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Javascript for Beginners

Learn javascript online and supercharge your web design with this Javascript for beginners training course.
71 reviews
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  • Mark Lassoff Founder, LearnToProgram, Inc.

    LearnToProgram is a leading publisher of web, mobile and game development courses that are used by individuals and companies world-wide. Based outside of Hartford, Connecticut, the LearnToProgram team is dedicated to teaching more people to program than any other company on the face of the Earth. Our authors are among the most experienced in the field-- and they have one important thing in common: LearnToProgram authors consider themselves teachers first and technical experts second. The primary skill of LearnToProgram author is communication-- and you will always find our courses easy to understand and successfully complete.

    About Mark-- The Guy Behind

    Mark Lassoff’s parents frequently claim that he was born to be a programmer. In the mid-eighties, when the neighborhood kids were outside playing kickball and throwing snowballs, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64 writing games in the BASIC programming language. Computers and programming continued to be a strong interest in college where Mark majored in Communications and Computer Science. After completing his college career, Mark worked in the software and web development departments at several large corporations.

    In 2001, on a whim, while his contemporaries were conquering the dot com world, Mark accepted a position training programmers in a technical training center in Austin, Texas. It was there that Mark fell in love with teaching programming, which has been his passion ever since. Today Mark is a top technical trainer, traveling the country providing training for software and web developers. Mark's training clients include the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Discover Card Services, and Kaiser Permanente. He has consulted for companies such as Dell, Target, Lockheed Martin, and government agencies including the US House of Representatives. In addition to traditional classroom training and consulting, Mark releases video tutorial training for aspiring programmers on his website, and

    He lives near Hartford, Connecticut where he is in the process of redecorating his condominium.


Javascript for Beginners

Learn javascript online and supercharge your web design with this Javascript for beginners training course.
71 reviews

Take this Javascript training course and start learning Javascript today.

"As a business guy I have no place in programming." Ten years ago you could have gotten away with that statement. Today you say that to your colleagues and they scoff at you before they go back to their computers to fix real problems and do real work.

If you want to do something useful start by learning Javascript . In these days when the browser is central to all computer use knowing "the language of the browser" is the most important step. A few years ago Javascript potential was uncertain and many programmers considered it useless. These days however competent programmers have identified Javascript real potential and uses and it has gone from a toy language to the main language of the browser. It has become one of the most useful languages of this era. Every developer needs at least a basic understanding of Javascript. A developer who knows Javascript is the rockstar of the company and is in constant demand by employers. Our online Javascript

course will get you started by teaching all the essential aspects of coding in Javascript. So... what's it gonna be? Do you want to supercharge your career and be in constant demand by employers? Do you want to learn how to create dynamic and innovative Javascript documents? Start programming today with our Javascript course for Beginners training and take control of your career.

    • Some basic knowledge of HTML is required for this course.
    • Over 59 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • Extensive, informative and interesting video lecture
    • Complete Code demonstrated in lecture
    • Lab Exercises
    • Lab Solution Sets
    • All Powerpoint Demonstrations Used in Course
    • Instructor contact Email for questions and clarifications
    • Coverage of all important primary Javascript concepts
    • Web Designers looking to improve their skill set
    • Programmers who need to learn Javascript for their web applications
    • People looking to start programming and need a first programming language to learn
    • Students who want to learn Javascript
    • People who manage a web site as a volunteer or as a hobby
    • Bloggers-- even if you use Wordpress or another CMS!
    • Anyone else who wants to learn Javascript


  • 1
    Javascript for Beginners


  • 2
    Course Introduction

    Please watch this first.

  • SECTION 1:
    Chapter 1: Hello Javascript!
  • 3
    Introducing Mark and the Course

    In this video we meet our instructor for the course, Mark Lassoff.  We also get introduced to the major server side and client side languages that are used on the web.  Mark also gives some background some background about HTML and CSS-- the other client side langauges that are used to create web sites.  Finally Mark gives a more detailed background of the Javascript programming language. 

  • 4
    Introductory Slides
    9 slides

    This set of slides have information about the course, the instructor and how to succeed in the course.  

  • 5
    Hello World in Javascript

    In this video youi and Mark will create your first Javascript program.  Mark will explain what software you need to create Javascript (not much!) and how to go about creating yoiur first Javascript program and executing it in the browser.

