Access Your Genius with Richard Wilkins

Learn how to easily access your Inner Greatness and how to become a genius.
56 reviews
  • Richard Wilkins UK Minister For Inspiration

    Richard Wilkins is an International Inspirational Speaker/Author with 18 years experience within the field of Human Happiness, Consciousness, Awareness.

    Richard lost his fortune but got a life when he discovered ‘There.’

    Richard’s unique gift is to be able to compress huge wisdom into a simple format. A format that we can accept, understand and use with immediate, yet lasting results.

    In his own words, “We are all Superheroes pretending to be ordinary people, our true purpose is to be who we really are, minus the Script.

    Everything else then becomes easy when you become the Superhero.”

    …Today Richard is the UK Minister for Inspiration.

    Here's some of the stuff he says:

    'I'm thick. No, really I am.

    And everyone says, - no, you're just saying that - and then they get to know me and they say - you really are thick aren't you?!!!'

    'If I say something and I'm trying to be funny, and it's not that funny, do you mind laughing anyway?'

    'If you have constructive criticism after this talk, please keep it to yourself!'

    'Most people haven't got a f****** clue who they are.'

    'Dying people don't bull****'

    'There's more people smiling in a hospice, than the checkout in Tesco'

    'I'm not going to give you a list of 10 things to do. Why not?

    Because you WON'T DO 'EM!'

    Anyway, this is what Richard loves - inspiring people, having fun, making them feel good and helping their lives...

    It's an amazing system. It works. It works instantly. And it gets stronger over time...

    How about that for a system!!!!

  • Tom Cassidy Thought Engineer, Reasonable Polymath

    Tom Cassidy - Internationally Published Author, Thought Engineer, Reasonable Polymath, using algorithms to help people crack the deepest issues of their lives: self-worth, self-belief, goal-achieving, feeling good, achieving sustainable health and deeply fulfilling relationships.

    My mantra is: 'Feel Good. Do Stuff.'

    Life's not about meditating on the top of a mountain in Nepal, feeling great, achieving enlightenment for yourself...

    And it's definitely not about going through life doing things, without having awareness, being busy, achieving a lot but not being mindful of the bigger picture.

    It's about both.

    Feel good. Do Stuff.

    Feel great about yourself, about life, the universe and everything, but do loads of things as well. Have a family, run a business, learn Italian, travel the world, change the world - Do Stuff.

    I mean, why not?

    I've spent the last 20+ years combining the wisdom of hundreds of years of the study of global philosophies, human effectiveness, modern findings of behavioural science, recent breakthroughs in the understanding of brain physiology and even the results of quantum mechanics into practical systems for getting things done.

    Systems based on practical algorithms of thought and of operation. Algorithms that are easy enough for most people to do just as they are, without having to change any aspect of their life. 'Reasonable Algorithms for Reasonable People.'

    My signal achievement is applying the concept of 'One Thing At A Time' to getting what you want out of life. It's a system that takes monotasking to a new level and most importantly works with a minimum of willpower.

    You still need to do the work. But the willpower you need to get the results is almost certainly the lowest you've ever used for achieving anything in your life, ever.

    Please feel free to connect with me however best suits you. I'm always open to exploring ideas either virtually or in person.

    All the best


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Access Your Genius with Richard Wilkins

Learn how to easily access your Inner Greatness and how to become a genius.
56 reviews


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WARNING - This course POLARIZES people: You'll either LOVE it or HATE it as the reviews will show you!

5-Star: 'Insightful, Helpful, Practical, Optimistic and Holistic'

As for the words I used above, I like the fact that it is easy to understand yet maintains great depth. If you are someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety - whatever it may be, you will likely find this incredibly helpful. If you feel your fine, you'll still find this interesting and hopefully worthwhile. Better yet, not only for you, but for others you may know. All in all, I find the message here, uniquely, and heavily related to the messages to many of the figures I admire. There is much that can be said, but it is for you to experience and come up with a conclusion. I'm sure it will be worth your while. Honestly, I found this message to be a fantastic and important gift. I'm glad it's here free. - Brian

5-Star: Great program to make you think

Its a great program that makes you think and see what it is that is really holding you back. No the question is what are you going to do about it after you've completed the course. - Mirko

1-Star: rubbish

this guy sounds like a total looney freak with an IQ level of a biscuite... you sure you should be teaching about genius? couldnt handle listening to more than half of the first lecture. - Pouya

Interesting huh? So what's in the course? And why does it divide opinion so much?

