Ali Khan

    Your Explain Good in starting but later you just lost me. you haven't explain a single thing just this and that. Hope next time you Deliver Better. thnx:)

  • Jacob Tayor
    Background music makes the difference

    I am signed up for other android courses but this one is the easiest to understand and apply. Also the background music makes the difference as it is upbeat and prevent you from getting bored

  • PSRI John P.
    Might be ok, but couldn't pay attention

    The background music was overwhelming and annoying. I quit after Lecture 3. This course might be good, but I can't stand to listen to it. Sorry.

    Too short

    Also, annoying background music and noises. Only covers very basic controls like button, textField, List. Somewhat difficult to understand the instructor's voice. He uses classes and methods but does not explain what they are, or why you should use them.

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