  • 6
    Where To Put Javascript

    In this video Mark introduces you to the three locations where you can embed Javascript code-- In the document , in the document and as an external attached file using the src attribute.  Mark will also provide a quick introduction to using Javascript functions which will be covered thoroughly later in the course.</p>

  • 7
    Chapter 1 Labs
    1 page
    Please complete these lab exercises after viewing the Chapter 1 lectures. These lab exercises will help you to apply and remember the information presented in the lectures. Good luck!
  • 8
    Chapter 1 Lab Solution
    734 B

    This is the .html file solution to the Chapter 1 lab.  If you get stuck completeing the labs take a peek at the solution to get you moving in the right direction.  When you are done, verify your solution against the lab.

  • 9
    Chapter 1 Examples
    1.56 KB

    These are the code examples used in lecture for chapter 1.  Open these and examine them carefully to help you understand the concepts that Mark discussed in the lectures!

  • SECTION 2:
    Chapter 2: Storing Information in Variables
  • 10
    Learning to use Variables

    In this video lecture, Mark discusses using variables in Javascript.  Mark will demonstrate how to use string variables and variables that carry numerical values.  Variable declaration with var and variable initialization will be demonstrated. Mark will also demonstrate how to output variable values using document.write().

  • 11
    Variable Operators

    In working with variables you will use variable operators.  In this video, Mark discusses the mathamatical operators used with variables.  He also discusses the concatenation operators used with string variables.

  • 12
    Chapter 2 Labs
    2 pages
    After watching the video lectures, complete these lab exercises. These lab exercises will help you apply and remember the concepts Mark demonstrated during the lecture. Good luck! If you have questions, the instructors email is included in the lab.
  • 13
    Chapter 2 Lab Solution
    935 B

    This is the solution for the Chapter 2 lab exercises. If you get stuck, or are lost trying to complete the labs, take a peek at this document. This is in .html format so you can view it in your browser or view the code by loading it in to your text editor.

  • 14
    Chapter 2 Examples
    1.49 KB

    These are the code files that Mark used in the lecture.  Download these files and examine them to become more familiar with the concepts discussed during the lecture.

  • SECTION 3:
    Chapter 3: Conditional Statements
  • 15
    Simple Conditionals

    In this video lecture, Mark demonstrates the use of simple conditional statements.  Using the if statement your Javascript programs can make decisions based on program conditions and execute specific code bsaed on those decisions.  Mark reviews the conditional operators and also creates compound conditionals in this lecture.

  • 16
    If Else If Statements

    Mark reviews the use of else and else if in this video lecture.  You'll learn how to write conditionals that can execute a block of code if the condition is evaluated as true and another block of code if the conditional is evaluated as false.

  • 17
    Switch... Case... Break Statements

    In this Javascript video, Mark introduces the switch... case... break conditional statement which allows you to evaluate a number of conditions in an efficient manner.

  • 18
    Chapter 3 Labs Exercise
    2 pages
    After you watch the video lectures, attempt these lab exercises. If you need help you can peek at the exercise solution included in this chapter. As always, the instructor's email address is included in the lab., for questions.
  • 19
    Chapter3 Lab Solution
    1.56 KB

    This is the correct solution for the chapter 3 lab.  If you get stuck on the lab or feel lost, take a peek at these solutions.  When you are done, check your work against this solution.  Note that there are often multiple correct solutions for the lab exercises, and your solution may differ from what you see here, while still being correct.  Since this is an HTML file you may load it in to a text editor or view the result of the code in a browser.

  • 20
    Chapter 3 Examples
    2 KB

    These are the example files that Mark created during the Chapter 3 lectures.

  • SECTION 4:
    Chapter 4: Dialog Boxes
  • 21
    Three Types of Javascript Dialogs

    In this video lecture, Mark will demonstrate the three kinds of dialog boxes available in Javascript.  Mark will demonstrate the alert() box, the confirm() box and the prompt() box.  With the latter two dialogs, Mark will also demonstrate how to capture the users response to the dialog box and process that information.

  • 22
    Chapter 4 Labs
    1 page
    After watching the video lecture on dialog boxes in Javascript complete these lab exercises to solidify your knowledge. If you have trouble or get stuck, take a peek at the solutions provided. The instructor's email is included for questions.
  • 23
    Chapter 4 Lab Solution
    1.32 KB

    This is the solution to the Chapter 4 lab exercise.

  • 24
    876 B

    This is the HTML file that Mark created during the lecture.  Study this file carefully to learn to code the three types of dialogs available in Javascript.

