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Beginner's Korean for English Speakers

The course will teach from the basics: starting from the Korean alphabet system called Hangul
20 reviews
  • Being an enthusiastic language learner, i started my journey in teaching others about korean language. It's been almost a year since i have shared my knowledge about korean language with others. And i take this opportunity to explore some more learners in this website to teach them and guide them to explore this beautiful language. As of now, i am teaching Beginner's and Intermediate korean for learners online across the globe.

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Beginner's Korean for English Speakers

The course will teach from the basics: starting from the Korean alphabet system called Hangul
20 reviews
    • Always take NOTES.
    • Over 8 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of the course, you will be able to enjoy reading Korean in K-POP
    • Travelling around Korea, you might want to order off a menu written in Korean.
    • Anyone who wants to learn Korean or going to travel around Korea.


  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Korean Alphabets
      In the first class we shall learn about the korean letter system called Hangul.Hangul is the only scientifically designed letter-system in the world, and this fact is recognized by most philologists. However if a foreigner were to ask you "What makes hangul a scientific letter-system?", would you…
  • 2
    Korean Alphabets VIDEO

    First class

  • 3
    Lecture 1 : Korean Alphabets QUIZ
    5 questions
  • 4
    Basic Korean Expressions
    Before we dive ourselves into the korean learning,let's take a look at some basic korean expressions which you may come across when you travel around in korea. More expressions are to come in our second live session.
  • 5
    Korean Alphabets(Part 2) & Basic Korean Words VIDEO

    Korean Lesson 2

  • 6
    Lecture 2 : Korean Alphabets(part 2)&Basic Korean words QUIZ
    5 questions
  • 7
    Reading and Writing a simple word in Korean
    This class is for English Speakers who wish to pronounce some basic Korean words and sentences that they come across while they travel in Korea. one does not need to be fluent in Korean to READ THE KOREAN WORDS. Just some simple knowledge about Korean(HANGUL) alphabets and some PRONUNCIATION RULES i…
  • 8
    Reading And Writing In Korean VIDEO

    Lesson 3 video

  • 9
    Lecture 3 : Reading And Writing In Korean QUIZ
    5 questions
  • 10
    Listening Practice And Beginner's Korean Grammar
    In the fourth class, Let us do some listening practice with the words and sentences we have learned so far from the previous three classes.
  • 11
    Listening And Beginner's Korean Grammar VIDEO

    Lesson 4 video

  • 12
    Listening And Beginner's Korean Grammar QUIZ
    5 questions


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  • David Ritchie
    Love it!

    This lesson has been very easy to follow, and I would like to see more sections to follow it.

  • KY
    Good overview

    Covered all basic alphabet, phonetic rules, vocab, as well as grammar. Very good overall understanding gained.

  • Jorge Tanimoto
    Thank you for this excellent course.

    I'm looking forward for your "Beginner's Grammar" section.

  • Roshelle

    The section 1 of the course were really helpful for me to get a grasp of the alphabets and its pronunciation. waiting for the grammar section to continue!!!

  • Tonia Williams
    Great Course

    This course is great for learning Korean

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