Tom Cassidy asks Richard Wilkins, the founder of the UK's Ministry of Inspiration , to sum up his thoughts on 'Being a Genius v. Accessing Genius'.

Richard explains his system that allows ordinary people to access the genius that is available to us all. It explains what it really means to 'be' a genius, and why most people who are thought of as geniuses end up being somewhat disappointing as we find out more about them.

It also enables us to deal with all the 'yeah but...' beliefs that our own internal programmings throw up at us, and it allows us to be comfortable doing great things, without having to then live with the epithet 'genius'.

In our experience of delivering this message to people, we've found that a lot of people won't like the simplicity of the message, they won't dare to believe that they have the power to access genius themselves and they will resent the ease with which its methods appear to work.

You see, if it really IS this simple then it takes away people's excuses for not doing it. And people might not like that very much.

Anyway, Take this free “Access Your Genius” course, see what all the fuss is about and learn how to become a genius yourself. the world is waiting...

    • A willingness to believe that you have greater powers than you ever imagined.
    • Over 21 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of the course you will know how to regularly access your inner genius.
    • Anyone whoe believes that they can be more but doesn't know how to get started.


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  • SECTION 1:
    The Videos
  • 1
    Richard & Tom Talk Genius on The Sofa (preview from upcoming Udemy Course)
  • 2
    Access Your Genius Part 1

    Nobody IS a genius. Genius is something we access.

  • 3
    Access Your Genius Part 2

    The voice saying 'you can't do this' is always going to be there.

  • 4
    Access Your Genius Part 3

    The internal 'Civil War' cuts the connection.

  • 5
    Access Your Genius Part 4

    So, it's 10am Monday morning... what do I actually DO?

  • 6
    Access Your Genius Part 5

    'Yeah but FIRST I need to get x/y/z sorted - then I'll be able to access genius.'

  • 7
    Access Your Genius Part 6

    The answer already is.

    [btw apologies for the spelling of Gandhi and Daniel Tammet in this clip]

  • 8
    Access Your Genius Part 7

    Still not dead. Even after all these years. Get Involved.

  • SECTION 2:
    Downloadable mp3 Recordings of The Audio from the Videos
  • 9
    Access Your Genius Part 1
  • 10
    Access Your Genius Part 2
  • 11
    Access Your Genius Part 3
  • 12
    Access Your Genius Part 4
  • 13
    Access Your Genius Part 5
  • 14
    Access Your Genius Part 6
  • 15
    Access Your Genius Part 7
  • SECTION 3:
    Richard Live on Stage
  • 16
    Recharge Day Part 1
  • 17
    Recharge Day Part 2
  • 18
    Recharge Day Part 3
  • SECTION 4:
    A Few Thoughts From Richard
  • 19
    The Sausage Machine
  • 20
    The Script
  • 21
    Simpson's Syndrome


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  • Jai
    gr8 course

    It tells that its not about people, it is about what you think about. Doing things for larger good is the secret. Everyone can be genius in his own sphere

  • Kelli Cox
    turns out to be a sales teaser


  • Antonia Diaz
    Loved this course

    I loved this course. Extremely helpful and great tools and approaches to living your life and actually enjoying it! I would highy recommend that this course.

  • Jonas Warstad
    Deep and Powerful

    Richard is flamboyant and has an accent that is not always easy to understand 100% if you're not from GB, but his message is deep and powerful if you're reday to heed it. I have personally experienced the "B.C" long before I heard the expression, so it was easy for me to understand what he was talking about, also from an emotional, not only intellectual, point of view.

  • Janis Musgrove
    Great concept.

    Short presentation on being real - leads you to a different approach to thinking and self acceptance. Touches on the 'Me' and 'We' aspects of success.