  • SECTION 5:
    Chapter 5: Now We're Iterating! Loops in Javascript
  • 25
    While Loops and Do...While Loops

    In this video lecture Mark covers two common types of loops:  While loops and Do...While Loops.  Loops allow you to execute a block of code a number of times.  This is useful if you need a portion of the code to be repeated during execution-- as you might during a game such as Poker or Bingo.  First Mark discusses While Loops and then the Do...While Loops.

  • 26
    For Loops and Practical Application of a Loop

    In this video lecture Mark will show you how to use the compact and efficient for loop.  He will also demonstrate a practical application of a loop as it is used to take several inputs from a user and output them using document.write.

  • 27
    Lab 5 Hint Video

    In this short video lecture Mark gives you a hint that will help you complete number 5 in this section's lab exercises.  parseInt() and parseDouble() are covered.

  • 28
    Chapter 5 Labs
    2 pages
    After watching the video lectures complete these lab exercises. These lab exercises will help you to apply and retain the information presented in the lecture.
  • 29
    Chapter 5 Lab Solution 1
    877 B

    The solution file for lab exercises 1-4.  If you are having trouble completing the lab or get stuck, take a peek at this solution file.  When you have completed the lab exercises, compare your completed program to the solution here.  (Correct solutions may vary)

  • 30
    Chapter 5 Lab Solution 2
    1.04 KB

    Solution for lab problem #5.  Be sure to watch the hint video before attempting to complete this lab exercise.  This is the most difficult lab exercise yet, so if you get it right (or even get close) to the complete solution... Congratulations!  Feel free to examine the code in this solution to better understand how to solve this lab problem.  (Correct solutions will vary)

  • 31
    Chapter 5 Examples
    1.57 KB

    These are the code examples from the lectures in Chapter 5.

  • SECTION 6:
    Chapter 6: Coding Javascript Functions
  • 32
    Function Introduction

    In this video lecture, Mark will show you the basics of functions in Javascript.  Mark will show you how to properly code both the function definition and the function call.

  • 33
    Functions, Parameters and Returns

    in this section Mark will demonstrate how to create more sophisticated functions that can take one or more arguments and can return a value to the caller.

  • 34
    Calling Functions From Events

    In this video lecture Mark will show you how to call functions based on user interface events such as a button click or a web page loading into the browser.

  • 35
    Chapter 6 Labs
    2 pages
    Complete these lab exercises after watching the Chapter 6 video lectures. These will help you practice and retain the information presented in the lecture. Good luck!
  • 36
    Lab Starter
    1.22 KB

    Use this file to get started with the lab exercises as directed in the lab instructions PDF file.

  • 37
    Lab Solutions
    2 KB

    These are the solutions to the lab exercises for Chapter 6.  As always if you get stuck or feel lost take a peek at the solutions to get back on the right track.  When you are finished with the lab exercises, compare your solutions against these files.  (Correct solutions may vary).

  • 38
    Chapter 6 Examples
    1.54 KB

    These are the examples that Mark coded in lecture for Chapter 6.

  • SECTION 7:
    Chapter 7: Working with Arrays
  • 39
    Declaring Arrays

    In this video lecture Mark discusses the three methods of declaring an array in Javascript.  Mark also goes over looping through an array, changing the values within an array and accessing array memebers.

  • 40
    Manipulating Arrays

    In this video lecture Mark continues the discussion of arrays.  Mark demonstrates what happens if you go beyond the array boundaries.  The statement is discussed as well as the pop(), push() and sort() methods of the Array class.

  • 41
    Chapter 7 Labs
    2 pages
    After watching Mark's video lecture for Chapter 7, complete these lab exercises designed to reinforce the concepts demonstrated. Arrays are a very important concept in all programming languages. Good luck!
  • 42
    Chapter 7 Lab Solution
    958 B

    This is the solution to the Chapter 7 lab exercises.  If you get lost or stuck attempting to complete the labs take a peek at the solution to help you get back on the right track.  When you finish the lab exercises, check your solution against this document.

  • 43
    Chapter 7 Examples
    1.51 KB

    These are the code examples that Mark created in the video lectures for Chapter 7.

  • SECTION 8:
    Chapter 8: The String Object
  • 44
    String Objects

    In this video lecture, Mark discusses the string object.  Manipulating strings is an important Javascript task and is frequently necessary when Javascript is used for user input validation or to deal with HTML text.  Mark demonstrates the length property as well as several string methods in this video.

  • 45
    Chapter 8 Labs
    2 pages
    After viewing the video lecture for Chapter 8, complete these lab exercises. These exercises are designed to help you learn to use the String object.
  • 46
    Chapter8 Lab Solution
    1.17 KB

    This is the solution to the Chapter 8 laboratory exercise.  If you get stuck trying to complete a lab exercise, feel free to look at the solution to help you get moving in the right direction.  

  • 47
    String Object
    1.48 KB

    This is the HTML file that Mark creates during the video lecture for Chapter 8.

  • SECTION 9:
    Chapter 9: Obtaining and Manipulating User Information
  • 48
    User Information

    In this video lecture Mark will discuss how to get information about the user's environment.  Mark will show you how to obtain information about the user's browser, the user's screen and how to obtain and manipulate information about the browser's location.

  • 49
    Chapter 9 Labs
    1 page
    After viewing the video lecture for this chapter, complete this lab which will allow you to practice and apply the concepts discussed in the video.
  • 50
    Chapter 9 Lab Solution
    1.33 KB

    This is the solution to the lab for Chapter 9.  If you are stuck, take a peek at this solution.  When your lab exercise is complete, view this solution and compare it to yours.

  • 51
    Visitor Information
    1.42 KB

    This is the HTML file that Mark created during the video lecture.

  • SECTION 10:
    Chapter 10: The Document Object
  • 52
    Document Object

    In this video lecture, Mark introduces the document object.  The document object can be used to manipulate objects within the page.  Mark will show you how to access form fields and manipulate the style sheet dynamically in this video.

  • 53
    The InnerHTML Property

    In this final video lecture, Mark discusses the innerHTML property.  The innerHTML property can be used to dynamically manipulate the HTMLin a document.

  • 54
    Chapter 10 Labs
    2 pages
    After viewing the Chapter 10 video lectures, complete this lab exercise. This lab exercise is designed so that you can apply the concepts Mark discussed during the lecture.
  • 55
    Chapter 10 Lab Starter
    1.37 KB

    This is the HTML you need to start the lab exercises as discussed in the lab instructions.

  • 56
    Chapter 10 Lab Solution
    1.25 KB

    This is the solution for the Chapter 10 lab.  If you get stuck or feel lost, check this solution to help you get back on track.  When you have the lab complete, check your solution against the solution provided here.

  • 57
    Chapter 10 Files
    1.45 KB

    These are the files that Mark created during the video lecture for Chapter 10.  Examine these files to better learn the code concepts demonstrated.

  • SECTION 11:
    Lab Solutions
  • 58
    Javascript Lab Solutions
    9.46 KB

    These are sample solutions for the labs throughout the course. These are here for you to look at if you are stuck. Remember, they are just samples, your solutions may not look like these and they can still work.

  • 59
    1004 B

    This is an update for the chapter 5 lab solution. The original posted solution works but this uses more of the concepts in previous chapters.


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  • 16
  • 9
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  • Ronando Long
    Course is dated and blurred, but gets the job done

    ​Course is now dated since it's using HTML4.1. Video is pixelated/blurred making it hard to read, resulting in some confusion as to what keys to type. For example, in the "function sayBye()" it is not clear that they are parenthesis and not curly brackets and Mark doesn't mention it as he's typing. However, I feel I got what I wanted out of the course, which was a quick guide in learning JS for beginners.

  • Vanessa Archambault
    Great refresher! Direct and to the point!

    I need to learn D3.js for my job and I needed a refresher on basic Javascript since it's not a language I use often. This course helped me get up to speed on the syntax and basic capability of Javascript so I can dive into D3 with more ease. thanks!

  • Sachin Kalhara Colambage
    Fantastic Course For a beginner

    This is a very thorough introduction to javascript.. But it helps if you know a programming language to understand the concepts better!

  • Patrik Karlsson
    It was a really good course but

    I really enjoyed this course. It helped me understand the basics of Javascript. But some of the labs could have been better. Some of the assignments required you to go to another website to read up on Javascript through a third party (in this case Sure I should not be spoonfed all the answers but I would have prefered it if the missing Javascript code was explained in the videos, since they were a part of the assignment. Still, the course was really good and teached me the basics of Javascript.

  • Kim Hawthorne
    Great intro to JavaScript

    As a first-time Javascript coder, I found this class to be quite informative and easy to follow. While some more context into how this stuff would be used in real-world web development scenarios could be helpful, I definitely feel I have a solid grasp on the syntax and building blocks of JS (and could be getting ahead of myself!). Thanks, Mark!

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